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Boost Immunity • Fight EMF • Improve life

          QuWave Plant Harmonizerâ„¢

QuWave Plant Harmonizer Improves Flowers

Give your Plants ultimate Protection from dangerous EMFs and make them grow better with   a Schumann-Resonance Scalar-Wave Field.

Check what others say about the "Plant Harmonizer":


Just like people and animals, plants also have a Biofield.
The Plant Harmonizer generates a Scalar Field combined with the Schumann Resonance. This strengthens your plant's Biofield for improved health to make your plants grow better !!!

Flower on right improved with the Plant Harmonizer

In a 14 day experiment, the flower on the right energized with the
'Plant Harmonizer' shows a healthier more vibrant plant with about
75% more flowers.

Plant Harmonizer

Plant Harmonizer rejuvinates your plants and flowers

Give your plants protection
from EMF, Stress, Disease.
Makes plants grow better.

QWF2 $297 $239
Extended Warranty $49


Unconditional 30 day Money Back Guarantee !
Full refund if you are not 100% satisfied

Get a Plant Harmonizer NOW and improve all your plantings!

QuWave Plant Harmonizer makes your flowers superiorHow Does the Harmonizer Work ?

The Harmonizer generates an energy field which envelops and protects all objects within its reach. This field is comprised of high frequency Scalar Waves and the low frequency Schumann Resonance.

Scalar Waves are pure energy. This energy benefits all living cells, including plants. Schumann Resonance pulsates at the Earth’s natural frequency of 7.83 Hz. This grounding force brings objects back into sync with nature.

The Plant Harmonizer generates a combination of a Scalar Field and Schumann Resonance specifically designed to benefit any flora including plants, flowers, herbs, and shrubs. These organisms are particularly susceptible to electronic EMF pollution and stress. When protected by the Plant Harmonizer, plants are able to grow stronger, healthier, and happier.

QuWave Plant Harmonizer Improves Plants and Flowers

What makes the QuWave Products so unique:

Backed by over 10 years of research & customer satisfaction 
Contains an active powered electronic field wave generator 
Has two separate wave frequency sources - Scalar & Schumann 
Low cost & affordable
Many different versions available - Personal, Computer, Car, Home, Pet...
Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and by a one year product warranty (optional 5 year warranty available)

How to use the Plant Harmonizer:

QuWave Plant HarmonizerThe Plant Harmonizer is designed to be placed close to a flower pot, planter, or in your garden. (Note that the unit is not waterproof but may be placed in a ziplock bag for protection).

We include double-sided tape and tie wraps so you can attach the unit to any flower pot or planter. The unit should be mounted as close to your plants as possible, within about 4 feet for maximum results. The closer the better. The unit always needs to be plugged in in order to operate. A blinking green light shows the device is in operation. It consumes very little power, similar to that of a night light.

Click to find out more about how our Harmonizers function:

Here are some links to pages on our website that detail more information about the operation and benefits of the Harmonizer:

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2. How the Harmonizer fights EMF Pollution 

3. How the Harmonizer produces Resonances 

4. How the Harmonizer produces Scalar Waves 

5. How the Harmonizer stimulates the Biofield

We also make other styles of the Harmonizer:

All of the QuWave Harmonizers generate a similar Scalar Wave / Schumann Resonance Field. They all produce a field to promote Happiness, Wellness, Healing, and to repel the negative effects of EMF pollution. However, each product has a different signal strength and is designed for a different use:

Harmonizer Menu Here

The Harmonizer is THE Answer to an Improved Life
--- Simply be within its field every day.

Click here to read more about the Benefits of the Harmonizer 

Full refund if you are not 100% satisfied

Plant Harmonizer
Plant Harmonizer rejuvinates your plants and flowers

Give your plants protection
from EMF, Stress, Disease.
Makes plants grow better.

QWF2 $297 $239
Extended Warranty $49

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