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Bost Immunity • Fight EMF/5G • Improve Life

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Electronic Pendant EMF Harmonizer
QWP2  $149 (random color)

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Home EMF Harmonizer QWH2  $389 and
Pendant EMF Harmonizer QWP2  $149

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Personal Harmonizer

Buy Personal Harmonizer in Black or White Scalar Schumann Generator. Powerful, small, and portable. Augments the body's ability to maintain a more coherent biofield in the face of EMF pollution, negativity, and external stress.

QWP1 $297



Personal Defender

Portable protection for anywhere you go

QWX1 $297 
Extended W arranty $49

Portable Defender
Defender Portable QuFlexx Model
Powerful Protection anywhere in or out of your home

QWX6  $449


Briefcase Defender
QuWave Quad QuFlexx Briefcase
The Power of 4 QuFlexx units
in a padded Briefcase

QWB6X   $1499


Chakra Wannnd
Chakra Wand QWCW1
Crystal Light Energy Restores your Chakras. INTRO SALE



Chakra Pendant
Chakra Pendant heals your Chakras 
Select one of the 7 Chakras. INTRO SALE

QWP8 $269   $219


Chakra Renewer
Chakra Renewer Portable QuFlexx Model 
Select any of the 7 Chakras. INTRO SALE

QWC6 $449   $399


The Fine Print:

Instructions and Limitations*:

1. You need to add the promo item to the shopping cart to receive it as a FREE gift. Your shopping cart total must be over $250/$750 to receive the gift. Only one offer is valid per purchase. If you don't add the free item to your shopping cart, you will not receive it.

2. Limit 1 free gift or coupon, and one purchase per customer per address. You must enter this item into your shopping cart. If you don't add the free item to your shopping cart, you will not receive it.

3. If you don't add this free item to your shopping cart, then you will not receive it!

4. This promotion cannot be combined with any other sale, discount, or special offer.

5. This discount is applicable to all items in our online store, on any combined purchase totaling over $250/$750, and can even be used with already discounted bundled packages.

6. This promotion is only available for direct purchases from the QuWave Online Store using the shopping cart or on telephone orders. Promotion is not applicable to sales made through Amazon, Ebay, or other websites. 

7. This sale expires at time shown on the countdown clock or at the end of the week (if there is no countdown clock).

8. If a customer returns the purchase for a refund, any included free gifts must also be returned. Failure to return all items will result in a partial refund of the purchase price to be determined at QuWave's discretion.

9. QuWave reserves the right to cancel, limit, or modify the terms to specific orders or to specific customers for any reason.

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