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Bost Immunity • Fight EMF/5G • Improve Life

Introducing a NEW PRODUCT QuWave Products are Made In USA

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Our Most Powerful Model for on the go protection for Targeted Individuals.

Quad QuFlexx
Harmonizer Briefcase

QWB6H    $1499

Quad Defender Briefcase

QuFlexx Briefcase holding in handThe Quad QuFlexx Harmonizer Briefcase is the most powerful, portable protection available to defend against EMF and electronic harassment. With a range of over 150 feet and a battery that lasts up to three months between charges, the QuFlexx Briefcase is the ultimate product for scalar wave benefits.

Four individual QuFlexx Harmonizer Models (QWH6) are mounted in an easy to carrry, slim case. Weighing only about four pounds, the sturdy plastic case is lined with foam padding to keep each QuFlexx unit secure in place. Each unit has four selectable modes of operation. You can choose the same mode for all units, or mix and match for your own individual needs.

Note that this Briefcase is also available customized where you can individually select different models for the four slots.

Discover the power of the new Briefcase Harmonizer!

Quad QuFlexx Briefcase

You asked for it and here it is: the much-requested Harmonizer Briefcase Model is the result of years of work and refinement. Many customers have created their own variants on this idea, but QuWave’s official version, decked out with four QuFlexx Harmonizers is the model of choice for those seeking the most advanced harassment protection on the market. 
This is QuWave’s newest Portable Harmonizer model. Built into a small briefcase, it is fitted with four QuFlexx Harmonizers, each containing its own rechargeable battery pack. The Briefcase is perfect for on-the-go defense against electronic harassment, psychotronic/psychic attacks, voice-to-skull and more.

The Briefcase Harmonizer is QuWave’s newest Portable model. Built into a small briefcase, it is fitted with four QuFlexx Harmonizers, each containing its own rechargeable battery pack and . The Briefcase Model is perfect for on-the-go defense against EMF pollution.

This product is four times (4x) as powerful as the Portable model and three-hundred times (300X) more powerful than the Personal Model. Try the QuWave Briefcase Harmonizer

Briefcase has 4 of the QuFlexx unitsThis model uses the QuFlexx models which have the special unique circuitry which cyclically varies the generated frequencies as a countermeasure so that the perpetrators can't lock on to the unit's frequency in order to circumvent its operation and defeat the unit. This operation can be seen in the status LEDs which have a fluctuating blink rate corresponding to the fluctuating frequencies.

The Briefcase Harmonizer generates a field in all directions with a large diameter. For desired results, you need to be within the field of the unit. This model is meant for those that are highly effected and is thus designed to be close to the effected individual for maximum protection. The closer you are to the unit, the more you will be within it's protective field. 

Just like the Personal model, this Briefcase Harmonizer uses a Scalar Wave which is generated from Schumann Resonance.

You don't have to sacrifice protection for portability ever again! QuFlexx Briefcase is what you've been looking for. Whether you're at home or traveling, you don't ever have to feel vulnerable again!


  • QuFlexx Briefcase has 4 units for quadruple the powerOur most powerful Portable Model
  • Produces a protective cocuun to shield against EMF radiation including 5G
  • Generates Scalar Field modulated with Schumann Resonance
  • Cyclical hopping mode for countermeasures
  • Quadrupled power of 4 QuFlexx Harmonizers
  • Combined power up to 150ft
  • Each unit settable to different mode
  • Removable units for individual use
  • Uses advanced electronics with a computer chip to extend battery life to about a month
  • Low battery indicator and status LEDs to show the unit is on and functioning
  • Padded carrying case with charger, lockable
  • Size: 13"x11.5"x2.75", 4 lbs, Black
  • Battery lasts over a month on a single charge
  • Package includes one set of pouch/stand/charger so you can remove a unit for standalone use

This model can be powered either from the internal battery pack, or from your house AC outlet. The rechargeable battery pack will power the unit for over a month. The included charger will fully charge the battery within 3-4 hours (we recommend charging overnight every month). It can be left plugged in permanently for home applications. International orders include an AC plug adapter and a 120V/240V Power Adapter.

The unit is built into a small briefcase size 13 x 11.5 x 2.75" and weights about 4 lbs. The case is high quality industrial strength black in color. It has a carry handle and latches that can be secured with a lock. It will operate in any orientation and generates a field of 360 degrees.

Inside the case each of the units has its own status LEDs to show that the frequencies are being generated.

The antenna radiates waves in all directions in 360 degrees, so the unit can be placed in any orientation. However, the closer you are to the front of the unit, the more effective it will be.

The Briefcase Defender is our most powerful portable model, about 300 times as powerful as the Personal Defender, and three times as powerful as the Tabletop Defender.

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QuShield EMF Protection StickerQuShield EMF Protection Sticker   

Uuusing the QuFlexx Harmonizer Briefcase

Briefcase Package contents

  • Open the briefcase by snapping open the two clasps on either side of the handle at the top of the case. 
  • Mounted into the foam-lined padding and secured with Velcro are four QuFlexx units (models vary according to your order). 
  • Each QuFlexx unit can be removed from the case for use individually. To take a QuFlexx unit from the case, gently grasp the unit and carefully remove it. Make sure to unplug the battery connecting cable from the bottom of each unit before removing it completely from the case. This step is optional. 
  • Turn each QuFlexx on by pressing the red Off/On Switch with your finger, the tip of a pen, or similar. 
  • As the units power on, all three indicator lights briefly flash twice. Once the units are fully powered, the Model Indicator Light (F1) and Mode Indicator Light (F2) will both remain lit. 
  • Press the Mode Selection Switch twice to change modes. You can set each unit to a different mode or all the same depending on your needs. 
  • Note: When changing frequencies, there is a slight delay as the unit switches frequencies.  
  • Once a new mode is selected, all indicator lights briefly flash to lock in the chosen mode. Both the F1 and F2 lights then blink or appear to be lit steadily, depending on the mode selected.  
  • Note: The indicator lights vary in color and blink rate according to the QuFlexx model type(s) you’ve chosen for your briefcase. 
  • Normally you should leave the unit always ON. To power off QuFlexx, press the Off/On Switch on each unit once. All indicators flash red then go out to indicate the unit is off. 

Harmonizer Protection Modes

The Harmonizer Briefcase contains four standard Portable Harmonizers Model QWH6. Please read the QWH6 page for more details on how the Personal Harmonizer. 


Four different user-selectable modes of operation:

 Mode 1

Grounding Mode

Generates the same proven frequencies as all other Harmonizer models using Schumann Resonance to ground you.

 Mode 2

EMF Mode

Generates the standard Harmonizer frequency with additional frequencies that focus on physical protection and relieving pain.

 Mode 3

Wellbeing Mode

Generates the standard Harmonizer frequency with additional frequencies that focus on improving overall well-being.

 Mode 4

Cycle Mode

Cycles through all modes in sequence, alternating frequencies for best overall protection.

Charging/Powering your Briefcase

  • Each QuFlexx has an internal rechargeable battery and can also use AC power (adapter included). 
  • To charge all units at once insert round end of the AC adapter into the power jack located on the side
    of the briefcase (see image). Plug the other end of the AC adapter into a wall outlet.
  • Note: All QuFlexx units must be in the case with the battery connecting cable attached in order to charge all units at the same time.  
  • To charge QuFlexx individually:
    1. At home – Plug round end of the USB charging cable into the input on the bottom of the unit. Plug the other end of the cable into the wall AC adapter. Plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet. It is not recommended to use a USB hub to charge the battery.
    2. In vehicle - Plug the USB charging cable into the input on the bottom of the unit. Plug the other end of the cable into the car adapter (included). Plug the car adapter into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle.
  • Battery life is approximately one month 
  • When the battery begins to lose charge, the battery indicator light (BAT) blinks red.  
  • When the battery’s charge is entirely depleted, the battery indicator light turns off and the unit turns off. 
  • When the unit is plugged in and charging, the battery indicator light blinks red. 
  • When the unit is plugged in and the battery charge is complete, the battery indicator light turns green. 
  • During normal operation, the battery indicator light remains unlit to conserve power.  
  • Note: The battery cannot be overcharged. Once charge is complete (3+ hours), you can safely leave the unit plugged in with no detrimental effect to the battery.  
  • Note: Use only the included cables and chargers with QuWave products. 

User Tips

  • The combined range of your QuFlexx Briefcase is about 150 feet in all directions. 
  • For Briefcase or individual unit home use, set the product in a convenient, central location in your residence.
  • For individual away use, place QuFlexx in the included padded case and keep it in your bag, briefcase, etc.
  • The Briefcase has an easy to grip handle for use on the go.
  • The energies generated by QuFlexx are not hampered by any material except for heavy metals.
  • You may place the Briefcase in your car, a drawer, closet, etc, without losing effectiveness.

Every human body and mind is different and responds at a different rate to the scalar waves and to the other frequencies generated by our products. It may take anywhere from a few days to two weeks for your body to sync with the product and for you to feel its beneficial effects. The QuWave beneficial effects are cumulative and may take time to achieve full potential.

Some people might experience an overwhelming or uncomfortable feeling in the body and mind when they first use the product. This is perfectly normal and temporary and indicates that your body is reacting to the product. It happens due to a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing or detoxification process when your body tries to dispose toxins at a faster rate than it can cope with. You might need to give your body some time to adjust. In order to do this, use the unit for only a few hours at a time until you get accustomed to the beneficial energy.

Some people might be impatient and expect instant miracle results. It does not work like that. You will need to use the product for some time before you will feel its beneficial effects. Some people feel the positive effects within an hour, while for others it takes a couple weeks. It takes some time for the product to fully assimilate with your body energy field and for you to really feel the positive results. This is why we give you 30 days to try out and evaluate our products. You can compare this to an antibiotic prescribed by your doctor. You need to take the pills for 10 days to be effective, you do not just take one and expect miracle results. The same is true for all of our products.


QuWave Protection Shield form HarmonizerThe QuWave Harmonizer generates a bio-electric quantum scalar/ magnetic field using electromagnetic field technology developed by Nikola Tesla in the early 1900’s. The coil-antennae we use produces a Scalar Wave Field (described as a longitudinal wave field that functions outside of third dimensional space/time). Scalar Waves operate within the etheric field which surrounds the human body.

Since Scalar Waves operate outside of our conventional three-dimensional world, and thus they are not constrained by the limitations of conventional rules of physics.

Using conventional instruments, there is no way to measure the Scalar Field output as it functions outside of conventional physical principles.

QuWave Product History

We have been making and selling these types of products under different names for many years with thousands of units sold to extremely satisfied customers.

Over this time we have refined and modified the QuWave products through five different generations with many different revisions (with each one having improved performance).

With today’s new computer technology and micro-electronics we have been able to reduce the size and weight of the original unit by 75%, down to a size that can actually be worn as a pendant. At the same time, we have introduced the Home Model which has many times the power output to protect you even in the most extreme conditions.

The QuWave uses a special proprietary triple bifilar antenna which was first developed by Nikola Tesla, and after years of experimentation by our engineers, improved, miniaturized, and adapted into our products. This is the secret of our product and is the actual converter that changes a special RF radio signal into the Scalar Waves.

The QuWave is a professionally engineered quality unit, with many years of research behind it, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate as per the specifications. It's exclusive technology is light years ahead of most instruments in research, accuracy, safety features, and convenience. And its built in digital computer assures accurate frequency delivery.

We are the actual manufacturer of the QuWave products, so all models are always in stock and you can be assured of the best service.

Click to find out more about the Harmonizer's function:

1. How the  Harmonizer Works

2. How the  Harmonizer fights EMF Pollution  

3. How the Harmonizer produces Resonances  

4. How the Harmonizer produces Scalar Waves  

5. How the Harmonizer stimulates your Biofield  

6. How the Harmonizer stimulates Brain Waves

Scalar & Schumann Frequencies

When we began our search we first were building a low frequency Earth Resonance Generator. Over the past 10 years, we continued our research, and found that it is sometimes difficult to stimulate all the bodily cells in some individuals. It took many years of experimentation to find the best way to apply the Schumann resonance to the human body. We finally discovered that you need a more powerful medium to optimally stimulate the body chemistry, and this has been found to be Scalar Waves. To achieve the end result we wanted, we had to redesign the whole product many times, until optimum results were achieved.

We were looking for a frequency that would meet our requirements. We were checking through hundreds of frequencies in locating the best possible signal which would have maximum penetration into the human Biofield. Little did we know that the particular frequency we choose was only .02 off the actual frequency that the “Arc of the Covenant” functions at. (Described in the Bible. Also the feature in the movie Indiana Jones)

We now have discovered why this frequency is so powerful. It apparently is a universal frequency that will activate the bodies healing modalities. Anything or anybody who emits a negative energy is repelled by this frequency.

The QuWave products are gaining worldwide attention as the leader in personal Energy Medicine products.

How Does the QuWave Harmonizer Work ?

QuWave products generate an Energy Field which envelops and protects all objects within its reach. This is the Schumann Scalar Energy field. This Energy Field pulsates at the Earth's Natural Frequency which gets your body back in sync and operating optimally.

The Harmonizer allows our body to function at a high level of wellness because our body can function free from the influence of physical stress, EMFs, and pressure of today's lifestyle. It allows our body to a perfect balance increasing the body's healing ability.

What is the QuWave Harmonizer ?

 The QuWave Harmonizer is a small pocket sized unit about half the size of an iPhone. It produces a radiated field about 10 feet in diameter, described as a scalar field. The QuWave Harmonizer generates a bio-electrical magnetic field using electromagnetic scalar field technology developed from the work of Nikola Tesla in the early 1900’s.
This device is based on quantum physics developed by Nikola Tesla who was a contemporary of Thomas Edison. Tesla’s area of expertise was electrical research. Tesla was responsible for the invention of alternating current, radio (yes, before Marconi), radar, and dozens of other inventions.

The QuWave Harmonizer Concept

The QuWave Harmonizer acts as a frequency generator that radiates a Schumann Energy Wave which is the ideal frequency for the functioning of the human body. The body/mind will entrain itself with this soothing frequency and respond in many positive ways.
The QuWave Harmonizer creates a wide sphere of energy around the body which causes the body to resonate with this frequency and block out other frequencies that are stressful to the body. The immune system and the endocrine system can work more effectively when there is no load on the adrenal glands. The QuWave Harmonizer can activate and cause the endocrine system to regenerate itself and become stronger and more effectively protect us from the stresses of life.

Operation of the Harmonizer ---- Electronic Medical Research

Every living being in the universe has a particular frequency that it resonates at when it is in perfect health. Each component of that being’s body also resonates at a particular frequency. If stress disrupts this ideal frequency, the cellular structure of the organ or gland is weakened and will be subject to breakdown, disease or illness.
The QuWave Harmonizer balances all the electrical, metabolic and electromagnetic systems that are dysfunctional, shutting out the disharmonious stress that causes the body to elevate its frequency. It strengthens all the systems of the body by attuning the frequencies to their optimum levels for perfect health. To be in balance, most devices, plants and animals have positive and negative energies that rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.
This creates a balance in the electrical system. A few plants such as Garlic, Onion, and some herbs radiate a double positive field, hence their antibiotic, healing qualities. The QuWave Harmonizer also radiates a double positive field, which may explain its positive effects.
When it is subjected to contact with the QuWave Harmonizer for a period of time the human body will resonate with the QuWave Harmonizer frequency. It may take up to a week, depending on the level at which your bio-frequency is out of harmony with the ideal. When you are inside the protective sphere of the Harmonizer electromagnetic field, you will notice your body begin to slowdown and relax. When your body/mind resonates at this optimum level for a period of time the body begins to heal naturally.

Combination of Scalar Waves and Brain Waves

So far, the only way to experience the benefits of the low frequency waves was through sound waves - youwould need to listen to these musical tones constantly.This was very limiting because the exposure time was low and required your devoted concentration. Through extensive research and by applying our proprietary engineering technology, we have discovered how to deliver these stimulating frequency waves directly into the brain receptors continuously. We have combined our Scalar Wave Technology with other Low Frequencies and developed a small hand-held device which constantly beams these stimulating frequencies directly into your brain at deep cellular level via your Scalar BioField.

We generate a powerful Scalar Wave with Mobius Coils and modulate it with lower frequency brain stimulating signals. This Scalar Wave is able to directly penetrate into the human nervous system. This maximizes delivery of the Low Frequencies directly into the brain and allows continuous subliminal stimulation day and night, anywhere. Thus the benefits of these frequencies are multiplied by hundreds of times over just listening to musical tones for a short period of time.

There are many miracles within us, but they do not manifest, they are hidden behind locked doors. With QuWave Products, you can unlock and open the doors to these hidden powers. The special Brain-Stimulating Frequencies delivered by our products can align you with the rhythms and tones that form the basis of the Universe.

QuWave Products generate a Bio-Field which when exposed to an individual can deeply penetrate at the cellular level into the brain and resonate with natural frequencies of the Brain and the Chakras. Thus they begin to vibrate at their natural frequency and thus are activated and subsequently a connection is established with the Central Nervous System. In other words, the specific Life Energy inside us is awakened and connected with our five senses and we are able to feel beyond the normal sensory perception.


Benefits of QuWave Harmonizer Products

  • Improve your energy so you can start each day charged-up and ready-to-go
  • Improve your Happiness so you are ready for more challenges
  • Lower depression and reduce stress so you are not burned out all the time
  • Reduce pressure, strain, anxiety, and distress
  • Reduce those chronic fatigue and burnout feelings
  • Improve your sleep so you don't feel so burned out and tired in the morning
  • Improve your immunity so you wont get sick as often 
  • Generates a Protective Cocoon around your whole body.
  • Block harmful EMFs and feel more alive NOW!
  • Get up each day to peace, happiness, harmony, and joy. 

The Harmonizer does four important things:
1. Strengthens your resilience and resistance to the effects of mental and physical stress.
2. Increases your energy and enhances your mental performance.
3. Strengthens your capacity to function in EMF saturated environments. 
4. Grounds you with the Schumann Resonance to improve your overall performance.

Enhance mental clarity with EMF pollution protection devices

QuWave Products might be your Answer to Improved Health and Well-Being.
Simply be within the Harmonizer's Protective Field every day.

The Harmonizer is perfect for people troubled by these conditions:

  • Wakeup Daily with Low Energy
  • Exposed to EMF pollution
  • Hypersensitive and easily irritated
  • Feel Run Down and Fatigued
  • Have low immunity to everything
  • Depression and stress is burning you out
  • Feel like just want to run away and hide
  • Have Problems sleeping & waking-up

How can the Harmonizer help to improve your health?

QuWave Harmonizer’s beneficial effect relies purely on augmenting the body's own ability to maintain a more coherent biofield in the face of external electromagnetic stress. Because what is the human body after all if it’s not energy and electricity?

Yes, on the surface we may be made up of muscles and bone. But at the sub-particle level, a lot of what we're made of comes down to 'energy' or 'electricity'. An atom, if you can cast your mind back to science lessons at school, actually consists predominantly of empty space and 'negatively charged electrons', 'positively charged protons' and 'electrically neutral neutrons'. And what are we made up of but atoms?
No wonder you're waking up feeling so fuzzy and fragile.
All living systems in the world – every animal, every plant, every rock and even the planet itself - are based on electromagnetic energy. And they all interact electromagnetically with each other. Within the human body itself, the cells and systems of our body even use electromagnetic biocommunication to communicate with each other.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that studies are now showing how our constant contact with modern machinery is interfering with everything from the way our immune and hormonal systems work to the the state of mind we wake up with in the morning? Living in your body is like flying in a transatlantic plane on which everybody's using their mobile phones and laptops.

What’s happening to us is that the enormous amount of emotional, mental and electromagnetic stress we're now surrounded by, is interfering with our body's natural balance to such an extent that it is making us sick.

Add to this the additional stresses of overwork, family life and the constant stress of needing to excel in a financially rewarding and competitive environment and it's easy to see why so many of us are constantly feeling tired, out of sorts and 'not quite ourselves'.
So let's get back for a minute to how the QuWave Harmonizer device can help.

If you've ever been camping – or taken long walks across open hills – you'll know the feeling of how wonderful your body can feel when it's away from all that electromagnetic and everyday stress. And that's exactly how the QuWave Harmonizer can help you feel – by helping your body's own electric field stay balanced despite the influences from outside.
Like a powerful but invisible tuning fork that returns your body's resonating note to a beautiful, clear pitch.
Carried in your pocket or purse, the QuWave Harmonizer contains the unique QuWave Harmonizer proprietary technology. It is a special oscillating chip which sends out a signal to a special antenna. The QuWave Harmonizer’s frequencies then work like a master tuning fork, constantly reminding the body of its healthy frequencies.
Thousands of people around the world have already discovered that it can completely change your life.

Introducing our new Scalar-Field Schumann-Generator.

Stress Blocker Tesla Wave Schumann Resonance Generator protective cocoonA powerful way to restore the Schumann Resonance in your home or office and protect yourself from dangerous EMFs. This product will flood your environment with two healing frequency energies: the Scalar Field and the Schumann Resonance.

We started with the concepts of Tesla, Rife, and other pioneers in Energy Medicine, and then went a step further to engineer a revolutionary new product that taps into your soul's very own Biofield. Electric energy is found naturally in all of us and controls the function of every cell of our bodies.

A variety of electrical impulses in our bodies control and regulate all bodily functions including health maintenance, healing, and regeneration. The QuWave products generate a Vibrational Scalar Electrical Energy field with health-boosting properties which envelops your entire environment.

Research is increasingly cautioning people to protect themselves - your brains, your health (possible Cancer risks), your DNA (breaking the links), and your children (who are more susceptible). The QuWave Harmonizer is the premier product for strengthening you against direct and ambient sources of EMF, including EMF from computers and cell phones.

As the complexity and pressures of our fast-paced, electronic world increases, we find that today's world requires strengthened mental, emotional and physical resilience. You need to protect your DNA and health from the potential dangers of EMF radiation which permeates our homes, school, work, autos, and environment.

Our customers find that the QuWave Harmonizer very quickly amplifies healthy energy states, and decreases energy drains caused by a wide variety of harmful influences. Others are enthusiastic about their new found emotional balance and stamina. The QuWave Harmonizer is the product of choice for those people who value optimal performance and well-being.

The QuWave Harmonizer is a unique portable Active Generator which simultaneously generates Quantum Fields, Scalar Waves, and Schumann Resonances for EMF Protection, Improved Health, and Increased Quality of Life.

QuWave Harmonizer effect on the Body/Mind

Doctor recommended EMF pollution protection productsNegative sensory input or negative thoughts and emotions cause your neuropeptides to cause the body’s cellular structure to begin to break down. The same effect happens in the immune and endocrine system, which compromises their ability to protect us against stress and illness. The electrical field around the body must be strong enough to ward off disease factors. Stress causes the frequency of the body’s electrical field to rise. As the body frequency rises the electrical and auric field weakens. This electrical field is described as Chi, Qi or Prana. It gives a person more overall strength, vitality and protection. It s well established in medical science that we are all surrounded by a bioelectric field, called the biofield.
The following is a simplified explanation of the theory behind the QuWave Harmonizer. The information which causes the various parts of the body to operate is carried by the body's neurological network system. The brain serves as a "switching network center" that directs the information across the network to the appropriate parts of the body with electrical impulses through the meridian system and with chemicals known as neuropeptides and cytokinins.
These are all connected through a network from three levels of the mind. Our brains and bodies network with the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious mind stores all our programs and habit patterns. These systems must work together or we will encounter malfunctions that we describe as anger, fear, I am not all right, rejection, abandonment, resentment, need for control, manipulation and relationship conflicts. These breakdowns are manifested as disease and illness or mental depression etc.
Each cell is mini network that receives its orders from the mind through the neurological system. Electrolytes, neuropeptides, and cytokinins in the body are carriers of these messages. When operating properly they maintain a delicate balance of chemicals, like the battery in your car. When they go out of balance or get run down, the electromagnetic field breaks down. The result is that your batteries run down. The body loses its ability to protect itself properly.
The ability for the brain/mind to communicate with the cells breaks down and the body becomes subject to attack by diseases, illness and destructive outside forces. When the physical body is in harmony, it functions at about 25 Hertz. However, stress and emotional conflict cause the internal frequency to often rise to 6,000 Hertz. When this happens, it becomes more difficult for neuropeptides, electrolytes, and the neurological system to transmit electrical impulses through the body/mind network. The rise in frequency causes all body tissues from the skin to the organs and endocrine system to be subject to stress, and break down causing accelerated aging. This is the most damaging effect of increased stress and high frequency.
The result is illness depression, chronic fatigue, emotional instability and life threatening disease. Metabolism is affected due to the breakdown of the function of the endocrine glands - as a result; nutrition supplied to the body slows down. Feeling tired and depleted causes chronic fatigue and depression is the result. As the internal frequency rises past 50 Hertz the good happy brain chemicals begin to shut down and the adrenals kick in larger doses of adrenaline to keep you functioning. The end result of this is adrenal insufficiency as the adrenal glands are overworked. They begin to produce less and less adrenaline. When production drops to 20% or less, chronic fatigue begins set in. It is similar to low blood sugar caused by hypoglycemia which leads to diabetes.
High frequency causes breakdown in all systems of the body. Many people run to the doctor and begin taking prescription medications. You can get addicted to these "feeling good drugs" because they suppress the symptom and cause the brain switching network to believe the symptom of total body malfunction is a false message. The major dysfunction most people suffer from is adrenal exhaustion. When Adrenal function drops below 20% you go into adrenal exhaustion which is clinical depression in medical terms.
With the QuWave Harmonizer the body can recover, bringing the frequency down and allowing the body to operate at its ideal frequency of 25 Hertz. The Adrenals can heal and resume their normal operating level.


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Reviews & Testimonials

Listen to what others say about the Harmonizer:


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Need a different package? Call us and we will make you a Custom Discounted Bundle !
We now allow substitution of products within a package. Just make your purchase, 
then send us an email or call us telling us what you want to substitute.
Product substitution is valid only for
equally priced products.

Quad QuFlexx
Custom  Briefcase

Choose any four QuFlexx Portable Models for 4X the power for a 150ft range. Mounted in an easy to carry foam padded briefcase.

   •  Size: 13"x11.5"x2.75"
   •  Weight: 4 lbs, Color: Black
   •  Charge Battery once a month

Mix any four of the QuFlexx Models:
   • Harmonizer QWH6  
   • Defender QWX6 
   • Multifunction QWU6 
   • Solfeggo QWS6
   • Chakra Renewer QWC6

Quad QuFlexx Briefcase         QuWave Quad QuFlexx Briefcase

Model QWB6C

Quad QuFlexx
Custom  Briefcase




Bundled Harmonizer
Power Package
Defender Portable QuFlexx Model+Triple Tabletop Harmonizer

QWHPak11 $1359

Triple Tabletop QWH5 for home, and Portable QWH6 for on the go protection.

Bundled Harmonizer
Extreme Package

+Defender Portable QuFlexx Model+Triple Tabletop Harmonizer+QuWave Quad QuFlexx Briefcase

QWHPak12 $2689
Personal QWP1, Portable QWH6, Triple QWH5, Briefcse QWB6H. Get EXTREME Protection.

Personal Color:

Harmonizer IN & OUT Mega Pack
Defender Portable QuFlexx Model+Tabletop Defender for protection from Psychotronic Attacks

QWHPak13 $739

Portable Harmonizer QWH6 for on the go protection, and Tabletop Harmonizer QWH3 for home protection.

Couples Discount Bundle
Choose any two Personal Models

30% SAVINGS !!!

Choose any two: Harmonizer ,Defender ,Energizer ,Divine, Relaxer , Law of Attraction Magnet, Amore, Quitter , Slenderizer.

 + Buy Personal Defender QWX1 for electronic harassment protection

All units include Bonus FREE gifts:
• Car Charger
• Protective sleeve
• Neck-Strap Lanyard
• QuShield Cell Phone protection shield

SALE ONLY$499 $397

Personal Model#1:

Personal Model#2:


Extended Warranty $59

"In and Out"
Protection Package

1 Home Harmonizer and
1 Personal Harmonizer

The Home Model to protect yourself inside your home, and Personal Model for when you go out of your home.

Extended W arranty $99
Diamond 'Superior'
Harmonizer Package
Triple Tabletop Harmonizer+  QuWave Quad QuFlexx Briefcase

QWHPak8 $2195
Bundled Triple Tabletop and the Briefcase Harmonizers.
For the Strongest protection in your home, and everywhere.

Extended Warranty $279
Titanium 'Quad-Max'
Harmonizer Package

Triple Tabletop Harmonizer+Triple Tabletop Harmonizer+Triple Tabletop Harmonizer+Triple Tabletop Harmonizer

QWHPak9 $3999
Bundle of four 'Triple Tabletop Harmonizers'. Place one in each corner of your room(or house). The most powerful protection.

Extended Warranty $349

Protection Package

+ +
2 Personal Harmonizer
and 1 Home Harmonizer

P rotect your whole family. One
for you, one for your partner,
and keep one in house near
high EMF sources.

Extended W arranty $99

Personal & Tabletop Harmonizer Models

Tabletop Harmonizer Model for maximum protection in your home, and Personal Harmonizer for when you go outside.

Extended W arranty $99

"Whole House"
Protection Package

2 Home Harmonizers and
1 Car Harmonizer

For those who do not want to carry the personal unit on them.
Two for your home, and one for your car/truck.

Extended W arranty $99

"Ultimate Family "
Protection Package

+ +
+ + +

6 UNITS - 2 Personal, 2 Home, and 2 USB Models. Put one in
the bedroom, kitchen, near the fusebox, or large EMF sources

 USB Color
Extended W arranty $149

"Smart Family" Harmonizer Package

QWHPak4 $749
4 UNITS:3 Home & 1 USB Model.
Get Maximum protection for your entire house/computer/laptop.

 USB Color:
Extended W arranty $99

Computer Protection
USB Combo Package
2 Computer USB Harmonizers

30% SAVINGS !!!
Protects two Computers,
 Laptops, or HDTV's. Or one Computer and one Router or TV.

Extended W arranty $49

Quad QuFlexx
 Briefcase Harmonizer

Includes four QuFlexx QWH6 Portable Harmonizers for 4X the power with a 150ft range.  Mounted in an easy to carry foam padded briefcase. Each unit has four user-selectable modes of operation.

  •  Size: 13"x11.5"x2.75"
  •  Weight: 4 lbs, Color: Black
  •  Charge Battery once a month

QuFlexx Portable Model    Quad QuFlexx Briefcase      QuWave Quad QuFlexx Briefcase

Model QWB6H

Quad QuFlexx
 Briefcase Harmonizer


Custom Triple Tabletop Bundle

Choose any three Tabletop Models mounted in an acrylic
Triangle Pyramid enclosure.

Choose any three: Harmonizer ,Defender ,Divine ,Relaxer ,Law of Attraction Magnet,Amore ,Dreamer .

Triple Tabletop Harmonizer

Custom Triple Pyramid

Model #QWTriple $1397
Note: Since this is a custom made product, there will be a 15% restocking fee if the product is returned!!!




Couples Economy Pendant Bundle

QuWave Electronic Pendant  QuWave Electronic Pendant

Normal Price $199
Introductory Sale 

Package of two P2 Electronic Pendants

 #1 Color:  

 #2 Color:  


Couples Deluxe Pendant Bundle

QuWave Deluxe Electronic Pendant  QuWave Deluxe Electronic Pendant

Package of two P3 Electronic Pendants

Normal Price$329
Introductory Sale $279


Whole Family Pendant Bundle

QuWave Electronic Pendant + QuWave Electronic Pendant +QuWave Electronic Pendant +QuWave Electronic Pendant +QuWave Electronic Pendant

Normal Price $399
Introductory Sale 

Package of five P2 Electronic Pendants

#1 Color:  

#2 Color:  

 #3 Color: 

 #4 Color: 

 #5 Color: 

Elite Family Pendant Bundle

QuWave Electronic Pendant +QuWave Electronic Pendant +QuWave Electronic Pendant + QuWave Deluxe Electronic Pendant +QuWave Deluxe Electronic Pendant

Normal Price $499
Introductory Sale 

Package of three P2 and two P3
Electronic Pendants

 P2#1 Color:  

 P2#2 Color:  

 P2#3 Color:  


Select the Harmonizer you need from the Many Models available!

QuWave Harmonizer Product Line

Model Strength Size & Weight Powered With

QuWave Electronic Pendant in 5 colorsEconomy Pendant QWP2  $99

The Pendant is very small and worn as a necklace. This is our lowest cost 'powered' product. It can be worn in a pocket, purse, on your belt,  or on your neck to protect you wherever you go. 
Power: ~3ft  X0.3 2"dia 0.5" 1oz Coin Battery Lasts one year

QuWave Electronic Deluxe Pendant WaterproofDeluxe Pendant QWP3  $197

The Pendant is very small and worn as a necklace. Very rugged and water-resistant. Can be worn in a pocket, purse, on your belt-loop, or as a pendant to protect you wherever you go.
Power: ~3ft  X0.3 1.5"x2"x0.5"  1oz Coin Battery Lasts one year

QuWave Personal HarmonizerPersonal
QWP1  $297

The Personal Model is powerful, small and portable. Carry it in pocket, purse, briefcase, backpack, or as a pendant to be protected wherever you go. 
Power: 8-10ft  X1 3.5x1.8x.7" 3oz Rechargeable Battery lasts a week

House Home Room HarmonizerHome Harmonizer
QWH2  $389

Great for 5G

Place in a room which has high EMF, many people, office, living room or bedroom. Also locate near fusebox where power lines enter your house with smartmeters and power line EMF.
Power: ~30ft  X30 Size:4.9x2x1" AC Power Adapteralways plugged-in)

QuFlexx Portable ModelPortable Harmonizer
QWH6  $449

Great for 5G

Size of a tablet. Can be used as portable or stationary. Very powerful with extra long battery life. Carry in purse, pocket, briefcase, backpack. Place on table, in a drawer or under bed.
Strength: ~50ft  X75 6.75x4.75x0.9"  12 oz Rechargeable Battery lasts a month

Tbaletop HarmonizerTabletop
QWH3  $499

Great for 5G

The Tabletop produces a very strong Scalar Field. Place it on table, desk, or nightstand, or under your bed. Designed for strong "spot protection" to be close near you.
Power: >50ft X100 Size:11.5 x 9.5" AC Power Adapter(always plugged-in)

Triple Tabletop HarmonizerTriple Tabletop
QWH5  $1197
Great for 5G

Power of 3 Tabletop Harmonizers in a pyramid trangle package. Protects a whole house or place near where you are most of the time for maximum spot protection. Our most powerful product.
Power: >150ft  X300 12" tall, 10x10" base AC Power Adapter(always pluged-in)

QuWave Quad QuFlexx BriefcaseBriefcase
QWB6H  $1499
Great for 5G

Power of 4 QuFlexx Portable Models mounted in a portable Briefcase. Carry it everywhere, or place permanently in home or car. Our most powerful transportable model.
Strength >150ft  X300 13x11.5x2.75"  4lbs Rechargeable Battery lasts a month

QuWave Plant HarmonizerPlant Harmonizer
QWF2  $239

Protects plants from EMFpollution and grounds them so they grow faster and healthier. Generates a Scalar/Schumann Resonance harmonizing field.
Field: 5ftFlowers/plants Size:4.9x2x1" AC Power Adapter (always plugged-in)

QuWave Pet Harmonizer, Pet EMF Defender to make your pet Healthy and HappyPet/Animal
QWT2  $297

Helps to protect your pet from EMFs and infuses them with Scalar Chi Energy for improved health. Place where your pet sleeps, lives, or eats/drinks. 
Field: 10ft (for animals) Size:4.9x2x1" AC Power Adapter (always plugged-in)

USB Computer/Laptop HarmonizerComputer/TV QWU1  $159

The USB Computer/TV Model is designed for protection from powerful EMFs generated by computers, TVs, laptops. This plugs directly into any USB port.
Strength: 10-20ft  X3 0.3x0.8x2.5" Power by USB port: TV, Hub, Computer

QuWave Car/Truck HarmonizerCar/Truck
QWC1  $297

The Car Model is designed to protect you from powerful EMF pollution generated in your car or truck. Provides a field which protects all occupants. Place in glove/storage compartment
Strength: 20-25ft  X5 3.5x1.8x0.7" Powered from car cigarette lighter socket

Please note that the field strength is subjective and will vary from person to person. The values shown are for average individuals. If you are highly sensitive or in a high power situation, then the effective distance will be reduced.


We also have other models of the Harmonizer for different situations:

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