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QuWave Newsletter  April 2017

Spring flowers

Spring Has Sprung!

"The colors of spring emerge with sweet sounds of bird songs to fill our winter weary souls; bringing hope, new beginnings, and inspiration."
- Author Unknown

Spring is in the air! If you can't get out and enjoy the season, try the QuWave Harmonizer! The grounding frequencies will tune you into the Earth's vibration! Read more...

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Product Model Quick Guide

Do you know which QuWave models you can take with you and which ones you need to keep plugged in at home? Use the information below to make a better decision about your next purchase!

Personal - Small and portable, the Personal model is about the size of a flip-style phone. It's powered by an internal battery that you recharge about once a week. The Personal model is available in Harmonizer, Defender, Relaxer, Divine, LOA Magnet, and Amore.

Tabletop - Around the size of a large picture frame, the Tabletop model is for home use. It must be plugged into a wall outler for power. The Tabletop model is available in Harmonizer, Defender, Dreamer, Relaxer, Divine, LOA Magnet, and Amore.

Triple Tabletop - Our strongest model for the home, the Triple Tabletop consists of three Tabletops in a triangular enclosure. Plug the Triple Tabletop into a wall outlet for power. The Triple Tabletop is available in Harmonizer and Defender.

Briefcase - Portable and powerful, the Briefcase model contains the equivalent of three Tabletops. Take it with you on the go and recharge the battery every few days or plug it into your vehicle's a/c adapter. The Briefcase is available in Harmonizer and Defender.

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Did you know? Unusual flower facts

happy st patricks day

1. The world's oldest flower bloomed around 125 million years ago. Resembling a water lily, Archaefructus Sinensis was discovered in 2002 in northeast China.

2. Dandelions are more than a nuisance - they're very nutritious! The flowers and leaves are rich in iron, potassium, calcium, and vitamins A and C.

3. Tulips were more valuable than gold in 17th century Holland. Though the lifespan of a tulip is only 3 to 7 days, these flowers were even used as a form of currency in Western Europe.

4. Roses are genetically similar to apples, cherries, raspberries, peaches, plums, and pears. Many cultures and religions throughout history have regarded roses as sacred.

5. Not all flowers smell good. The Titan Arum blooms over eight feet tall and is also known as the corpse flower because it smells like decaying flesh.

6. The QuWave Plant Harmonizer can make your flowers grow healthier and hardier! Generating scalar energy along with the Schumann Resonance, the Plant Harmonizer will give your spring flowers a boost! Read more...

QuMMulator Frequency 360 Hz for balance

Frequency of the Month: 360 Hz

360 Hz promotes balance of both body and mind. This frequency helps restore health and cleanse the energetic body, bringing happiness and a sense of well-being. Read more ...

Customer Question of the Month:

Q: Where can I put the Tabletop Harmonizer?

A: The best place is somewhere central in your home to maximize the coverage radius. Since the energies that all QuWave products generate can pass through walls, you can even put your Tabletop model in a drawer or closet. Read more...

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