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QuWave Newsletter  September 2016

Say Hello to Fall!

Autumn is officially here. It's time to change gears from beach parties and barbeques to hayrides and apple picking.

To help ease the transition, QuWave is extending our Fall Into Savings Sale due to popular demand!

Go outside and Enjoy this beautiful time of Year!

Introducing the NEW 'QuMMulator'

QuMMulator is the latest innovation in scalar energy healing. For the first time ever, you can create your own personalized scalar field with the QuMMulator.

The QuMMulator consists of a Base Unit with seven ports that can be enabled individually where you insert special USB devices called Frequency Plugins. Each Frequency Plugin silently generates scalar energy at a particular electrical frequency for specific benefits. The combined energies create a scalar field that accumulates and strengthens over time. Mix and match frequencies to immerse yourself in a field of energy you create and control.

For a limited time, sign up for the QuMMulator Newsletter and you're automatically entered into the Free Plugin Sweepstakes.

This new line of products is so big that we made a whole New Website, check it out.

Ways to Boost your Immunity

- Get plenty of sleep. When you're well-rested, your body is better able to fight infection.

- Avoid stress. High levels of stress hormones suppress the immune system and make you more vulnerable to illness.

- Exercise regularly. Any type of light exercise causes white blood cells to circulate more rapidly and might flush bacteria from your lungs.

- Wash your hands frequently. Doorknobs, light switches, and money are among the most notorious places for germs to hide.

- Laugh more. Real laughter curbs stress hormones and boosts white blood cell production.

- Eat foods high in zinc. This mineral strengthens the immune system and can be found in spinach, beef, shrimp, flax seeds, oysters, garlic, peanuts, turkey, and salmon.

- Scalar Waves from the Harmonizer have been known to boost immunity and improve wellness.

Frequency of the Month: 136.1Hz

136.1Hz is the vibration associated with the sacred syllable Om or Aum. It has powerful relaxing, centering, and meditative qualities. Because of its strong calming effect, it's one of the frequencies generated by the Relaxer. For it's spiritual benefits, 136.1 Hz is also included in the QuMMulator Spiritual Kit.

Customer Question of the Month:

Q: I have some QuWave products. Should I buy the QuMMulator too?

A: Sure! All our products work together, and their field is additive, so the more products you have, the greater the positive benefits. For example, the QuMMulator EMF Protection Pack is an ideal complement to QuWave Harmonizer products.

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