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QuWave Newsletter June 2016          Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day from QuWave

June is here!

Flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and grads and dads are being celebrated around the country.

This is the month to start enjoying the summer outdoors with BBQs, pools, and going to the beach!

Happy Summer from your friends at QuWave!


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June fun-tivities

Enjoy the beach in June with QuWave- Go for a walk in the park. Breathe in the sweet smells of budding flowers and admire the greenery.

- Have some strawberries! June is picking time for this healthy and delicious fruit.

- Host a barbecue. Bring the grill out of winter hiding and invite friends/family over for a backyard party.

- Roll out your flag to show your patriotism. June 14 is flag day in the U.S.

- Play baseball. You don't need an official field. Just head out and have some fun!

- Take a trip to the ocean or lake. Summer crowds aren't in full force yet so it's a great time of year to enjoy your favorite beach.

- Try a miniature golf outing. Moderate June temperatures make it an ideal month to indulge in any kind of outside activity!

- If you have trouble sleeping try the Dreamer™ to help you relax.


The Harmonizers™ fight EMF!
QuWave Harmonizer EMF Protection Shield Products

The Harmonizer line of products was created specifically to combat the effects of EMF pollution. Emitting high frequency Scalar Waves along with the Schumann resonance, the Harmonizer has a soothing, grounding effect while also increasing your mental and physical energy level.

Choose the model that fits your needs best - Personal, Home, Tabletop, Triple Tabletop, Briefcase, Computer/TV USB, Car/Truck, Plant, and even a Pet Harmonizer. Try it and see what a difference the Harmonizer can make in your life!  Learn more ...

Customer Question of the Month:

QuWave Products have a 30 day money back guarantee!!!Q: What if my QuWave Product doesn't work?

A: The energies QuWave products generate are cumulative. It can take up to two weeks to feel the effect. Be patient! If it turns out that a product doesn't work for you, we offer a thirty day money back guarantee. No questions, no hassles.

A standard one year warranty is included with all QuWave products. An extended five year warranty is also available as an option. Read More...


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