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Deluxe 55 piece Chakra Meditation Healing Accessories.
Aids for Chakra Therapy, Renew, Energize, Balance, & Align your Chakras.


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Chakra Healing Kit
$119 SALE $99

Since kit has consumable items,
returns incur a $15
restocking fee.

This kit is an assortment of accessories to use with Chakra Meditation and Healing Sessions. These items will enhance your entire healing experience and can greatly increase the depth of your session. These can be used alone, or with our Chakra Wand, Chakra Renewer, Chakra Pendant, and Vogel Crystal therapies. Package Contents:

  • Black Velvet Carrying Pouch for all products. Size 8" x 12".

  • 7 Chakra Healing Stones - Energized* - set of 7 genuine tumbled gemstones one for each Chakra.

  • Black Velvet Carrying Pouch for Stones. Size 3.5" x 4.5".

  • Chakra Gemstone Pendulum with chain - Energized*.

  • Sage Leaves for smudging in a re-closeable plastic bag. Size 3" x 4".

  • Abalone Shell burner for burning sage.

  • Genuine Guinea Foul bird feather to waft the sage smoke.

  • Box of 35 Chakra Incense (5 incense for each Chakra).

  • Natural wood incense burner.

  • Chakra Oil - Energized* - blend of natural essential aromatherapy oils, 50ml.

  • Chakra Oil Roll-on Dispenser - Energized* - 10ml bottle with chakra crystals (shipped empty).

  • Plastic pipette for filling dispenser bottle with oil.

  • Meditation Journal.

  • Ballpoint pen to write in journal.

  • Chakra Meditation Reference Guide/Bookmark.

*Energized - These items have been energized and infused with Scalar Orgone Chi Energy from our QuWave Tabletop Energizer to provide an extraordinarily powerful healing experience.

Accessories are Enrgized for much greater healing effectThe difference between our Chakra Healing Accessory Kit and other similar products on the market is that the products in our kit are Energized with Scalar Wave Energy. Scalar waves are what actually penetrates the body’s bio-field and the frequencies are what interact with the body so it is not effected by negative energies.

Overall body energy increases as your cells are energized. Scalar energy helps strengthen your DNA from damage, improves immune function, mental focus, it facilitates the intake of nutrients into your cells and eliminates toxins, boosts overall body energy as well as promoting emotional and spiritual well-being. By energizing our products with Scalar energy you are assured their healing properties have been greatly enhanced and will remain powerful for many months.

You can also purchase our Energizer to energize your pendulum
or any other product within your kit.


Deluxe 55 Piece Chakra Healing Accessory Kit #QWCA1

Chakra Accessory Kit

We all have issues in life, both physical and mental. Emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual problems can cause stress and create blocks in our Chakra Energy centers. With this Kit, Chakra Therapy will work much faster and can change the way we feel, and stimulate healthy cells and even rejuvenate damaged ones.

How to Use
Chakra Accessory Kit 


At the core of our body spin seven energy centers called Chakras. Each Chakra is a vortex - a spinning life force with the ability to receive, process and transmit life energy called "chi", "qi", "chee", or "prana". Each of the Chakras contain a vital key to unlocking our life force. When a Chakra is blocked or misaligned it does not allow that particular area of the body to flow smoothly which can lead to all sorts of health issues, both physical and emotional.

Each Chakra resonates with a particular frequency of vibration and is an integral part of Vibrational Medicine. Chakras are balanced by spinning them back to their natural state of vibration & frequency using any of the many Chakra healing techniques. This aligns, cleanses, and balances the Chakras and keeps them functioning at optimum condition for superior health. 

These accessories can be used alone or in addition with any Chakra healing technique, or combined with our other products.

Sage, Shell, and Feather for Smudging

Sage Smudging KitSage Smudging KitSage Burning Smoke

  • Dried loose white Sage leaves. Approximately 1oz.
  • Genuine Abalone Shell for burning sage. Approximate size 2.5"
  • Genuine Guinea Fowl feather for wafting the smoke. Approximately 8.5" long
  • Packed in a 3" x 4" recloseable plastic bag

Sage is used as a means of cleansing and purifying your home and any area which you would like to meditate. It also helps with the cleaning of your Aura. The smoke from the sage removes negative energy and purifies the space you are in. It will clear your home of all heaviness & negativity.

Put a small amount of sage in the abalone shell provided. Light the sage and let it burn for a few seconds. Once you see flames, blow them out. Take the genuine Guinea Foul bird feather provided and waft the cleansing smoke around your body and the room you are in. The feathers are used to gently move the smoke around the area you are saging. Because birds are believed to have a special connection with a higher spirit their feathers are used to help us forge a deeper connection with ourselves.

When saging yourself and/or a room feel free to reinforce positive affirmations to yourself such as: I am clearing my space of all negativity & uneasiness. I set free all negative energies that do not serve me. Say things you are grateful for such as health, happiness, family etc.

When burning the Sage in the shell, the shell can get hot.
Be careful not to get burned or start a fire.
Place the shell on a plate or a table to prevent overheating.

Caution: Some people might be allergic to sage or its smoke.
Please exercise caution and test it first before using

Chakra Oil infused with natural essential oils

Chakra Aromatherapy OilChakra Aromatherapy OilChakra Aromatherapy Oil

  • Chakra 100% Natural Oil Energized* - 50ml Bottle
  • Chakra Fragrance Oil infused with natural essential oils.
  • N o mineral oil or alcohol additives
  • Chakra Oil Roll-on Dispenser Energized* - 10ml glass bottle with chakra crystals
  • Plastic pipette for filling the roll-on dispenser with oil

Our chakra oil is a blend of Fragrance Oils infused with natural essential oils to be used on all chakras and helps promote positive energy. Many use Chakra oils to balance their chakras along with enjoying the aroma and much like incense, this natural oil blend helps us focus, reduces negative energy and aids in healing the mind, body and spirit. 

Our Healing Chakra Oil aids in positive energy flow, helps to open and balance your chakras. You can apply your Chakra oil to all chakras during meditation, massage, or during yoga practice. This will energize any slow moving chakra and help the energy flow freely throughout the body. It is also very grounding and creates overall wellbeing.

*Energized - The Chakra Oil and the Dispenser bottle have been energized and infused with Scalar Orgone Chi Energy from our QuWave Tabletop Energizer to provide an extraordinarily powerful healing experience.

You can also purchase our Energizer to energize your pendulum
or any other product within your kit.

The Chakra Oil has a very strong scent when first applied. Once applied to the skin the scent will soften. We have provided a pocket size roll-on bottle filled with healing energized chakra crystal chips to help enhance the impact of the oil. 

It is very important to test the oil on a small area of your skin to determine if you have any type of reaction.  If you experience any redness, itching or swelling please discontinue use.

We use only natural high quality oil.
However, some people might still be allergic to it.
Please exercise caution and test it first before using.

Chakra Stones

Chakra StonesChakra StonesChakra Stones

  • 7 Chakra Healing stones 
  • 100% authentic natural tumbled round stones, irregular about 1" size
  • Black Velvet carry pouch with drawstring, 3.5" x 4.5" 
  • Stones are Energized*  with Scalar Chi Energy 

This has all the necessary stones to get started in the world of crystal healing, meditation, natural healing, yoga, reiki, spiritual practices, or simply harmonizing the home or office

The human body has seven chakras and each chakra governs different functions and organs of the body.  Each Chakra has a different purpose.  All 7 chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd Eye and Crown) relate to a specific part of the body.  It is important to align our Chakras, this allows the energy to flow freely throughout the body to give us greater physical emotional, spiritual and mental balance.

Many different types of crystals are used to align your Chakras, our accessory kit includes: 

1st   Red Agate   Root Chakra   Base of the spine
2nd   Orange Carnelian   Sacral Chakra   Below the navel
3rd   Yellow Tigers Eye   Solar Plexus Chakra   Below the Chest
4th   Green Aventurine   Heart Chakra   Center of chest
5th   Blue Lapis Lazul   Throat Chakra   Center of neck
6th   Purple Amethyst   3rd Eye Chakra   Center of forehead
7th   Clear Quartz   Crown Chakra   Top of head
Chakra stones are known as healing crystals. Each of our Chakras are a different color. When you are using chakra crystals each stone is associated with a different chakra. The colors of Chakra healing crystals are close in color to each chakra. The stones can vary slightly in color within that particular Gemstone category. This is why you see different variations of each color.  
Position the appropriate crystal on the particular part of the chakra you want to work on, one at a time, or all 7 at once. This will aid in helping with balancing and purifying your chakra. This will also help in transforming negative energy into positive energy and will unblock or rebalance chakras that may need healing. How does one know if your chakras are blocked or unbalanced?  Many say they feel stressed, fatigue, not feeling like yourself, not feeling grounded, feeling of uneasiness. 
The energy from Chakra stones can stabilize the specific chakra you are working on. You can keep your stones on your person, you can even put your crystals in your bath water if you so please. To cleanse your crystals you can place them in bright sunlight for 30 minutes or sage them to 2 to 3 minutes. Your chakra stones have been infused with scalar orgone chi energy from our QuWave tabletop energizer. 

*Energized - The Chakra Stones have been energized and infused with Scalar Orgone Chi Energy from our QuWave Tabletop Energizer to provide an extraordinarily powerful healing experience.

You can also purchase our Energizer to energize your pendulum
or any other product within your kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Click to see the F.A.Q. page with many more answered questions.

If you have additional questions, please contact us via phone, email, or chat.

Chakra Stone Pendulum

Chakra PendulumChakra Crystal PendulumChakra Crystal PendulumChakra Crystal Pendulum

  • Wheel of Life Gems Natural Stone Pendulum
  • Made from semi-precious Chakra specific stones
  • Pendulum is Energized* with Scalar Chi Energy
  • Size about 1.8" high and 0.75" wide, with a 7.5" chain

Included in our Chakra accessory kit is a Wheel of Life Gems Natural Stone Pendulum. The Pendulum is made from semi-precious chakra stones. Pendulums can be made from many different types of stones, crystals, glass, even metals. They are usually on a metal chain or a piece of string. They swing back & forth or in a circular motion due to the force of gravity. Pendulums are used to balance your body’s energy and to aid in physical and spiritual healing by moving in the direction of our unseen energy that surrounds us.

Chakras can be blocked due to many different reasons, (please refer to our Chakra bookmark for where each chakra is located along with issues related to each chakra). The goal is to align your chakras to allow for the energy to flow freely throughout the body for physical, spiritual, emotional and mental balance.

Lie down on a soft comfortable surface such as a yoga mat, rug, etc. By holding the pendulum over one chakra at a time this will help to reveal the energy blockage and imbalances in the chakras. Best to start with your root chakra and heal that first because the root is the starting point for all seven chakras. Once the root chakra is healed all other higher chakras can be unblocked.

Start by holding your pendulum between your thumb and forefinger approximately 4 inches above your chakra.  Hold it still and wait for the pendulum to move. This indicates the pendulum is picking up your bodies vibrations.  If the pendulum is moving clockwise it is an indication that your chakra is open and well balanced.  It the pendulum is moving counter clockwise you may have a blockage and some unresolved emotions that relate to that specific chakra. Move from one chakra to the next and in your journal provided you can write down in which direction the pendulum is swinging. As you continue to use your pendulum and you work on balancing each chakra you will notice over time that the movement of your pendulum will change direction.

Because all natural stones absorb energies, it is important to keep them clean. You can wash it by soaking your pendulum in warm soapy water, saging it for 2 to 3 minutes or placing it in strong sunlight.

*Energized - The Pendulum has been energized and infused with Scalar Orgone Chi Energy from our QuWave Tabletop Energizer to provide an extraordinarily powerful healing experience.

You can also purchase our Energizer to energize your pendulum
or any other product within your kit.

Chakra Incense

Chakra IncenseChakra IncenseChakra Incense 

  • Box of 7 incense packets - one for each Chakra
  • Each packet has 5 incense sticks for each of the Chakras (35 sticks total)
  • Natural wood incense holder boat for burning the incense

There are many benefits of burning incense. It goes nicely with any meditation practice and they have relaxing and healing properties. The calming scent helps reduce stress and anxiety and it increases focus and calmness. For many it is their aromatherapy. 

Included in our accessory pack is a box of Chakra incense. Within that box there are seven individual sleeves of chakra incense sticks. Each Chakra incense is in its own sleeve, the same  color of each chakra. There are 5 sticks in each chakra box each smelling as calming & rejuvenating as the next. There are 35 incense sticks altogether. We also include a natural wood incense holder (some call it the incense boat). 

Once you have saged your meditation area you can light an incense stick for the particular chakra you are working on or if you are working on all 7 you can choose which ever one you would like to use. Place your incense in your incense burner, make sure your room is well ventilated and do not place the incense boat by anything flammable. Light the incense until there is an actual flame and let the flame burn for a few seconds. Gently blow out the flame and you will see red ambers and the incense will start to smoke. Now your incense is lit and working.

If you find the lit incense is to strong or it is irritating you in anyway please distinguish and discontinue use.

We only use natural high quality incense.
However, some might still be allergic to it.
Please exercise caution and test it first before using.

Caution: Burning incense can be a fire hazard!
Inhaling any kind of smoke might cause a health hazard!

Meditation Journal

Chakra JournalChakra JournalChakra Journal

  • Notebook with 80 sheets unlined kraft pages
  • Leatherette cover embossed with leaves
  • Removable and refillable pages
  • Metallic Leaf Pendant with string for closure
  • Mini Ballpoint pen included

Keeping a journal, especially if you start writing in one from the start of your meditation journey can help you to have a more unified awareness of oneself. It also allows you to see where you were when we started and how far you have come.

Journaling is very healing and helps you to grow, set goals and allows you to see your progress in your meditation practice. We encourage you to write about your experiences. There is a mini ballpoint pen provided for your journaling.

Need a different package? Call us and we will make you a Custom Discounted Bundle!
We now allow substitution of products within a package. Just make your purchase, 
then send us an email or call us telling us what you want to substitute.
Product substitution is valid only for
equally priced products.

Chakra Aromatherapy Oil

Chakra Aromatherapy Essential Oil
Chakra Energized Oil
Natural Aromatic Oil 50ml 

QWCA1O     $15


Chakra Incense

Chakra Incense
Set of 35 Chakra Incense
5 for each Chakra

QWCA1I     $10


Smudging Sage & Shell

Sage and Abalone Shell
Sage Leaf and Abalone Shell
for Smudging

QWCA1S    $10


Chakra Wand
Chakra Wand QWCW1
Crystal Light Energy Restores your Chakras. INTRO SALE



Chakra Pendant
Chakra Pendant heals your Chakras 
Select one of the 7 Chakras. INTRO SALE

QWP8 $269   $219


Chakra Renewer
Chakra Renewer Portable QuFlexx Model 
Select any of the 7 Chakras. INTRO SALE

QWC6 $449   $399


The Chakra Accessory Kit and Vogel Crystal are an assortment of accessories to use with Chakra Meditation, Therapy,  and Healing Sessions.

These items will enhance your entire healing experience and can greatly increase the depth of your therapy. These can be used alone, or used in combination with our Chakra Wand, Chakra Renewer, and Chakra Pendant therapies.

Chakra Accessory Kit
QuWave Chakra Accessories QWCA1
55 piece Accessory kit to
improve Chakra Therapy

QWCA1    $99


Quartz Vogel Crystal
Quartz Vogel Crystal
Hand Cut genuine Quartz
Vogel Crystal -ENERGIZED!

QWCV1    $79


"Chakra Golden Pack"
Chakra Wand QWCW1+Chakra Renewer+Chakra Pendant+Chakra Accessory Kit

QWPPak7 $839

Chakra Wand QWCW1 and
Chakra Renewer QWC6 and

Chakra Pendant QWP8 and
Chakra Accessories QWCA1

"Chakra Dual Pack"
Chakra Renewer+Chakra Pendant

QWPPak5 $539

Chakra Renewer QWC6
for use in your home
, and
 Chakra Pendant QWP8
for use when outdoors

Couples "Chakra
Pendant Pack"
Chakra Pendant+Chakra Pendant

QWPPak6 $349

Two QWP8 Chakra Pendants. One for you, and one for your partner.

QuWave Chakra Products Line
Chakra Products to Renew, Energize, Balance, & Align your Chakras

 We also have many Solfeggio Products for different needs: