QuWave Newsletter May 2016

Be relaxed for Mother's Day

Celebrate Mom !

Mother's Day is fast approaching. Are you tired of the same old gifts for mom? This year, surprise her by sharing the gift of relaxation and healing with QuWave's Relaxer. Use coupon code "mom16" when ordering to treat yourself to $75 off!

Happy Mother's Day from
all your friends at QuWave!

Sale Ends May 8th      Discount Code: mom16
QuWave Mother's Day Sale $75 off any order
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Contact Amy at
info@quwave.com or call  818-478-9283

Some benefits of reduced stress:

  • QuWave Mother's Day - be in peaceImproved immune system - Study after study confirms that stress lowers your body's natural resistance to disease.

  • Better sleep - A mind free from stress eases into sleep (and stays asleep) much easier and faster than an anxiety-filled mind.

  • Increased memory - When your mind is consumed with stress it's like a cluttered room. Clear away stress to leave more space in your brain to remember what you need to!

  • Relief from aches and pains - Studies show that stress heightens perceived feelings of pain and illness.

  • A healthier heart - Stress is as big a risk factor for heart disease as poor diet and lack of exercise.

QuWave Relaxer reduces stress to make you feel better

The Relaxer™

The QuWave Relaxer reduces stress by generating Scalar Waves combined with Alpha Wave Solfeggio Frequencies. The bio-field produced by the Relaxer resonates with the natural frequencies of the human brain as well as the chakras to put you in a more relaxed happier mood that reduces stress. Enjoy deeper meditation, heightened creativity, and an overall sense of increased well-being with consistent use of the Relaxer™.  Read more here ...

Customer Question of the Month:

Q: What frequencies does the Relaxer™ generate?

A: The QuWave Relaxer simultaneously generates three different healing frequencies:

1. High frequency mega-hertz Scalar Wave - heals cells

2. Low Frequency Alpha Wave (11Hz) - relaxation

3. "OM" Mantra Chant Frequency (136Hz) - harmony

The human brain assimilates these frequencies like a tuning fork, directing the energies to create a relaxed yet creative mood with a mildly euphoric state. Learn More ...

Alpha Waves reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Improve Relaxation, and Emotional Stability.

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