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QuWave Monthly Newsletter                                    October 2012



Jimbo, the Jack-O-Lantern didn’t shine as bright as all the other pumpkins on his block. He lived on a stoop of a house which had a lot of electronic gadgets and was right next to power lines. The EMF was stressing him out so much that he couldn’t focus on being a bright, happy pumpkin! So one day Jimbo put on a QuWave Harmonizer, and the scalar energy took over the pumpkin and revived him to become the brightest and happiest pumpkin on the block.
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 Happy Pumpkin with QuWave




At QuWave, most of our free time is spent coming up with new ways to protect people from EMF and helping them live improved, healthier lives. Over the last year QuWave has emerged to become one of the leaders in EMF protection. As we enter a new stage of growth and prepare to take the next step in our evolution, we are unveiling a new logo to keep up with the next generation of QuWave technology. We're extremely proud to officially introduce our new look:

QuWave Logo


USB Protection


Today, everyone has at least one computer which emits dangerous Electro-Pollution. Currently this is the most harmful radiation we are exposed to due to its cumulative effect. Many spend their entire day working in front of a computer, not to mention the proliferation of Wi-Fi which is another culprit. The QuWave USB Harmonizer was created to turn the computer, which is normally a harmful EMF producer, into a healthy field generator. This is a miniature version of our Harmonizer which plugs into any USB port. This is similar to our other QuWave products, but in addition to generating a healing field with its internal antenna, it also couples this energy into the equipment where it is connected. Thus turning anything with a USB port into a healing Scalar Field Schumann Resonance generator to protect you from dangers of EMF and harmonize you with the earth's natural rhythm. Click to learn more….


Customer Question of the Month:

The Tabletop Model is the most powerful QuWave device to date. It generates a field 50 times stronger than the personal unit. It is also our largest unit measuring 9x12 inches. Because of this, customers wonder what is the best place to put their QuWave Tabletop device. First off, remember that since the Tabletop product emits Healing Scalar Energy 50 feet in all directions, you can place it almost anywhere. Most customers place it in the middle of their house so it protects everything within reach. Another option is to place it on a night stand, office desk, or on a table you are near most often. Many place the unit under their bed for improved and more restful sleep. Click for more...

Tabletop Model
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