QuWave Spring Newsletter April 2016

Stay Grounded with the QuWave Harmonizer

Get Grounded for Earth Day!

Earth Day is all about living in harmony with nature, increasing inner peace and serenity, and discovering the power of natural healing.

And if you can't spend time in Nature, then get a QuWave Harmonizer. This is revolutionary new technology! It generates the Earth's Natural Frequency of 7.83Hz, and will get you grounded wherever you are.

Happy Spring from
all your friends at QuWave!

Introducing the  'TRIPLE DEFENDER'
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QuWave Triple Defender, our most powerful product!!!

Some Simple Ways to Enjoy your Fun in Spring.

  • The Law of Attraction Magnet can make your dreams come true !!!SMILE, and take time to notice the changes around you.  Spring is the season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken, and the earth seems to come to life again. Smiling and having a positive attitude to change triggers release of antibodies and endorphins promoting a new sense of well-being.

  • Do what you’d normally do, but outside. Drape a blanket over the grass, and read, play, study, talk, or picnic. This will get you grounded so you can enjoy spring with a slower-paced life-style and a more relaxed attitude.

  • Make that change. Is there something that you’ve been dreaming of trying out for a while now? Don’t wait even longer and spend the time wishing you had done it. We know it seems like it’s never the right time, but if you think that way, it never will be. Do it now! We have something that can help, the Law of Attraction Magnet.

  • Go outside and look UP. Go outside, take a moment to absorb the sky above, look at the clouds and feel your sense of peace and individuality.

  • Take it all in. Do what makes you happiest, and don’t forget to step back and smell the flowers every once in a while.

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Importance of Grounding/Earthing

QuWave Harmonizer will ground you wherever you are!We all need to be in touch with the energy of Mother Earth in order to be healthy. Even astronauts need to stay in touch with the earth's natural frequency so they don't suffer 'space sickness'.

To remain at optimum health, we all need to absorb the earth's natural magnetic rhythm, which is the 7.83hz “Schumann resonance”. This earth’s rhythm vibrates at the same frequency as the human heart and brainwaves. This explains why the practice of “Earthing”, or standing barefoot on the earth, is so comfortable and beneficial.

This is why we manufacture the Harmonizer line of products. These devices simulate the Earth's natural frequency and embed it into the human body for huge beneficial effects. Read more here ...

Customer Question of the Month:

Triple Defender ... for ultimate protection from EMFQ: I tried the Defender, and it worked a little, do you have anything more powerful ???

A: YES!!! This is why we made the 'Triple Defender'. This model is our newest flagship product. Designed for the Most Powerful Protection for severely effected individuals who are under extreme conditions. It is the most powerful product we make.

This model packs the power of three regular Tabletop Models in one package mounted into a triangle case to make it even more powerful by utilizing the principle of pyramid enhancement.  Learn More ...

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