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QuWave Monthly Newsletter                                    June 2013


Happy Summer !!!

Being in warm weather
and in the sun feels great!
Enhance this feeling
with QuWave Products!


Stay in Shape with the QuWave SLENDERIZER

All Summer we love going to the beach and pool. But we also love overeating at those Summer BBQs. So we find it harder to stay in shape, and many people get uncomfortable when it's time to put on that swimsuit. The QuWave Slenderizer was designed to help. The Slenderizer’s 417Hz Solfeggio Frequency can calm the brain's food cravings. This effect combined with the Scalar Energy it generates can also speed up your metabolism. With less cravings and a better metabolism you will keep a better figure, and you won't mind putting on that wonderful bathing suit you own.  Learn more...


Factoid and the most often asked question:

Q: There are so many QuWave Solfeggio Products?
     Do any products go hand in hand with each other?
One of the many benefits to Scalar Energy and Solfeggio Frequencies is that you can never have enough of them. The more positive waves you have around you, the stronger are the benefits. We constantly are asked if products can work together. The answer is YES. Especially with the Solfeggio products. One product combination that seems to work well is the "Relaxer" with the "Divine". The Solfeggio frequencies from the Divine improve meditation and concentration, while the Relaxer eases your body and mind. The more the body calms down, the higher your meditation can become. This is exactly what the combo accomplishes ! Learn more ...


Customer Question of the Month:

Q:  Will The QuWave Harmonizer Interfere with me getting a tan?
Everybody loves working on that perfect summer tan. Customers have asked if the Scalar Energy is “too powerful” and if it interferes with tanning.  Don't worry as the Harmonizer does not interfere with you getting a tan, the sun has no effect on scalar energy. It will continue to keep your body and spirit in tip-top relaxed state while you lay out in the sun. In fact the Harmonizer may help with deeper relaxation. Click for more...

Get a QuWave for improved living.

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