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Boost Immunity • Fight EMF • Improve life

'QuFlexx' Portable Harmonizer
Powerful and Portable
Improve Life and fight EMF Pollution with
New Generation Pulsing Technology

NEW!  Just Introduced!

QuFlexx Harmonizer is your complete answer for neutralizing and protecting against EMF pollution and for improving life!

This powerful model is our most flexible unit yet. Designed for both home and away use. It's all you need to shield yourself from harmful EMFs and improve your well-being wherever you go!!

      QuFlexx Portable Harmonizer               Feel Good with QuWave Harmonizer

QuFlexx Portable Harmonizer Photos:

You never have to feel susceptible to negative electromgnetic influence again! QuFlexx Harmominzer represents the best of both worlds - a powerful model you can use for EMF protection at home or while traveling.

QuFlexx lets you manage your own EMF protection. Select from four different protection modes, including a cyclical mode that alternates frequencies. This "hopping" of frequencies gives you the capacity to better protect yourself from the negative effects of EMF.

About eight times more powerful than the Personal Harmonizer, QuFlexx is the perfect model if you're sensitive to EMF, live near power lines or cell towers, or have a smart meter in your home. Take it with you when you go out - just slip it into your purse, briefcase, laptop bag, or in your coat pocket. At home, place it on the included stand or even put it in a drawer. Whereever you are, you can relax, knowing that QuFlexx is protecting you!

Four different user-selectable modes of operation:

 Mode 1

Grounding Mode

Generates the same proven frequencies as all other Harmonizer models using Schumann Resonance to ground you.

 Mode 2

EMF Mode

Generates the standard Harmonizer frequency with additional frequencies that focus on physical protection and relieving pain.

 Mode 3

Wellbeing Mode

Generates the standard Harmonizer frequency with additional frequencies that focus on improving overall well-being.

 Mode 4

Cycle Mode

Cycles through all modes in sequence, alternating frequencies for best overall protection.

QuFlexx Portable Harmonizer for superior protection

 Harmonizers recommended for 5G protection

 QuFlexx Harmonizer Product Highlights:

  • Small and portable, about the size of a 7" tablet, 6.75 x 4.75 x 0.9", about 12oz
  • Designed for both home and portable use with a signal strength of 40-50 feet
  • Light and easy to carry in a bag, purse, backpack, briefcase, or coat pocket
  • Almost as powerful as the Tabletop Harmonizer, yet still portable. About 75 times as powerful as the Personal Model. 
  • Powered by internal rechargeable battery or AC power for home use
  • Uses advanced electronics with a computer chip to extend battery life to over three months (recommend charge battery monthly)
  • Low battery indicator and status LEDs to show the unit is on and functioning
  • Includes home stand, car and AC adapter, and sturdy padded zipper travel case

Features of the generated signal frequencies:

High Frequency Scalar Wave

This is the main carrier wave. It is a high frequency Scalar Wave electronically generated via Mobius Coil.

Two activation frequencies

These two Low Frequencies ride on top of the Scalar Wave. They focus on mental-physical protection to relieve negative symptoms.
These Frequencies vary depending on mode.

Low Frequency Pulsing Signal

This generates a Low Frequency pulsing of the signals so that your body doesn't get acclimatized to the signals.

Randomized Hopping

Randomized hopping of frequencies to confuse perpetrators and to automatically switch between modes.


Unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee.
Full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

Portable Harmonizer
Harmonizer Portable QuFlexx Model
Powerful Protection anywhere in or out of your home

QWH6  $449


Need a different package? Call us and we will make you a Custom Discounted Bundle!!

Bundled Harmonizer
Super Package
+Defender Portable QuFlexx Model+Tabletop Defender for protection from Psychotronic Attacks

QWHPak10 $849

Personal QWP1 & Portable QWH6 & Tabletop QWH3 Models.
rotection in your home and anywhere you go.

Personal Color: 

Bundled Harmonizer
Power Package
Defender Portable QuFlexx Model+Triple Tabletop Harmonizer

QWHPak11 $1359


Triple Tabletop QWH5 for home, and Portable QWH6 for on the go protection.

Bundled Harmonizer
Extreme Package

+Defender Portable QuFlexx Model+Triple Tabletop Harmonizer+QuWave Quad QuFlexx Briefcase

QWHPak12 $2689

Personal QWP1, Portable QWH6, Triple QWH5, Briefcse QWB6H. Get EXTREME Protection.

Personal Color: 

Harmonizer IN & OUT Mega Pack
Defender Portable QuFlexx Model+Tabletop Defender for protection from Psychotronic Attacks

QWHPak13 $739

Portable Harmonizer QWH6 for on the go protection, and Tabletop Harmonizer QWH3 for home protection.

Quad QuFlexx Briefcase Harmonizer - Model QWB6H

 QuWave Quad QuFlexx Briefcase  QuFlexx Briefcase holding in hand

 • Our most powerful portable Harmonizer 
 • Protection from: EMF, Electro, HAARP
 • Effective with LO & HI frequency intrusions
 • Quadrupled power of 4 QuFlexx Harmonizers
 • Cyclical hopping mode for countermeasures
 • Combined power up to 150ft
 • Each unit settable to different mode
 • Removable units for individual use
 • Padded carrying case with charger, lockable
 • Size: 13"x11.5"x2.75",
4 lbs, Black
 • Battery lasts 2-3 months on a single charge

Safeguard yourself with the Briefcase Harmonizer!

Quad QuFlexx BriefcaseThe Quad QuFlexx Harmonizer Briefcase is the most powerful, portable protection available to defend against EMF and electronic harassment. With a range of over 150 feet and a battery that lasts up to three months between charges, the QuFlexx Briefcase is the ultimate product for scalar wave benefits.

Four individual QuFlexx Harmonizer units (QWH6) are mounted in an easy to carrry, slim case. Weighing only about four pounds, the sturdy plastic case is lined with foam padding to keep each QuFlexx unit secure in place.

Each QuFlexx has four user-selectable modes of operation. You can choose the same mode for all units, tune each unit to a different mode, or mix and match to find what works best for your own individual needs.

Note that this Briefcase is also available customized where you can individually select different units for the four slots.

Discover the power of the new Briefcase Harmonizer! 
You asked for it and here it is: the much-requested Harmonizer Briefcase Model is the result of years of work and refinement. Many customers have created their own variants on this idea, but QuWave’s official version, decked out with four QuFlexx Harmonizers is the model of choice for those seeking the most advanced harassment protection on the market.QuFlexx Briefcase has 4 units for quadruple the power 

This is QuWave’s newest Portable Harmonizer model. Built into a small briefcase, it is fitted with four QuFlexx Harmonizers, each containing its own rechargeable battery pack and . The Briefcase is perfect for on-the-go defense against electronic harassment, psychotronic/psychic attacks, voice-to-skull and more.

This product is three times (3x) as powerful as the Tabletop model and three-hundred times (300X) more powerful than the Personal Harmonizer. Try the QuFlexx Briefcase today.

This model uses the QuFlexx models which have the special unique circuitry which cyclically varies the generated frequencies as a countermeasure so that the perpetrators can't lock on to the unit's frequency in order to circumvent its operation and defeat the unit. This operation can be seen in the status LEDs which have a fluctuating blink rate corresponding to the fluctuating frequencies.

This model generates a field in all directions with a large diameter. For desired results, you need to be within the field of the unit. This model is meant for those that are highly effected and is thus designed to be close to the effected individual for maximum protection. The closer you are to the unit, the more you will be within it's protective field.

Briefcase has 4 of the QuFlexx unitsJust like the Personal model, this Briefcase model uses a High Frequency Scalar Wave which is modulated with two low frequency Activation Frequencies. The Scalar Wave protects and generates a shield to make it difficult for the Harassment Controlling Signals to get through to the individual. The two low frequencies provide soothing to the body and brain cells and enable healing.

This model can be powered either from the internal battery pack, or from your house AC outlet. The rechargeable battery pack will power the unit for 2-3 months. The included charger will fully charge the battery within 3-4 hours (we recommend charging overnight every month). It can be left plugged in permanently for home applications. International orders include an AC plug adapter and a 120V/240V Power Adapter.

The unit is built into a small briefcase size 13 x 11.5 x 2.75" and weights about 4 lbs. The case is high quality industrial strength black in color. It has a carry handle and latches that can be secured with a lock. It will operate in any orientation and generates a field of 360 degrees.

Inside the case each of the units has its own status LEDs to show that the frequencies are being generated.

The antenna radiates waves in all directions in 360 degrees, so the unit can be placed in any orientation. However, the closer you are to the front of the unit, the more effective it will be.

The Briefcase Harmonizer is our most powerful portable model, about 300 times as powerful as the Personal Harmonizer, and three times as powerful as the Tabletop Harmonizer.

Quad QuFlexx
 Briefcase Harmonizer

Includes four QuFlexx QWH6 Portable Harmonizers for 4X the power with a 150ft range.  Mounted in an easy to carry foam padded briefcase. Each unit has four user-selectable modes of operation.

  •  Size: 13"x11.5"x2.75"
  •  Weight: 4 lbs, Color: Black
  •  Charge Battery every 2-3 months

QuFlexx Portable Model   Quad QuFlexx Briefcase    QuWave Quad QuFlexx Briefcase

Model QWB6H 

Quad QuFlexx
 Briefcase Harmonizer



Quad QuFlexx
Custom Briefcase

Choose any four QuFlexx Portable Models for 4X the power for a 150ft range. Mounted in an easy to carry foam padded briefcase.

   •  Size: 13"x11.5"x2.75"
   •  Weight: 4 lbs, Color: Black
   •  Charge Battery every 2-3 months

Mix any four of the QuFlexx Models:
   •  Harmonizer QWH6  
   •  Defender QWX6 
   •  Multifunction QWU6 
   •  Solfeggo QWS6

Quad QuFlexx Briefcase         QuWave Quad QuFlexx Briefcase

Model QWB6C

Quad QuFlexx
Custom Briefcase






Quad QuFlexx Briefcase

Can mount up to four QuFlexx Models for quadruple power to give a 150ft range.
(Does not include any QuFlexx units)

   •  Size: 13"x11.5"x2.75"
   •  Weight: 4 lbs, Color: Black
   •  Charge Battery every 2-3 months

Takes 1 to 4 of these QuFlexx Models:
   •  Harmonizer QWH6  
   •  Defender QWX6 
   •  Multifunction QWU6 
   •  Solfeggo QWS6

QuFlexx Briefcase           QuWave Quad QuFlexx Briefcase

Model QWB6 

Normal Price

Introductory Sale $189


We also have other models of the Harmonizer for different situations

The Harmonizer is THE Answer to an Improved Life
--- Simply be within its field every day.

Click here to read more about the Benefits of the Harmonizer 

How Does the QuWave Harmonizer Work ?

The QuWave products generate an Energy Field which envelops and protects all objects within its reach. This is the high frequency Scalar Energy field. This Energy Field pulsates at the Earth's Natural Frequency which gets your body back in sync and operating optimally. This is the low frequency Schumann Resonance wave.

The Harmonizer allows our body to function at a high level of wellness because our body can function free from the influence of physical stress, EMFs, and pressure of today's lifestyle. It allows our body to a perfect balance increasing the body's healing ability.

What makes the QuWave Products so unique:

Backed by over 10 years of research & customer satisfaction 
Contains an active powered electronic field wave generator 
Has two separate wave frequency sources - Scalar & Schumann 
Low cost & affordable (about the cost of a single doctor visit) 
5 different versions available - Personal, Computer, Car, Home, Tabletop
Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee & by a one year product warranty 

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