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'You and your Chakras'

Want to learn more about your chakras? Open your third eye? Check out 'You and Your Chakras', the official eBook of the QuWave Divine.

The free eBook contains an explanation of the chakras and the human energy system, various meditation techniques, and more inside.

Contents of the book include: an introduction to the QuWave Divine, an explanation of chakras and the human energy system, simple meditation techniques, more advanced methods to open your third eye, an explanation of science’s role in spirituality and religion, and some parting words for your incipient spiritual journey.

Warning: some of the third-eye opening techniques inside are powerful. If you find the results are too much, start feeling uncomfortable, or feel dizzy, stop. With spiritual practice it is better to go too slowly than to go too quickly.
Start your spiritual journey with You and Your Chakras and the QuWave Divine today!

This is an eBook in PDF format. Please make sure your browser is setup to read PDF files.

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