Winter Season

QuWave Newsletter January 2015

Interesting Factoids of the Month

- January is Soup Month, so have a cup of soup to stay healthy and warm.

- January is named for "Janus" god of the "doorway", as January is door to the year.

- It's the coldest month in Northern Hemisphere and warmest month in Southern.

- January 8 is Elvis Presley's birthday.

- January's Birthstone is Garnet, and the flower symbol is carnations & snowdrop.

- January is national Stay Healthy month, so get a Harmonizer for improved health.

- January is the only month when the North Pole is colder than the South Pole.

Time for New Beginnings

2015 is just starting, so now is the time to create some new goals, new purposes, and a new lifestyle. It's the perfect time to quit all those negative behaviors that bring us down, to change and to reach for new achievements. This is where Scalar Wave Technology can help. The QuWave Harmonizer was designed to harmonize your body, mind, and make it so much easier to achieve positive results. You will be able to achieve goals ten times faster and without extra effort. It's time to get the "Harmonizer",  Learn More...

The Middle of the Winter

This is the coldest part of the year. At the same time, winter is also the most stressful season. During this time everyone spends more time at home to stay out of the cold. So, we spend more time in confined spaces sharing our space with other people, and sometimes this can be stressful. But, you need to change your perspective, it is really good to have quality moments with family and close friends, especially when you're stuck in your home. Take a look at our Home Harmonizer, it can make your home more stress-free ...

There's a New way to fight the Cold and Flu

With winter, here comes the cold and flu season. Why take all those medications with many side effects when you can use Scalar Energy to optimize your health?! Scalar Waves promote healthy frequencies in the brain and strengthen your Bio-Field. These waves are absorbed by the whole body, and resonate with the cells in your body to produce optimum health. The QuWave Harmonizer uses this principle along with Shumann Resonance to rejuvenate the body’s cells so you can heal and stay healthy all year long with NO negative side effects. Learn More...

Customer Question of the Month:

Q: Does Weather effect how much EMF pollution is produced?

A: Whether it is hot, cold, snowing, or raining, EMF is always around us. The cold weather does not "freeze" EMF or prevent it from happening. In fact, we are exposed to more EMFs in the winter because we stay longer indoors with all the heaters, lights, TVs, and other electronic appliances. This is why it is more important then ever to get more EMF protection during the winter ...Learn More...

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