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QuWave Monthly Newsletter                                    March 2013


Happy Saint Patrick's Day !!!

Wishing you a RAINBOW
for Sunlight after showers
miles and miles of IRISH smiles
and Golden Happy Hours
Shamrocks at your doorway
much love and laughter too
and a host of Friends that never ends.


EMF radiation is affecting you, while you are unaware

We are immersed in a world of technology, unable to escape from the moment our electronic alarm clocks awake us in the morning until the moment we snuggle under our electric blankets at the end of the day. "EMFs could turn out to be a far worse environmental disaster, affecting far more people, than toxic waste, radiation or asbestos."  Learn more...


Give your loved ones happiness and health

The QuWave Harmonizer can be the perfect tool to help you and your friends get away from the effects of EMF pollution. It emits soothing vibrations that resonate with the earth's natural frequency thereby helping your body perform routine functions in a natural and optimized manner. It also protects you from the negative effects of physical stress, EMF's, and pressures of today's lifestyle (among others)  Learn more ...


Customer Question of the Month:

Q: What should I get for maximum protection of my family ?
For maximum protection, we recommend one Personal Harmonizer for each member of your family (wear it on you all the time, either in pocket, purse, or as a pendant), and one House Harmonizer for each room with high EMF sources (office, TV room, kitchen). Click for more...


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