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Our Most Powerful Model for on the go protection for Targeted Individuals.

Quad QuFlexx
Harmonizer Briefcase

QWB6H    $1449

Quad Defender Briefcase

QuFlexx Briefcase holding in handThe Quad QuFlexx Harmonizer Briefcase is the most powerful, portable protection available to defend against EMF and electronic harassment. With a range of over 150 feet and a battery that lasts up to three months between charges, the QuFlexx Briefcase is the ultimate product for scalar wave benefits.

Four individual QuFlexx Harmonizer Models (QWH6) are mounted in an easy to carrry, slim case. Weighing only about four pounds, the sturdy plastic case is lined with foam padding to keep each QuFlexx unit secure in place. Each unit has four selectable modes of operation. You can choose the same mode for all units, or mix and match for your own individual needs.

Note that this Briefcase is also available customized where you can individually select different models for the four slots.

Discover the power of the new Briefcase Harmonizer!

Quad QuFlexx Briefcase

You asked for it and here it is: the much-requested Harmonizer Briefcase Model is the result of years of work and refinement. Many customers have created their own variants on this idea, but QuWave’s official version, decked out with four QuFlexx Harmonizers is the model of choice for those seeking the most advanced harassment protection on the market. 
This is QuWave’s newest Portable Harmonizer model. Built into a small briefcase, it is fitted with four QuFlexx Harmonizers, each containing its own rechargeable battery pack. The Briefcase is perfect for on-the-go defense against electronic harassment, psychotronic/psychic attacks, voice-to-skull and more.

The Briefcase Harmonizer is QuWave’s newest Portable model. Built into a small briefcase, it is fitted with four QuFlexx Harmonizers, each containing its own rechargeable battery pack and . The Briefcase Model is perfect for on-the-go defense against EMF pollution.

This product is four times (4x) as powerful as the Portable model and three-hundred times (300X) more powerful than the Personal Model. Try the QuWave Briefcase Harmonizer

Briefcase has 4 of the QuFlexx unitsThis model uses the QuFlexx models which have the special unique circuitry which cyclically varies the generated frequencies as a countermeasure so that the perpetrators can't lock on to the unit's frequency in order to circumvent its operation and defeat the unit. This operation can be seen in the status LEDs which have a fluctuating blink rate corresponding to the fluctuating frequencies.

The Briefcase Harmonizer generates a field in all directions with a large diameter. For desired results, you need to be within the field of the unit. This model is meant for those that are highly effected and is thus designed to be close to the effected individual for maximum protection. The closer you are to the unit, the more you will be within it's protective field. 

Just like the Personal model, this Briefcase Harmonizer uses a High Frequency Scalar Wave which is modulated with Schumann Resonance.

You don't have to sacrifice protection for portability ever again! QuFlexx Briefcase is what you've been looking for. Whether you're at home or traveling, you don't ever have to feel vulnerable again!


  • QuFlexx Briefcase has 4 units for quadruple the powerOur most powerful Portable Model
  • Produces a protective cocuun to shield against EMF radiation including 5G
  • Generates Scalar Field modulated with Schumann Resonance
  • Cyclical hopping mode for countermeasures
  • Quadrupled power of 4 QuFlexx Harmonizers
  • Combined power up to 150ft
  • Each unit settable to different mode
  • Removable units for individual use
  • Uses advanced electronics with a computer chip to extend battery life to about a month
  • Low battery indicator and status LEDs to show the unit is on and functioning
  • Padded carrying case with charger, lockable
  • Size: 13"x11.5"x2.75", 4 lbs, Black
  • Battery lasts over a month on a single charge
  • Package includes one set of pouch/stand/charger so you can remove a unit for standalone use

This model can be powered either from the internal battery pack, or from your house AC outlet. The rechargeable battery pack will power the unit for over a month. The included charger will fully charge the battery within 3-4 hours (we recommend charging overnight every month). It can be left plugged in permanently for home applications. International orders include an AC plug adapter and a 120V/240V Power Adapter.

The unit is built into a small briefcase size 13 x 11.5 x 2.75" and weights about 4 lbs. The case is high quality industrial strength black in color. It has a carry handle and latches that can be secured with a lock. It will operate in any orientation and generates a field of 360 degrees.

Inside the case each of the units has its own status LEDs to show that the frequencies are being generated.

The antenna radiates waves in all directions in 360 degrees, so the unit can be placed in any orientation. However, the closer you are to the front of the unit, the more effective it will be.

The Briefcase Defender is our most powerful portable model, about 300 times as powerful as the Personal Defender, and three times as powerful as the Tabletop Defender.



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Uuusing the QuFlexx Harmonizer Briefcase

Briefcase Package contents

  • Open the briefcase by snapping open the two clasps on either side of the handle at the top of the case. 
  • Mounted into the foam-lined padding and secured with Velcro are four QuFlexx units (models vary according to your order). 
  • Each QuFlexx unit can be removed from the case for use individually. To take a QuFlexx unit from the case, gently grasp the unit and carefully remove it. Make sure to unplug the battery connecting cable from the bottom of each unit before removing it completely from the case. This step is optional. 
  • Turn each QuFlexx on by pressing the red Off/On Switch with your finger, the tip of a pen, or similar. 
  • As the units power on, all three indicator lights briefly flash twice. Once the units are fully powered, the Model Indicator Light (F1) and Mode Indicator Light (F2) will both remain lit. 
  • Press the Mode Selection Switch twice to change modes. You can set each unit to a different mode or all the same depending on your needs. 
  • Note: When changing frequencies, there is a slight delay as the unit switches frequencies.  
  • Once a new mode is selected, all indicator lights briefly flash to lock in the chosen mode. Both the F1 and F2 lights then blink or appear to be lit steadily, depending on the mode selected.  
  • Note: The indicator lights vary in color and blink rate according to the QuFlexx model type(s) you’ve chosen for your briefcase. 
  • Normally you should leave the unit always ON. To power off QuFlexx, press the Off/On Switch on each unit once. All indicators flash red then go out to indicate the unit is off. 

Harmonizer Protection Modes

The Harmonizer Briefcase contains four standard Portable Harmonizers Model QWH6. Please read the QWH6 page for more details on how the Personal Harmonizer. 


Four different user-selectable modes of operation:

 Mode 1

Grounding Mode

Generates the same proven frequencies as all other Harmonizer models using Schumann Resonance to ground you.

 Mode 2

EMF Mode

Generates the standard Harmonizer frequency with additional frequencies that focus on physical protection and relieving pain.

 Mode 3

Wellbeing Mode

Generates the standard Harmonizer frequency with additional frequencies that focus on improving overall well-being.

 Mode 4

Cycle Mode

Cycles through all modes in sequence, alternating frequencies for best overall protection.

Charging/Powering your Briefcase

  • Each QuFlexx has an internal rechargeable battery and can also use AC power (adapter included). 
  • To charge all units at once insert round end of the AC adapter into the power jack located on the side
    of the briefcase (see image). Plug the other end of the AC adapter into a wall outlet.
  • Note: All QuFlexx units must be in the case with the battery connecting cable attached in order to charge all units at the same time.  
  • To charge QuFlexx individually:
    1. At home – Plug round end of the USB charging cable into the input on the bottom of the unit. Plug the other end of the cable into the wall AC adapter. Plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet. It is not recommended to use a USB hub to charge the battery.
    2. In vehicle - Plug the USB charging cable into the input on the bottom of the unit. Plug the other end of the cable into the car adapter (included). Plug the car adapter into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle.
  • Battery life is approximately one month 
  • When the battery begins to lose charge, the battery indicator light (BAT) blinks red.  
  • When the battery’s charge is entirely depleted, the battery indicator light turns off and the unit turns off. 
  • When the unit is plugged in and charging, the battery indicator light blinks red. 
  • When the unit is plugged in and the battery charge is complete, the battery indicator light turns green. 
  • During normal operation, the battery indicator light remains unlit to conserve power.  
  • Note: The battery cannot be overcharged. Once charge is complete (3+ hours), you can safely leave the unit plugged in with no detrimental effect to the battery.  
  • Note: Use only the included cables and chargers with QuWave products. 

User Tips

  • The combined range of your QuFlexx Briefcase is about 150 feet in all directions. 
  • For Briefcase or individual unit home use, set the product in a convenient, central location in your residence.
  • For individual away use, place QuFlexx in the included padded case and keep it in your bag, briefcase, etc.
  • The Briefcase has an easy to grip handle for use on the go.
  • The energies generated by QuFlexx are not hampered by any material except for heavy metals.
  • You may place the Briefcase in your car, a drawer, closet, etc, without losing effectiveness.

Every human body and mind is different and responds at a different rate to the scalar waves and to the other frequencies generated by our products. It may take anywhere from a few days to two weeks for your body to sync with the product and for you to feel its beneficial effects. The QuWave beneficial effects are cumulative and may take time to achieve full potential.

Some people might experience an overwhelming or uncomfortable feeling in the body and mind when they first use the product. This is perfectly normal and temporary and indicates that your body is reacting to the product. It happens due to a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing or detoxification process when your body tries to dispose toxins at a faster rate than it can cope with. You might need to give your body some time to adjust. In order to do this, use the unit for only a few hours at a time until you get accustomed to the beneficial energy.

Some people might be impatient and expect instant miracle results. It does not work like that. You will need to use the product for some time before you will feel its beneficial effects. Some people feel the positive effects within an hour, while for others it takes a couple weeks. It takes some time for the product to fully assimilate with your body energy field and for you to really feel the positive results. This is why we give you 30 days to try out and evaluate our products. You can compare this to an antibiotic prescribed by your doctor. You need to take the pills for 10 days to be effective, you do not just take one and expect miracle results. The same is true for all of our products.

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