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Spring is Here          QuWave Newsletter April 2015

QuWave Relaxer brings you Happiness

Spring and "Springtime"

"Springtime" refers to the idea of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and re-growth. It's a time of the year for happier feelings after the long winter. Springtime is the perfect time to reduce tension and feel happier. Start the season off right by getting some help to de-Stress and heal your Brain, Body, and Spirit! Springtime is a time to use the ...Relaxer...

Improve Health with Energized Water from QuWave
The Fixed Water Energizerô is designed for infusing Orgone Chi Energy into Water. It's ideal for use with reverse-osmosis water filters, whole house water filters, water pipes, and irrigation water hoses.
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Fun Facts about April

- The earliest known use of the phrase "April Fool" dates back to 1693

- The term "April Gentleman" used to refer to a newly-married man (by implication, therefore, a fool)

- April begins on the same day of the week as July every single year

- The diamond is the birthstone for the month of April

- The daisy, which symbolizes innocence is the flower of the month

- The famous Leonarado da Vinci was born April 15, 1452

- Mr. Webster copyrighted his first dictionary April 14, 1828

- On April 6, 1917 the United States declared World War I on Germany

- Adolf Hitler, dictator of Germany was born April 20, 1889

- The Revolutionary War in America began on April 19, 1755

- April was the 233rd most popular name given to a girl baby in 2012

- April is perfect for relaxing and de-stressing yourself after a long winter. You can greatly increase your odds with the "QuWave Relaxer"

Fun April Facts from QuWave

QuWave Kids planting a spring garden

Get excited for spring!

The sun and the warm weather are back! Take advantage of this pleasant time by planting trees, starting a garden, or by just creating that beautiful green lawn you always wanted. So letís get rid of the winter clothing and go outside to enjoy the beautiful spring weather with friends and family. Letís take advantage of this great opportunity with barbeques, visiting parks, going camping, and overall just doing whatever your passion is.  Click for more ...

Customer Question of the Month:

Q: How can I enhance and energize tea ?

A: The best way to energize tea is by energizing the tea itself before it is diluted with water. You can also energize the entire cup after your tea is made, while it is seeping. Just place it on the top of the QuWave Energizer for 5-15 minutes. We have customers that have great success energizing tea and herbs using both methids. Try both, and let us know which one works better. ...Learn More...

Enhance your Tea with QuWave Energizer

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