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QuWave Monthly Newsletter                                    May 2013


Happy Mother's Day !!!

A mother’s work is never done
She works from morning until dawn
She spreads her love
And keeps you warm
But only once a year we say
Mother we wish you a “Happy Mothers Day”


Make flowers grow better with the QuWave Energizer

One of the joys of springtime is planting gardens and growing plants. This year make your plant paradise stand out by using the QuWave Enregizer. The Energizer transfers Orgone/Chi energy into any product that is placed on the unit. Place your seeds on the Energizer for 15 minutes to allow the Scalar Wave Orgone/Chi energy to rejuvenate them. They will become more hydrated, healthier, and grow faster. Most importantly, it will make everything stronger and be able to survive longer in a season that may include many dry and hot days.  Learn more...


Get extra motivation to enjoy the spring weather

With spring here, we once again have the opportunity to go outside and enjoy mother nature with all her wonders. The problem is, we sometimes get lazy and don't feel like getting off the couch and getting dressed to go outside. One of the many perks of the QuWave Harmonizer is the Schumann Resonance it generates. This syncs your body back with the Earth’s natural rhythm, and thus makes you less fatigued and more motivated. This can help put you in a better mood, and become motivated to go out and appreciate the wonders of nature Learn more ...


Customer Question of the Month:

Q: Are there any products to help with my allergies?
It seems like every year allergies are getting worse and worse for everybody. While medications help, sometimes they do not get the job done. We've had many customers report positive feedback when it came to the QuWave Harmonizer and dealing with allergies. Customers stated that the Scalar Energy enhances their Biofield to give them an extra boost and made them feel better. Scalar energy allows your body to function at a higher level because the body can function free from negative effects of  stress, EMFs, and pressures of today's lifestyle. This allows your body to reach a harmonious balance with nature. Click for more...

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