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Eliminate Jet Lag

Under normal circumstances, our body clocks follow a cycle consisting of about 24 hours. However, when faced with a rapid time change, the body becomes disrupted and experiences what is known as ‘jetlag.’ There is a way to naturally fight back the repercussions of a body and mind that seems a bit confused in terms of time.
Also known as ‘time zone change syndrome,’ jetlag is a sleep disorder that strikes anyone who travels across a variety of time zones within a short amount of time. Your body is pretty good at telling you when it’s time to rise in the morning and when it’s time to hit the hay – thanks to our internal body clocks (or circadian rhythms). However, when you cross time zones that place your body at odds with your normal sleep patterns, jetlag is usually the result.
A significant influence on how your internal clock reacts to time changes is the sun. The pineal gland (a part of the brain that influences circadian rhythms) greatly responds to darkness and light. During the night, the pineal gland releases melatonin (a hormone that promotes sleep) and during the day, the production of melatonin stops. This is why exposure to daylight during the adjustment period of a new time zone is vital for getting you used to your new surroundings.
Research also suggests that the fluctuations of cabin pressure during air travel could play a role in jet lag symptoms no matter how many time zones you may or may not cross.
When it comes to the symptoms of jetlag, not everyone will experience the same. While a typical occurrence is fatigue that lingers throughout the day, some people encounter gastrointestinal issues. Other complaints include:
Some people complain that it is harder to concentrate after a long plane ride. Travelers may become less motivated to complete activities associated with their trip. Reading, driving the rental car, or preparing for a business meeting become tedious and cumbersome. The ability to truly get into the swing of things during a vacation is also affected.
Long flights cause legs and feet to swell and feel uncomfortable. Some people do not feel like eating when dealing with jetlag. Sometimes, all they have on their mind is taking a nap and recouping. It is not uncommon to endure a headache with jetlag, as well as sinus irritation. Constipation and diarrhea can accompany jetlag. Women who travel often may experience symptoms that mimic the menstrual cycle.
While jetlag is temporary, it can cause one to lose a bit of vacation time trying to play ‘catch-up’ or dim the senses when it comes to an important business meeting. Luckily, there are a few natural approaches to consider when you wish to get back on track, such as:
Plenty of travelers have been successful in resetting their internal clocks by using sunlight to their advantage. Keep in mind that it is one of the most powerful, natural way to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. It is also suggested to plan ahead before arriving at your destination to determine the best times in which to catch a few rays.
When trying to get back to a normal sleep schedule, consider a natural sleep aid, such as valerian – a medicinal plant that produces a sedating effect and has found a place in treating insomniacs.
Some over-the-counter products, like No Jet Lag (praised by National Geographic Traveler and Woman’s World), provide natural and effective results for combating jetlag without any chemical side effects.
According to various laboratory experiments, caffeine has proven successful in resetting body clocks in animals. Prevent further dehydration by foregoing alcohol and filling up with juices and water. Getting your blood flowing, heart pumping, and muscles moving is a good way to improve your alertness, as well as absorb some much-needed sunlight.
Drinking plenty of fluids both during and after a flight can decrease the effects of dehydration from long plane rides. Airplane cabins can reach uncomfortable levels of dryness and keeping yourself hydrated will help you overcome symptoms of jetlag.
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