QuWave Newsletter July 2016

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July is here!

Summertime is fun time! Bright sunshine and warm temperatures abound. It's the perfect season to get out and enjoy the beach, fireworks, have a barbeque, play some ball, or just relax in the yard. Revel in it while you can!

Happy Summer from your friends at QuWave!

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Summer Hydration Tips

- Dilute fruit juice 50/50 with water. This practice allows electrolytes and water to reach your heart and organs more quickly than drinking regular juice.

- Eat foods high in potassium like bananas. Potassium helps to maintain a normal water balance between cells and body fluids.

don't get dehydrated, use QuWave Energized Water- Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. You're more likely to sip throughout the day if water is within arm's reach.

- Cut down on fatty foods. Fat slows down fluid absorption.

- Avoid alcohol during the hottest part of the day. Alcoholic beverages are extremely dehydrating.

- If you feel hungry, drink before eating. The brain often confuses hunger with thirst, so quenching your thirst could be what your body craves rather than food.

- Start your day by drinking 8 ounces of water right after waking up. This practice gives you a head start on hydration for the day.

- Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Produce highest in water content includes watermelon, celery, cucumbers, strawberries, grapefruit, cantaloupe, and lettuce.

- Check your hydration level by pinching yourself! - if skin takes a while to return to its normal position after a pinch, you might be dehydrated.

- Water infused with Orgone energy from the Energizer can hydrate you faster.


Your Body Needs Water

Energized water is better for youThe human body is comprised of about 80% water. The brain is made up of 85% water, blood is 80% water, and lean muscle 70%. Only a small decrease in the amount of water in your body can cause dehydration. You lose water through sweating, digestion, and even breathing.

Water helps to regulate temperature, maintain bodily functions, and remove toxins from your system. Without water, your cells, organs, and tissues can not function properly.

One of the main triggers of daytime fatigue is lack of water. The next time you feel tired, reach for some water instead of caffeine for an instant pick-me-up! And Energized Water is even better for you.

Customer Question of the Month:

Q: How long should I keep items on the Energizer?

A: Once you place food, water, medicine, etc on the Tabletop Energizer, energy infusion starts to take place within a few minutes. However, intense and deep change takes a little longer. Objects will absorb more energy when left on the Energizer for longer periods.

For best results, we recommend keeping objects on the Energizer for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Once infused, the objects should retain their properties for at least three months.

Use QuWave Energizer to infuse orgone into your water

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