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QuWave Monthly Newsletter                                    July 2012


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Tip: A Quick Guide to Affirmations

Almost every book or author of New Age self-help psychology emphasizes that affirmations are the key to transformation, enlightenment, and success. Affirmations are the short positive statements which are repeated every day to reprogram your subconscious habitual mind. Unfortunately, many people have marginal success using affirmations because there is a missing piece from the puzzle. Click on the link to learn more about this and how QuWave products can help bridge the gap. Click to read more… 



Case Study: Reiki Therapy with the QuWave Harmonizer

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique which uses guided life energy. A Reiki healer emanates the pure universal life force energy from his palms and directs it toward his patient. Reiki healing can be used whenever the body needs to be returned to a natural state of balance and health. Reiki is known to clear toxins from the body, promote self-healing, balance energy, strengthen the immune system, relax the body and mind, enhance awareness, creativity, focus and positive thinking. It can relive stress, anxiety, pain, etc. We have a number of customers who are Reiki practitioners who also use the QuWave Harmonizer, and they have reported that the Harmonizer greatly increases the healing power of a Reiki session. Click to read more….

Customer Question of the Month

Q: Can I use two personal units at the same time?

A: YES. We have many customers using 2 Personal models at the same time, be it for the Harmonizer, or the specialized Solfeggio line of products. The more units you have the stronger the protective Scalar Field will be. This is especially true for the Defender line of products. We noticed that if you are using two of the Personal Defenders at the same time, then the protective field is multiplied, and also the two signals, since they are out of phase, are more difficult to be blocked or bypassed by the perpetrators. We have several testimonials of customers using multiple units for increased protection like this with excellent positive results. 


Call for Articles

We have heard many amazing stories from some customers while talking on the phone. This is especially true for those of you who are Targeted Individuals or Healers. We are seeking those customers who can write an article for us that we can present on our website.  Here is a chance for you to boast about your special situation and describe how our products have helped you. Please send your contribution to:  Sales@QuWave.com

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