QuWave Newsletter  November 2015 

Give Thanks on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful for what we have. Allow yourself to be thankful for the possibilities of life - and now, during this stressful Holiday Season, the QuWave Defender can protect you and your relations from psychic attack, electronic harassment, and more. Read More ...

$40 OFF Thanksgiving Sale Ends in:

turkey5    Click for more Details

Introducing the NEW 'Sentinel' Defender

You asked for it, and here it is: the much-requested “Briefcase Defender" is the result of much work and refinement. This new Sentinel Defender is fitted with a custom battery pack and two sets of quad antennas with twice the power of the Tabletop model. The Sentinel is perfect for on-the-go defense against electronic harassment, psychic/psychotronic attacks, voice-to-skull and more. The Sentinel also has unique cyclically variable frequencies as a countermeasure so the perpetrators can't lock-on to the unit's frequency to circumvent its operation. Read More ...

'Sentinel' Introductory SALE $200 OFF

Now for a limited time only QuWave is introducing its Defender Sentinel Model at a discounted price: $997 instead of $1197. This $200 discount is applicable only to the first 50 units sold (now only a few units remaining in this intro-sale price). Get your Sentinel today!

Fun Factoids about November

- The Birthstone for November is the Topaz

- The Flower for November is the Chrysanthemum

- Thanksgiving was first celebrated in the USA in 1789

- The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days.

- Male turkeys gobble. Female turkey Hens only make a clucking noise

- The name ‘November’ comes from Latin 'novem' for nine, as it was the ninth month of the Ancient Roman calendar

- US President John Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963

- The Suez Canal opened in November 1869

- In the US, about 280 million turkeys are sold for Thanksgiving

- Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the US

- Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which starts the traditional Christmas shopping season with huge discounts

- You can now get the QuWave Divine to help you get more in touch with your spiritual world and to improve your meditation  See here...

Customer Question of the Month:

Q: What's the difference between a Harmonizer and Defender?

A: The QuWave Harmonizer sends out the Schumann resonance, 7.83 Hz. This is the natural frequency of the earth. This fights effects of EMF pollution, grounds you, and restores your body to the natural frequency of the earth. Harmonizer Info...

The QuWave Defender sends out Scalar Waves and Solfeggio Frequencies designed to help Affected Individuals and sufferers of electronic harassment, psychic/psuchotronis attacks, etc. The frequencies are designed to scramble the frequencies of the attackers, and to soothe your brain. Defender Info...

Defender ?

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