QuWave Newsletter  Fall 2017

Fantastic Fall

Have a Fantastic Fall!

Autumn is officially here. It's time to change gears from playing around outside to getting ready for winter. With the gorgeous play of colors decorating falling leaves, let's take time to enjoy the season and all it's glory!

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QuWave New Products

Introducing The New QuWave Electronic Scalar Pedant

We've been busy here at QuWave releasing new products designed to be more affordable and effective than ever, just for you! In case you've missed any, here's a quick rundown on how you can benefit from the latest micro-processor pulsing scalar wave technology devices available exclusively from QuWave:

QuFlexx Multifunction - This is the most versatile QuFlexx model, perfect when you have a variety of needs. It's capable of generating up to 11 frequencies in six user-selectable modes, plus an additional mode that continuously cycles through all frequencies. Change your mode whenever you want! Choose from any existing QuWave Solfeggio personal model modes that fits your current need - Divine (Spiritual), Amore (Intimacy), Dreamer (Delta Brain Waves), Relaxer (Alpha Brain Waves), LOA Magnet (Success), plus Harmonizer (Grounding).

QuFlexx Solfeggio - You can put the power of ancient Solfeggio vibrations to work for you today, simply and easily. QuFlexx Solfeggio silently generates the same Solfeggio frequencies that have been used in sacred music for centuries to deeply penetrate and heal your physical and energetic body. With nine frequnecies to choose from, plus a cycle mode, you don't have to waste precious time listening to Solfeggio tones ever again!

QuFlexx Harmonizer - Repair EMF damage to feel more energy and less stress. You can use different combinations of frequencies, including Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz, to neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation. Select from any of three modes that focus primarily on physical syptoms, mental symptoms, or overall EMF protection. Or cycle through all modes to constantly change frequencies. Since your needs can vary, change modes on QuFlexx Harmonizer and all other QuFlexx models any time your want!

QuFlexx Defender - Targeted Individuals, victims of electronic harassment, V2K, mind control, and even gang stalking victims can take control again. Select from four different protection modes, all with pulsing frequencies that make it difficult for perpetrators to lock on to you. Whether you're at home or traveling, you don't ever have to feel vulnerable again, knowing that QuFlexx is protecting you!

QuFlexx Briefcase - Packed into one slim, easy to carry case you get four QuFlexx units. You can choose any combination of QuFlexx models that you want for your Briefcase. Plus you can even remove each QuFlexx and use it individually! When you need the strongest and/or greatest variety of protective frequencies available anywhere, arm yourself with the new QuFlexx Briefcase!

Electronic Scalar Pendant - Unlike old-fashioned pasive scalar pendants, the QuWave Pendant is active. That means it's powered by a battery to constantly generate scalar energy for more effective EMF protection. The Scalar Pendant is available in five colors and ideal for anyone needing EMF protection on a budget.

Deluxe Electronic Scalar Pendant - Need a durable Scalar Pendant? The QuWave Deluxe Pendant is rugged and waterproof. You can even wear it in the shower! This sturdy battery powered active Electronic Pendant is the answer for personal EMF protection 24/7.

Stay Healthy This Fall!

As the weather starts to cool down, cold and flu season gets going. Use these tips to keep your body and mind in top shape this autumn: Stay healthy this fall

Get plenty of sleep. When you're well-rested, your body is better able to avoid infection.

Avoid stress. High levels of stress hormones supress the immune stystem and make you more vulnerable to illness.

Exercise regularly. Any type of light exercise causes white blood cells to circulate more rapidly and might flush bacteria from your lungs.

Wash your hands frequently. Doorknobs, light switches, and money are among the most notorious places for germs to hide

Eat foods high in zinc. This mineral strengthens the immune system and can be found in spinach, beef, shrimp, flax seeds, oysters, garlic, peanuts, turkey, and salmon.

Laugh more. Real laughter curbs stress hormones and boosts white blood cell production.

Frequency 741 Hz

Frequency of the Month: 741 Hz

741 Hz is an ancient Solfeggio vibration associated with higher intuitive states and solving problems of any nature. When intuition is active, finding solutions and leading a spiritual life comes naturally. 741 Hz is also cleansing to the body's cells and can remove toxins and infections, promoting both physical and mental purity. This powerful frequency is generated by the LOA Magnet and is available as a  QuMMulator Frequency Plugin..

Customer Question of the Month:

Q:What are the lights on the front of my QuFlexx for? Can I turn them off?

A: Each light on the front of your QuFlexx represents a different function. Check your Quick User Guide for info specific to your QuFlexx model. If you find the lights distracting, you can cover them without interfering with functionality. Black electrical tape works well. of your QuFlexx are indicator lights. Each represents a different function. Check your user guide for info specific to your QuFlexx model. Shop for a new QuFlexx now...


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