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Holiday Savings SALE
$100 OFF ON Tabletop Harmonizer
Hurry - Limited Time Only!!! 

Enjoy special savings from QuWave this holiday season.
To celebrate this great time of the year, we are giving everyone a huge $100 discount on one of our most powerful products,
the Tabletop Harmonizer QWH3!

Happy Holidays from all your friends at QuWave 

Holiday Savings SALE!!!


Use discount code in shopping cart:
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The Fine Print:

Instructions: Make your purchase online and enter the discount code into the shopping cart before you check-out. This will automatically give you the proper discount in the cart (you might need to click on the button "Update Cart" to see the discounted price). If making a purchase by phone or mail, just mention the code, and we will take care of the discount.


1. If you would like a custom bundled discount package, please call us, and we will make a special package with an even deeper discount just for you.

2. Limit 1 coupon and one purchase per customer per address. The discount code can only be used once per each customer.

3. This discount cannot be combined with any other sale, discount, or special offer.

4. This sale expires soon, as will be announced in a forthcoming email, or on the above countdown clock (if one is provided).

5. Only 1 discount code can be used in the shopping cart, so if you have any other discounts, they cannot be combined with this coupon.



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