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Bost Immunity • Fight EMF/5G • Improve Life

Introducing a NEW PRODUCT QuWave Products are Made In USA

October Sale - 50% OFF on
Personal Divine QWD1


SAVE 50% on the
Personal Divine #QWD1

Normally $297  NOW $148

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You too can get the wonderful results shown below:

  • Stimulate Pineal Gland to release its power
  • Awaken your mystical Third Eye
  • Stimulate Brain's Spiritual & Psychic Centers
  • Wake up your 6th Chakra, the Psychic Chakra
  • Awaken Intuition,Enlightenment, Clairvoyance
  • Improve Meditation and Lucid Dreaming
  • Open Channels to other dimensions
  • Improves Spiritual Connections 
  • Get in touch with the power of the Universe
  • Experience paranormal activities at will
   Live a life of eternal peace, joy and happiness

Simply have the Divine on you when you meditate.
r even better have it near you all the time.
Click here to read more about the Divine Products 

Personal DivineQuWave Divine your gateway to the universe
Enhance your Meditation
QWD1 Black
Was $297 NOW $148

QWD1 Black $297 

Lord Shiva
50% OFF on
Personal Divine
Model QWD1

discount code: SHIVA15

*Read below for sale details

All Products carry an unconditional 30 day guarantee. Full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.


HURRY - Two Weeks Only

$149 OFF (50%) on Divine QWD1*

From now until Midnight October 31st

It's easy to get your Half OFF Discount. Just order the QWD1 from here (Click). Then, at check-out, just enter this Discount Code into your Shopping Cart for instant savings.

Cart Discount Code for black color:shiva15
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Happy  Halloween !!!!

The Fine Print:

Instructions: Make your purchase online and enter the discount code into the shopping cart before you check-out. This will automatically give you the proper discount in the cart (you might need to click on the button "Update Cart" to see the discounted price). If making a purchase by phone or mail, just mention the promotion code, and we will take care of the discount.

1. This promotion is available to everyone. Limit one purchase per person.

2. This promotion applies only to a purchase of the Personal QWD1 "Personal Divine" .

3. This promotion cannot be used with any other product.

4. This promotion cannot be used with the already discounted bundled packages.

5. Limit 1 discount and one purchase per customer per address.

6. This discount cannot be combined with another sale, discount, or special offer. If you try to use multiple discounts, we will just cancel your order.

7. This Sale expires when the clock times out to 0.

8. If you have already made a purchase during the past week, and you still want to take advantage of this offer, just send us an email or call us, and we will give you the proper discount as a refund from your purchase.

9. If you have any questions or problems, please call us at 818-478-9283 (during normal business hours 9-5, M-F, EST), or send the email to:


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