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QuWave Monthly Newsletter                                    September 2012


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EMF Dangers of "Smart Meters"

Conventional electric meters are being outdated and replaced with Smart Meters. Because of how smart meters operate, they are becoming a huge source of electromagnetic pollution. Just as we are realizing how dangerous wireless technology is, we are now placing the same type of dangerous technology in each person’s home with a Smart Meter. The increased exposure to radio-wave and microwave radiation caused by Smart Meters is nonstop and is cumulative and thus can be the source of many ills.

These meters are a gigantic source of electrical pollution and can cause many negative effects on the human body, mind, and spirit. Some of these ill effects include: Headaches, Sleep Problems, Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Dizziness, Concentration Problems, Blurred Vision, as well as much more serious physical illnesses. QuWave’s goal is to help people deal with the ill-effects of this new type of EMF pollution. Click to read more…  


"Smart Family Package" - NEW Bundled Discount Package

QuWave is introducing the "Smart Family" Bundled Discount Package of Harmonizers. This is a package designed to protect your home and family from smart meters, computers, and other major EMF pollutants. Included in the Smart Family Package are 3 House Harmonizers, and 1 USB Harmonizer. You place one House unit on the wall closest to the smart meter (or wherever you have the worst EMP pollutant), one next to your television, and one in your bedroom. The USB unit plugs into your computer. The price for this package #QWHPak4 is only $749 (savings of 43% or $577 from individual units).
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Customer Question of the Month

Q: Will my Partner be affected by QuWave Personal Harmonizer?

A: Unfortunately, your partner will not be able obtain the full benefits from the Personal Harmonizer if it is not on them 24/7. Remember that the QuWave Personal Harmonizer’s effects are cumulative and it takes time to achieve its full potential. Because of this it is important to always be within the Personal Harmonizer’s range (about 5ft). Your partner, while he/she may be around you often, is not going to be right next to you all the time. This means they will not be able to constantly absorb the beneficial Scalar Energy and Schumann Resonance from the Harmonizer. (This is also the same way our other Personal products operate.)


Defender now available with Tamper-Proof Security Seal

We have received requests from Targeted Individuals to provide a security seal on the Defender Products, so we now have available a special Tamper-Evident Seal. This Tamper-Proof Seal is for Targeted Individuals who are concerned that their mail may be intercepted, and during shipping someone may tamper or disable the product. This consists of three Holographic Temper-Evident Seals placed on the seam and screw holes of the unit. The seals cannot be removed without causing them to fall apart. This way no one will be able to open the unit without breaking the seal and revealing that it was tampered with. When you receive the product, you just need to inspect the seals, and you will know if anybody has tried to open it. This is available free of charge, but must be requested when you place your order by sending an email to: Sales@QuWave.com


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