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Boost Immunity • Fight EMF • Improve life

            QuWave Pet Harmonizer™

QuWave pet harmonizer improves your pets wellbeing and happiness


 Improve your pets Well-Being and Happiness with a Scalar Field Schumann Resonance Protective Cocoon

Pet Harmonizer™ Photos:

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Look at the wonderful benefits your pet can achieve:
Simply place the Pet Harmonizer where your pet sleeps or eats !

QuWave Pet Harmonizer for Happier, Healthier Pets. Pet EMF Protection
Pets also have a Biofield --- The Pet Harmonizer strengthens your pet's Biofield for improved Health, Happiness, higher Energy, and Immunity from EMF --- Protect your pets!


Does your pet look sad? Has it become unusually restless? Or are there changes in eating/sleeping habits? These could all be symptoms of exposure to EMF Electro-Smog pollution.

What do you think the percentage is of homes around the world that contain beloved pets? From Dogs and Cats to rodents and reptiles to large farm animals, there is one thing we can say for sure, we are all exposed to harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF pollution).

Though invisible, like radio and cell phone waves, electromagnetic energies have a powerful harmfull effect on all living things. Scientific and medical studies show that being exposed to these toxic electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can lead to emotional and physical health problems.

This is why we made the Pet Harmonizer - To protect your pets from EMF pollution !!!

1. Pets and EMF Pollution

We are always engulfed in electromagnetic fields or EMFs. EMFs are the invisible sources of energy that are around anything with electric power or wireless transmission. The bio-electric currents present in our bodies are often disturbed by these electromagnetic waves emitted from computers, mobile phones, and all other electrical appliances. The EMFs create a harmful environment of radiation that causes many health risks to people and animals.

Although we are all exposed to the same amount of radiation, animals can sense energy better than we can.  Just like humans, each bio-field is different and each pet has a different sensitivity to energy. You wouldn’t be able to get a dog to sleep in a high energy zone whereas a cat loves radiation and will seek out hot spots for sleeping. 

EMF damages pets more than peopleSuch waves do harm you and your beloved pets as well, producing  negative behavioral changes in them. Continuous exposure to EMF pollution can make your friendly pet restless and can also result in changes in food habits and other abnormal behaviors. This is a real matter of concern for their health and happiness.

Keeping your pet protected from harmful EMF radiation is just as important, if not more, than us as humans.  A pet’s life span is a lot shorter than a normal person’s life. Harmful EMF radiation can make that short life span even shorter.

Your pet can not tell you what is wrong or if they may be experiencing any pain. You, as well as a veterinarian must go by the behaviors of the animal. Your pet is maybe eating less or more sluggish than usual.  Maybe they are experiencing Cardiac palpitations.  A vet exam can pick this up but it is unlikely to be associated with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

One symptom of too much exposure to electromagnetic radiation is restlessness and difficulty sleeping. The same could be true of your pet but you or your Vet would not know that your pet was not sleeping enough. Another well documented symptom in humans is a high ratio of infertility and miscarriages.  If you are a breeder of animals and your pet/s are experiencing missed matings or aborted litters, this could be something you would never think would be affecting things. Researchers have also linked magnetic energy fields to otherwise inexplicable elephant attacks. Elephants “hear” with their extremely sensitive feet and are capable of picking up low frequency sound emanating from miles away.

The QuWave Pet Harmonizer offers coverage to protect your pets from the dangerous EMF pollution in your home. The Scalar Waves and Schumann Resonance generated by this Device improve your pet’s life - it fights EMF, and makes pets happy and healthy. It re-establishes and strengthens your pet’s natural powers and can eventually relive your pet from biological stresses.

Get the Pet Harmonizer NOW and make your pet healthy !
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2. Why use the QuWave Pet Harmonizer?

Every day we have to tolerate the bombardment of electromagnetic waves that attack us from all directions. The main source of these is our home electrical wiring, computers, Wi-Fi, appliances, mobile phones, etc.

One significant difference between us and our pets is that we are able to get away from these harmful radiations whereas our pets are exposed more frequently. Some pets are inside the house for days at a time while we are at work, running errands and just living our lives. We don’t realize how harmful keeping our pet’s food and/or water near the highly electromagnetic refrigerator is, that also happens to have the cordless phone next to it, while we conveniently heat something up in the microwave!

Many people are not even aware of the many things in our lives that give off massive amounts of EMR. If you do not know much about these harmful energies, here is a tip; The closer you are to an item giving off these harmful electric frequencies, the worse off you are and the more symptoms you will have. These days, we rely on so many electrical devices that there is really no escape for us let alone our poor furry or scaly little family members.

Pet Harmonizer is a Pet EMF DefenderPets also have bio-fields of their own. While proper resonance of their bio-field helps the pets to be happy, disruption of this harmony takes a toll on their health.

This is why you need The Pet Harmonizer.  You will no longer have to worry that the only place there is room for Fido’s food and water is in the Kitchen full of harmful microwaves.  It’s not an issue that, princess kitty’s bed is near the Television, or modem and a wireless phone. Place the Pet Harmonizer where your pet spends most of its time and worry no more!

The Pet Harmonizer blocks the harmful Electromagnetic frequencies and microwaves so that for your pet can eat, sleep and play peacefully, without worry.  There will be one less thing harming your pets and making them sick. Not only will the Pet Harmonizer block and help prevent sickness from Electromagnetic Radiation but also restore and rejuvenate cells to keep pets healthier than ever before!

The QuWave Pet Harmonizer helps to strengthen your pet's bio-field and immunize your pets' from the harmful effects of EMF pollution for improved health and energy. Use of the Pet Harmonizer can also remove the erratic behavior of your pet and makes the pet calmer.

The Pet Harmonizer's Scalar Energy field has the amazing effect of all Scalar Waves. And that is to diminish the negative effects of EMF pollution, and to act on body-cells to improve cell functions, immunity to disease, and to increase Chi Energy. It also enhances brain performance by improving the neuro-functioning of brain cells.

Pet Harmonizers are the results of intensive research and development in the fields of bio-energetics and electro-sensitivity. These are innovative simple devices that provide effective ways for creating an energetically harmonious environment for your beloved pet.

The Pet Harmonizer helps to balance all these disrupting elements and to strengthen the bio-field of your pet to fight EMF pollution for improved health and improved energy level. By using the Pet Harmonizer you will notice that the abrupt negative behaviors observed earlier are slowly vanishing and your pet is coming back to its natural traits.

3. Pet Harmonizer Specifications: 



Recommended Use




QuWave Pet Harmonizer, Pet EMF Defender to make your pet Healthy and Happy

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Field: 10ft


Light Gray

Place where your pet sleeps, or place near where your pet eats/drinks. Works great under bed/pillow where your dog/cat sleeps. For other pets, place near where they spent most of their time like: aquarium, basket, dog-house, cat's box, fish-tank, bird-cage.

Mounts with the included double-sided tape squares, or just place near where your pet spends most time.

AC Adapter
(International Plug Adapter Included)

Pets are also affected by EMF pollution --- the Pet Harmonizer gives your pet immunity from the harmful EMF effects.

QuWave Pet Harmonizer for Happer, Healthier Pets. Pet EMF Protection4. How does the Pet Harmonizer work?

The Pet Harmonizer uses the same proven technology as other QuWave Harmonizer products, except it is tuned specifically for animals. The Harmonizer generates a Scalar Field which is combined with Schumann Resonance to produce a healing energy cocoon which energizes everything in its field with positive Chi energy. This energy also embeds itself into your pet's food, water, and even into your pet itself.

The concept behind the QuWave Harmonizer is that every living being in this universe has a particular frequency that resonates when it is in perfect health. When external negative forces (like EMF pollution and illness) disturb the body's frequencies, the harmony gets disrupted and cell malfunctioning starts, resulting in breakdown, disease, and illness. Not only do the cells get disrupted, but the bio-field and brain frequencies are also degraded resulting in ill-ffects with the brain's mental function.

The Harmonizer strengthens the bio-energy system of your pet by bringing down the cell frequencies to optimum level for improved health. When your pet comes within the range of the Pet Harmonizer the erratic body frequency of the pet becomes placid resulting in improved physical and mental states.

The Scalar Energy Waves produced by the Pet Harmonizer develop an energy cocoon to protect all objects within its field. While the Schumann Waves resonate the earth’s natural frequency with the body frequency of your pet. This combination produces a Energy Bio-Field that not only acts on the animals when they are within this field, but also embeds itself into the animals for continuous protection even when they are away from this Bio-Field.

Protect your cats, dogs, small livestock with the Pet Harmonizer

Using the Pet Harmonizer can give your pet:

• Better and more restful sleep
• Better appetite and improved digestion
• More alertness and better obedience
• Improved overall well being
• Improved health and immunity to allergies
• Improved command responsiveness
• Reduction in sadness

If you want to be a proud owner of a healthy and happy pet then get the Pet Harmonizer immediately !
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5. Pet Harmonizer Video Testimonials:

Check what others say about the Pet Harmonizer™:

6. How to use the Pet Harmonizer

This is plain and simple. You have to keep it plugged-in at a place where your pet spends most of his time (specially where he sleeps) and the device will do the rest. It generally has a range of 5-10 feet and once your pet is in its field, it gets energized. This is a safe and non-invasive system and can be used without any safety stipulations.

This product must be placed where your pet spends the most time. The unit must be plugged-in all the time, there is no on/off switch, it is designed to be always ON.

It is difficult to say what is the effective range of the unit due to the great variety of animal sizes, thickness of their skins, and how long and how close they are within the field of the unit. Obviously, your pet will never be 100% of the time within the field of the unit. The bottom line is, try to place the unit as close as possible to where your pet spends the most time.

So, from practical use, we find that the unit should be within 5-10 feet of where your pet sleeps or eats to obtain the best benefits. The less time your pet is within the field, the closer you should place the unit. We find that even if your pet is only within the field of the unit for under an hour a day, this will be sufficient to give it protection, as the animal will get charged with the Scalar Waves during the short time it is exposed, and the positive scalar energy transferred during that time will stay with it and protect it wherever it goes during the remaining time of the day.

The unit has a small yellow LED on the side of the box which will blink when the unit is plugged in. This LED is yellow colored and is purposefully made dim so that the blinking does not irritate the sensitive eyes of your pet. If it is still too bright for your pet, you can cover it with black tape or a sticker.

We ship the unit with two double-sided-tape mounting squares (one is sufficient to hold the unit in place).

Here are some suggestions for mounting:

Dog: next to where sleeps, under pillow/mattress where sleeps, near food or water bowl, in the doghouse

Cat: next to where sleeps, under pillow/mattress where sleeps, near food or water bowl, near the basket where sleeps, next to the cat litter-box

Turtles, Birds, Snakes, pet-rodents, etc: next to the aquarium, or box, or cage where they live

Fish: stick-on right on the aquarium, or place as close to aquarium as possible

Small Livestock:
 inside the barn, chicken-coop, etc.


Pet Harmonizer is like an umbrella for your dog to protect it from EMF and External Negative effects. The Pet Harmonizer offers a protective umbrella for your pets to protect them from EMF pollution and other negative influences, and to make them Healthier and Happier.

The Pet Harmonizer with its Scalar Orgone Chi Energy, turns your pet's bio-field into a positive healing Life-Force.
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7. Pet Harmonizer - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

To view the answers, click on a question, or to see all answers, click on "Show All Answers".


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Pet Harmonizer

QuWave Pet Harmonizer, Pet EMF Defender to make your pet Healthy and Happy

Give your pet protection from
EMF, Stress, Illness. Makes
pet Healthy, Happy, Energetic

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