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Introducing a NEW PRODUCT QuWave Products are Made In USA

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Alpha Wave Scalar Energy Generator to stimulate your brain to get into "Alpha Relaxation State"

QuWave Relaxer

Personal QWR1 $297
Tabletop QWR2 $499

The Relaxer is an electronic Stress Reducing device which produces Scalar Waves at Brain Frequencies to promote the brain to get more into the Alpha State. It puts your mind into an alpha-meditative state. It acts like a tuning fork to get your brain to generate more Alpha Waves to get you into a more peaceful mood.

The QuWave Relaxer does this by generating Scalar Waves combined with Solfeggio Frequencies tuned to stimulate specific Chakra & Energy centers of your body. We have discovered the Solfeggio Frequencies which energize your Chakras and the Brain to help your mind and body to go into a more relaxed.

Generates two subliminal frequencies:

•  Alpha Relaxation Frequency of 11.11Hz
Mantra Chant Frequency "OM"  of 136Hz

QuWave Relaxes puts you into Alpha State

Get the Relaxer and you too can have Reduced Stress and achieve a Healthier more Relaxed Lifestyle!

Using Subliminal Alpha Meditation, the "Relaxer" will de-Stress and Heal your Brain, Body, and Spirit!


Product Description

To feel relaxed, we need to get the brain more into the Alpha State. Alpha Brain Waves were the first brainwave group to be discovered. The alpha brain wave rhythm produces the most positive benefits for relaxation. As we start to relax we become a bit sleepy, but still remain awake and conscious, we enter the alpha level at 8 - 12 Hz. This produces a deep relaxation state between sleep and waking, where we are totally relaxed yet focused. The Relaxerâ„¢ helps the brain to generate more of these special frequencies, thus producing easier, longer, and deeper states of relaxation.

The principle behind this product is to deliver these Chakra Solfeggio Frequencies directly to your brain by introducing them with Scalar Waves. This way you don't even have to listen to the sounds since they are subliminal and will affect your system faster and act more powerfully.

Recent studies prove that the Solfeggio Frequencies are part of a process that can assist you in manifesting a life of your dream without stress, illness, and sickness. We have been conditioned since childhood about the mechanisms of physics. We have been taught to believe that matter is all there is. We have believed we are nothing more than the five senses --- But there is so much more to the universe. Now is the time to recondition your Mind and Chakras to a new level of positive Energy.

Available in two different configurations: Personal and Tabletop Models. The personal Model is small, battery operated, and designed to be carried with you wherever you go while the Tabletop version is much more powerful and meant to be placed in your home where you meditate.

The Tabletop model uses the same principle as the Personal model, except that it is much more powerful. It generates a field which is about 100 times stronger then the personal unit. This is possible because we were able to make the antennas larger and because we are not limited by having to operate it from a small battery.

Specifications for Personal Model

Package Contents - Personal Model

  • All models use a Scalar Wave with two low frequency Solfeggio Activation Frequencies.
  • Generates a 8-10 feet spherical signal field
  • Size: 3.1" x 2.25 " x 0.85", Small, portable and battery operated so you can use it wherever you are.
  • Weight: 2.7 oz 
  • Color: Available in Black and White Colors.
  • Power: Internal Rechargeable Battery. Battery charge lasts over a week.
  • Recharges from any USB charger (not included). 
  • Carry in Pocket, Briefcase, Purse, Backpack, or wear as pendant, keep it near you all the time 
  • The antenna radiates waves in all directions in 360 degrees, so the unit can be placed in any orientation. 
  • The closer you are to the unit, the more effective it will be.
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty on entire unit with 5 year warranty available.

Specifications for Tabletop Model

Tabletop package contents
  • Size: 9.5 x 11.5 x 2.5 inches, stands up like a photo frame 
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Place it on Table - produces a field of about 100 feet
  • Has three Status LEDs
  • Has four Gold plated Mobius Antennas
  • Rear detachable legs (like a photo-frame)
  • Place on night stand for night-time benefits
  • Place under bed for night-time relief
  • Power with International AC power adapter or from Car (with optional car adapter)
  • International orders include an AC plug adapter and a 120V/240V Power Adapter.
  • Needs to be always plugged-in to operate.   

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QuShield EMF Protection StickerQuShield EMF Protection Sticker   

Using the Personal Model

Switch and Socket of Personal Defender

  • Turn your unit on by sliding the switch to the on position (see picture)
  • While on, your personal unit’s LED light will blink green
  • We recommend that when you receive your personal QuWave product, turn it on and always leave it in the ON position, even when charging.
  • To Charge your Personal QuWave Product, plug one side of the charging cable into the charger socket of the unit. Plug the other side of the cable into a USB charger (not included).
  • While plugged in and charging, the LED light will be RED.  When your personal unit is fully charged the LED light will change from RED to GREEN.
  • When the unit is completely charged, it will blink GREEN when plugged into the charger.
  • Charging your personal unit can take from one to four hours.  We recommend charging your new unit as soon as you receive it until it is fully charged.
  • You can leave the unit charging overnight without causing any damage as it will not overcharge.
  • Charge your Personal unit once a week or when LED light starts getting dim. 
  • The Personal Models generate a protective field up to 10 feet in diameter (ie, in all directions)
  • To get the full effect of your personal unit, always be in the 10 foot protective field.
  • Have the unit on you at all times.
  • We recommend wearing as a pendant with the included lanyard or place in a pocket, purse, briefcase or backpack.
  • You may also lay the unit beside you on a desk or table, in a drawer, or under your pillow.

Using the Tabletop Model 

Tabletop Rear

  • The two standup feet, found in your accessory envelope, will need to be twisted on in order for your tabletop model to stand upright.  Leave them off if using underneath your bed or in your automobile.
  • Carefully connect the AC Adapter (included) into your tabletop unit and also into an AC outlet near where you will be placing your tabletop unit. (The power connector is very fragile.)
  • The Tabletop Models have three colored LED lights while operating.
  • The LED colors are: Amber, Blue, and Green
  • Depending on which unit you have purchased, the LEDs will either be constantly ON, or they will blink.
  • The Tabletop model needs to always be plugged in to operate.
  • There is no ON/OFF switch. Product is designed to be constantly ON when plugged in because the beneficial effects of the waves are cumulative.
  • The Tabletop Models generate a field that can reach up to about 100ft in diameter.
  • To get the full effect, always be in this range of the unit. The closer you are to the unit, the faster you will receive its positive effects 
  • These units can be placed on a table, desk, counter-top, or a night-table. It can also be placed flat for places such as under your bed for nighttime use or under your car seat for automobile use.
  • Note: Use only the included power adapter with your Tabletop model

User Tips

Every human body and mind is different and responds at a different rate to the scalar waves and to the other frequencies generated by our products. It may take anywhere from a few days to two weeks for your body to sync with the product and for you to feel its beneficial effects. The QuWave beneficial effects are cumulative and may take time to achieve full potential.

Some people might experience an overwhelming or uncomfortable feeling in the body and mind when they first use the product. This is perfectly normal and temporary and indicates that your body is reacting to the product. It happens due to a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing or detoxification process when your body tries to dispose toxins at a faster rate than it can cope with. You might need to give your body some time to adjust. In order to do this, use the unit for only a few hours at a time until you get accustomed to the beneficial energy.

Some people might be impatient and expect instant miracle results. It does not work like that. You will need to use the product for some time before you will feel its beneficial effects. Some people feel the positive effects within an hour, while for others it takes a couple weeks. It takes some time for the product to fully assimilate with your body energy field and for you to really feel the positive results. This is why we give you 30 days to try out and evaluate our products. You can compare this to an antibiotic prescribed by your doctor. You need to take the pills for 10 days to be effective, you do not just take one and expect miracle results. The same is true for all of our products. 


The QuWave Solfeggio Models are specially tuned versions of QuWave products. These products add special solfeggio frequencies to the basic scalar wave to achieve a dedicated function and specific results. This is based on a more powerful hardware platform to generate stronger Scalar Wave Fields which are the two solfeggio frequencies. Different frequencies are used in each model.

The principle behind these products is to deliver low frequency Solfeggio Frequency Waves directly to your body by introducing them with Scalar Waves so they act faster and more powerfully within your system.

The Scalar Waves open your brain paths so that the Solfeggio Waves can enter directly into your brain receptors to perform their influences.

Multiple Solfeggio Frequencies delivered directly to your brain via a Scalar Wave Bio-Field.

What are Scalar Waves?

Scalar Waves produce a secondary field by motion of subatomic particles interacting with Human Aura and are able to be perceived by the human brain. These waves can travel far faster than the speed of light and encode the information of space and time into a timeless, space-less quantum of interference patterns. They can directly interact with your brain energy producing amazing beneficial results. QuWave Products generate these Scalar Waves combined with other specific Frequencies to stimulate your brain and to produce specific results.

What are Brain Waves? 

The brain is a electromagnetic device, with a mix of chemistry and
 physics. Our brain pulses and vibrates like everything in the Universe. The brain pulse is measured like sound in cycles per second or Hertz. The machine used to measure brain waves is called an Electroencephalograph (EEG). 
EEG measurements have found that the brain creates electromagnetic waves in four distinct frequency bands. 

Brain waves have been rigorously researched since they were first discovered early in the twentieth century. They are categorized in 4 categories: Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta. During a day we experience all the brainwave patterns with a predominance of Beta.

To tap into your unlimited, creative, and supernatural power, it is necessary to bring down your brain waves to Alpha, Theta and Delta states. The lower your brain’s frequency is, the deeper level of meditation you experience. In such a brain-state, our right and left hemispheres integrate with each other to perform a specific goal. This is also known as ‘Whole Brain State’. With the help of QuWave Products we can get into this deeper state of our brain much easier. The 'Whole Brain State' can be achieved and the pineal gland can be activated in your brain to perform miracles in everyday life. 

Combination of Scalar Waves and Solfeggio Frequencies

QuWave Amore introduces harmony and intimacySo far, the only way to experience the benefits of the low frequency waves was through sound waves - you would need to listen to these musical tones constantly. And since these frequencies are too low to hear with the human ear, you would need to use Binaural beats which don't work for everyone. This was very limiting because the exposure time was low and required your devoted concentration. Through extensive research and by applying our proprietary engineering technology, we have discovered how to deliver these stimulating frequency waves directly into the brain receptors continuously. We have combined our Scalar Wave Technology with Solfeggio and other Low Frequencies and developed a small hand-held device which constantly beams these stimulating frequencies directly into your brain at deep cellular level via your Scalar Bio-Field.

We generate a Scalar Wave with multiple low frequency Solfeggio brain stimulating signals. This Scalar Wave is able to directly penetrate into the human nervous system. This maximizes delivery of the Solfeggio Frequencies directly into the brain and allows continuous subliminal stimulation day and night, anywhere. Thus the benefits of these frequencies are multiplied by hundreds of times over just listening to musical tones for a short period of time.

What are the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies? 

These original sound frequencies were used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, which were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses.

These powerful frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as described in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

There are Six Basic Solfeggio Frequencies. But a total of 18 frequencies were discovered which produce amazing results on the human consciousness.

The Six Basic primary Solfeggio frequencies are (there are also many other frequencies):

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
528 Hz – Love, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

These Frequency Waves were found to generate specific Brain wave States. Using these Frequencies, therapeutic sound therapy can be used to realign the "out of sync frequencies" that people experience within their body and mind. By being exposed to these optimum frequencies, the desired changes can be made to the person being exposed.

Improved Delivery of Solfeggio Frequencies 

The beneficial transforming properties of the Solfeggio Frequencies have been used for hundreds of years. Up to now, the only way to experience their benefits was through sound – you would need to listen to these musical tones. This was very limiting because the exposure time was low and required your devoted concentration.

Through extensive research and by applying our proprietary engineering technology, we have discovered how to deliver stimulating frequency waves directly into the brain receptors continuously. We have combined our Scalar Wave Technology with Solfeggio Frequencies and developed a small hand-held device which constantly beams the Solfeggio Frequencies (as well as other stimulating frequencies) directly into your brain via a Scalar Bio-Field.

We generate a Quantum Scalar Wave with multiple stimulating frequency signals. This Scalar Wave is able to directly penetrate into the human nervous system. This maximizes delivery of the frequency directly into the brain and allows continuous subliminal stimulation day and night, anywhere. Thus the benefits of these frequencies are multiplied by hundreds of times over just listening to musical tones.

Through research we discovered how to deliver these Solfeggio Frequencies directly into your consciousness. By directly modulating a Scalar Wave with Solfeggio Frequencies, we are able to beam them directly to your sub-consciousness.

You are now able to be exposed to these beneficial frequencies continuously 24/7 even as you work and sleep.This method is 100 times as effective as if you were to just listen to musical sounds with earphones.

Relationship of Frequencies and Chakras

All things in this world have their own natural frequency which they are most comfortable with. When something is subjected to an external force, that object wants to resonate (vibrate) at its specific frequency - the frequency that is natural to the object. This phenomenon manifests throughout the universe.

This natural frequency of a Chakra is known as its "Resonant" frequency, and the phenomenon is known as "Resonance". QuWave Products generate specific Solfeggio Frequencies which resonate with their specific Chakra energy points. This will re-energize the Chakras and align them properly.

How does the Relaxer influence brain waves?

The Relaxer, like other QuWave products, generates multiple frequencies:

1. Scalar Wave.
2. Alpha Waves (11Hz)
"OM" Mantra Chant Frequency (136Hz)

These frequencies are assimilated by the brain via the "tuning-fork" principle to get your brain more in tune with the relaxation alpha meditation state.

QuWave Relaxer acts like a tuning fork to stimulate your brain into a relaxed Alpha State


How does this product achieve results? 

The product generates two types of Solfeggio Frequencies. Basically, these waves act like a tuning fork to make your brain waves vibrate sympathetically with the frequencies produced by the unit. These frequencies make your brain more receptive to change and more able to fight some of the cravings you might have which could lead to addictions.

In the past, there was no easy way to get your brain to get into the lower frequency Alpha states, because the frequencies associated with these states are very low, and too low for humans to be able to hear them. The only way one could get the effect of tuning to these brain waves, was through what is called "Binaural Beats". Binaural Beats consists of listening to two frequencies on a headphone, where the difference in the frequencies is the sound you want to hear. For example, if you wanted to stimulate the Alpha frequency of 11Hz, you would listen to a beat of 400Hz in the left ear, and 411Hz in your right ear. Somewhere within these sounds, your brain might pick-up the difference 411-400=11Hz. Along comes the QuWave Scalar Technology which directly beams these low frequency Alpha waves, directly to your brain via a Scalar Carrier Wave. The way this works, is that a Scalar Wave is encoded with the Solfeggio Frequencies, and your brain is able to directly respond to the low frequency waves because it is able to pick them out, or "hear them subconsciously".


The "Relaxer" generates Scalar Waves with two Brain Activation Frequencies for Stress Relief Alpha Meditation !!!

Sent Directly to your brain via subliminal Scalar Wave Carrier to induce a subconscious Alpha Meditation State



Relaxer Produces 11.11 Hz Alpha Waves


"OM" Mantra

Relaxer Produces Electronic OM Chant

 Induces half-asleep, half-awake State
  Brain becomes receptive yet passive
 Prevents Pain and Sadness
  Elevates endorphin levels
  Induces a spacey dreamy state
  Rises serotonin levels
  Causing happiness
Increases feelings of security
  Can spark euphoria and ecstasy
  Relaxed yet alert state
Produces a calming sensation
  Assists pain management

  Sacred frequency also known as Chi
  Ancient Sacred Religious Mantra Tone
  Stimulates the Heart Sacral chakra
  Promotes harmony with the cosmos
  Also called the frequency of the soul
  Corresponds to "Amen" in Churches
  Can bring out Spiritual Sensations
Activates the Ren-Mai-Meridian
 Opens vital energy flow pathways
 Associated with light, warmth and joy
 Enhances breathing & Calming
 Grounds & Relieves body tension

Frequently Asked Questions 

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If you have additional questions, please contact us via phone, email, or chat.

Results & Testimonials

Please be assured we are not just making claims of miraculous results. These are simply personal experience reports we have received from customers. The only way you can know what kind of experiences you will have with the QuWave Dreamer is to try it yourself. And, you have nothing to loose with our 100% money back guarantee.

Watch what others say about the "Relaxer": 


We are always seeking new video testimonials, and will pay up to $75 for a short 30 second video. 
View & Download Testimonial Requirements, or inquire for details:
via email
via phone: 818-478-9283.

Need a different package? Call us and we will make you a Custom Discounted Bundle !
We now allow substitution of products within a package. Just make your purchase, 
then send us an email or call us telling us what you want to substitute.
Product substitution is valid only for
equally priced products.

Relaxer Combo $Save
QuWave Defender Black Color+Tabletop Defender

QWRPak1 $659

Bundled Personal
and Tabletop
Get m
aximum protection in your home and everywhere you go.

Extended Warranty $99

Self-Improvement Combo Package

QuWave Law of Attractiopn Personal Model++

QWSPak1  $597
Bundled "Law of Attraction Magnet", "Slenderizer", and "Quitter" Personal
Improve your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Achieve your desires.

Extended Warranty $99

Couples Discount Bundle
Choose any two Personal Models

30% SAVINGS !!!

Choose any two: Harmonizer, Defender, Energizer , Divine, Relaxer, Law of Attraction Magnet, Amore, Quitter, Slenderizer.

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All units include Bonus FREE gifts:
• Car Charger
• Protective sleeve cover
• Neck-Strap Lanyard
• QuShield Cell Phone protection shield

SALE ONLY$499 $397

Personal Model#1:

Personal Model#2:


Extended Warranty $59


Custom Triple Tabletop Bundle

Choose any three Tabletop Models mounted in an acrylic
Triangle Pyramid enclosure.

Choose any three:
Harmonizer, Defender, Divine, Relaxer, Law of Attraction Magnet, Amore, Dreamer.

Triple Tabletop Harmonizer

Custom Triple Pyramid

Model #QWTriple $1397
Note: Since this is a custom made product, there will be a 15% restocking fee if the product is returned!!!





What do you want to Accomplish ?

We have many Solfeggio Products 

Chakra & Solfeggio Products with Frequencies Tuned to Produce Specific Results

 Chakra Wand

Chakra Wand QWCW1
Chakra Wand - Crystal & Colored Light & Frequencies

Generates Chakra Energy via Vogel Crystal energized with LED Laser Light & Frequencies
Renew, Energize, Balance, and Align your Chakras and Cleanse/Strengthen your Aura.
Frequencies (Hz): 432, 480, 528, 594, 672, 720, 768, 963

Harmonizer Portable QuFlexx Model
 Multifunction - 6 products in 1

Select: Divine, Dreamer, Relaxer, Magnet, Intimacy, Grounding, and cycle. For better sleep, deeper meditation, improved self-awareness, relationships, health, creativity, and more.
See individual product descriptions below for product functions.

Harmonizer Portable QuFlexx Model
Solfeggio Frequencies - 9 frequencies in 1

Nine Solfeggio Frequencies in one. Produces all kinds of physical and mental benefits.
Change frequency any time or auto-cycle.

Frequencies (Hz): 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852, 963.
Chakra Renewer

Harmonizer Portable QuFlexx Model
Chakra Renewer - 7 frequencies 

Renew, Energize, Balance, and Align your Chakras and Cleanse/Strengthen your Aura.
Select Chakra Frequency or auto-cycle.
Frequencies (Hz): 432, 480, 528, 594, 672, 720, 768.
Chakra Pendant

Chakra Pendant
Chakra Pendant - 7 frequencies 

Similar to Chakra Renewer (above) but smaller to be worn as a pendant.
Renew, Energize, Balance, and Align your Chakras and Cleanse/Strengthen your Aura.

Tabletop Defender
Sleep-Aid. Helps achieve a Healthier, Deeper, Restful Sleep

Acts like a tuning fork to get brain into Delta & Theta states. Can make you relaxed, sleepy, & improve REM. Also use for meditation. Better sleep improves health.
Frequencies: 3.4Hz Delta, 7.8Hz Theta (this is also the Schumann Resonance)

Tabletop Defender
Improves Spiritual connections, Opens new Doors.

Frequencies to stimulate your brain's Spiritual Center, opens new Channels, awakens the Pineal Gland,
and opens the Third Eye for sight beyond the physical.

Frequencies: 936Hz Pineal Gland Activation and 852/963Hz Spiritual Sight.

Tabletop Defender
Relaxes and Heals the Brain, Body, and Spirit

Scalar Solfeggio Frequency tuned to Calm the brain and release more alpha waves.
Alpha Waves quiet your mind and put you in a relaxed state.

Frequencies: 11.11Hz Alpha Relaxation and 136.1Hz Center the mind.

Tabletop Defender
Law of Attraction Magnet / Money Magnet

Helps manifest whatever you are seeking. Makes the 'like-attracts-like' principle materialize. Stimulate brain's Motivation, Creativity, and Awareness centers.
Frequencies: 741Hz Awake Intuition and 531Hz Prosperity

Tabletop Defender
The Love Magnet

Helps to bring into your life romantic harmony and love. Solfeggio Frequencies tuned to stimulate brain's Intimacy Receptors, Disable Fears, and expand Aura of Love.
Frequency: 528Hz Love&Harmony and 639Hz Connecting.

Helps fight addictive behavior

Scalar Solfeggio Frequency tuned to Calm Addiction and Craving Centers of the Brain.
Frequencies:  417Hz Facilitate Change and 10KHz Addictions.

Helps fight food cravings

Scalar Solfeggio Frequency tuned to Calm Craving and Stimulate the Metabolism Centers of the Brain.
Frequencies:  417Hz Facilitate Change and 537Hz Metabolism.


 We also have other Solfeggio Products for different needs: