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Improved Life with Wave Technology: Scalar Schumann Orgone Solfeggio


  QuWave Monthly Newsletter                              January 2014


Stay Warm This Winter!

Don't let all that cold weather & snow bring you down and make you sick. The Schumann Resonance in the QuWave not only syncs your body with the Earth's natural frequencies, it can also give you that extra push to keep going. Think like that feeling you get from an extra cup of coffee, or when you have the positive feeling from something good happening to you in life. This is what some of the elements in the harmonizer create. Click for more info...



For a limited time, with any purchase, you will receive a FREE Silver Plated Chakra Pendant with 7 colored Rhinestones. This pendant is valued at over $50 and features a Buddha in a lotus position with 7 colored stones at the major energy centers. This limited time free gift promotion expires on February 28.  Click for details & to add this FREE GIFT to the shopping cart.


Customer Question of the Month:

Q: Do your products help with "Microwave Auditory Effect" ?
The Microwave Auditory Effect (MAE) is becoming more of a problem as electronics continue to explode all around us. The MAE is when microwaves are being beamed near you having an effect of expanding tissues in your ear. To people near the radiation this is heard as a click or buzz, similar to two rocks being hit together underwater. With different individuals, this can range from being barely audible, to annoying, to painful. As problems like this continue to arise it is important to remember that this is why our products use Scalar Energy to protect you from these EMF's. Click for more...


$$$ Write for us and Make Money $$$

At this time we are soliciting articles to publish online and in our newsletter. WE WILL PAY YOU $10-$50 FOR EACH ARTICLE YOU SUBMIT WHICH WE DECIDE TO USE. So, if you have something that would be of interest to our customers, please send it in. We prefer articles with photographs or clipart. This can be a short article on your situation, or your experience with our products, or something about the technology we use or the problems we try to improve. You can also send in a video. Send email to: info@QuWave.com  Click here for more info...

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