QuWave Newsletter March 2016

Energize your beer with Chi Energy !!!

POSITIVE ENERGY attracts Abundance!

If you're looking for the luck of the Irish this St. Patrick's Day, try the QuWave Energizer, whose orgone chi producing scalar waves will increase your energy, rejuvenate your cells, and give you an overall sense of well being.

In less than 15 minutes you can energize any object with Life Enhancing Scalar Wave Chi Bio-Energy.

Most people notice amazing results in less than one week, 2-5 days on the average, and some in only hours! This is a revolutionary new technology! The more you use it, the more positive effects you will notice.


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7 Ways to Attract Positive ENERGY into your being.

  • Energize water to make it waterfall fresh !!!Don’t forget to laugh. Laughter increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, triggers release of endorphins and promotes pain free sense of wellbeing.

  • Make the most of nature. Go outside, take a moment to absorb the sky above and the earth below, feel the sense of peace.

  • Energize your home & surroundings. Your home is an extension of your body, mind and spirit.

  • Get rid of clutter. Clutter has psychological costs. De-clutter your time, space and energy and feel elated.

  • Embrace your inner child. Enjoy simple pleasures. Skip, puddle jump, color... age is a state of mind.

  • Pour more LOVE into it. All you need is Love. Remember to keep your hearts light.

  • Breathe well. Slow breath in......slow breath out.... repeat!



QuWave Energizer

Energize food with Orgone EnergyHave you ever heard of chi, prana, ki, or orgone? These are words from different cultures for the “vital force” or “energy flow” pulsing through each of us every day of our lives. Western culture is embracing the health, holistic and healing energy of cells and energy centers of our body, mind and spirit.

Your energy force is accessible! You don’t need to be a yogi meditating on a mountaintop 16 hours a day to enjoy the benefits of chi. With modern technology you don’t even need to perform meditation or yoga in order to feel the benefits of chi: you can now charge water with chi, drink the water and feel the benefits immediately. Read more about how you can do this with the QuWave Energizer. Charge your beer at the pub!

Customer Question of the Month:

Q: What can I charge with the Energizer?

Energize water with Orgone EnergyA: The most common thing for the Energizer to charge is water, but many other things can be charged. Food is another good choice because once it is charged with chi orgone energy, that energy can be delivered to your body immediately. Many people charge their jewelry, crystals, stones, coffee cups, water bottles, eye glasses, pens, wallets, shoes, medication, makeup, lotion, soaps etc. Infusing our objects with positive energy for an abundant life.

We would love to be inspired by those of you who practice this already… what sorts of things are you charging ?

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