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Improved Life with Wave Technology: Scalar Schumann Orgone Solfeggio


  QuWave Monthly Newsletter                              February 2014


What if Cupid shot Harmonizers
instead of Arrows !

Stop sitting there and waiting for a miracle such as a cupid's arrow to give you the courage to get what you love. Scalar Energy is known for giving people that motivation to go out into the real world and get what they want. If only cupids could shoot Harmonizers instead of Arrows! Click for info...



The "Love Magnet" creates an Aura of Love and Intimacy around you. It generates two Solfeggio Frequencies - 528Hz (Love & Harmony) and 639Hz (Connecting & Relationships). These are beamed directly into your brain via a subliminal Scalar Wave. They energize the 3rd and 4th Chakras to help you re-connect and stabilize relationships. The "Love Magnet" can help with issues involving self-love, acceptance, loneliness, emotional stability, and change the way you interact with others and the universe. Click for more info...


Take the next step in your LOVE LIFE

The Amore "Love Magnet" was created to bring Romantic Harmony into your life, stimulate your brain's Intimacy Receptors, and expand your Aura of Love. We are now announcing the new "Amore Couples Package" which at a 30% discount gives both you and your partner an opportunity to explore new aspects of your relationship. Whether you have reached a rut in your relationship or want to discover a new side of you and your partner's love life, the Amore Couples Package will make it feel like you are falling in love all over again. Click for more info...

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Customer Question of the Month:

Q: What if I don't want to wear my unit around the neck?
All Personal Models generate Scalar Waves which reach 8 feet. So, no matter where you place the unit, as long as you're within 8ft, you will feel the benefits. Here are some ideas:
  Place it in your pocket, purse, bag, briefcase, back-pack.
  Place on table/desk where you're working, reading, eating.
  Find a clip-on case and wear it on belt or waist of pants.
  If you're in a car, place it on the console, glove-box, seat.
  If you're watching TV place near you on table, couch, chair.
  While sleeping, place on night-table, under bed or pillow.

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