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QuWave Newsletter  October 2016  

QuWave Halloween Sale!!!!

Happy Halloween!

Are you ready for Halloween?
There's no need to be spooked.
At QuWave we don't have any tricks.
Only treats!
When you need a break from treating all the kids
and you're ready to treat yourself,
check out the QuWave Halloween Sale!

Huge Sale Save $50

Get Paid for your Testimonial!

Get $75 for your testimonial.QuWave is looking for fresh video testimonials. These testimonials appear on the QuWave website and on our YouTube and Vimeo channels. Submit your testimonial and you'll get a $75 thank you!

The requirements for video testimonials are pretty basic. Your video must be at least thirty seconds long with clear spoken English with sharp video. Please have your QuWave product visible on the camera.

Here are Instructions in PDF format (or contact us). Once you submit your testimonial you will receive a $75 rebate in return!

October is apple picking month!

QuWave Halloween Kids

Everyone knows the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Here's a few reasons why:

- The antioxidants packed into every apple lower the risk of diabetes, increase lung function, boost brain power, and fortify your immune system.

- Apples are high in fiber, which reduces cholesterol, keeps your lower digestive system flowing properly, and can even help you lose weight.

- Studies show that the wealth of vitamins, minerals, and other compounds found in apples can protect against Parkinson's, keep Alzheimer's at bay, and lower the risk of developing cataracts.

- Scalar Waves from the Harmonizer have been known to boost immunity and improve wellness just like an apple a day!

QuMMulator frequency 396Hz

Frequency of the Month: 396Hz

396 Hz is a Solfeggio frequency associated with liberation from guilt, fear, and negative beliefs. By releasing these negative emotions, you can more easily free yourself from any subconscious negativity. Thus, 396 Hz is effective for achieving goals, clearing mental/emotional blockages, and emotional healing. Read more ...

Customer Question of the Month:

Q: How long does a QuShield EMF Protector last?

A: A QuShield can continue to neutralize EMF emitted by household electronics indefinitely. The earth elements and minerals contained within the stickers do not expire or lose effectiveness over time.

QuShield protection from cell phones

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