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Aura Experiments with Harmonizer


What Is An Aura?

The Aura is the electromagnetic field, the psychic field of energy surrounding all beings. The Aura is the radiance of human beings, it is a concrete energy field existing around living creatures.

This Aural Field as a collection of energies that permeate from the physical body of a living person. These particles of energy are suspended around the human body in an oval shaped field. Its size can vary from a few inches to many feet in all directions.

These radiances can be perceived by psychics. Everyone has an Aura and everyone's aura is unique to their own self. The Aura is connected with the activity of the chakras, and reflects the individual state of consciousness. It is associated with the health of the physical body, and its colors vary and change depending upon the mental, emotional and physical states of the person.


History of Auras

The history of Auras goes far back into our past. Natural tribes, the Christian Mystics of the Middle Ages, painters, and artists of all ages have shown the Aura in a radiant, shining ray of lights around human being, animal or plant. This information, which can be perceived by sensitive and psychic people, has been researched and proved scientifically in the last decades.

One of the first successes in measuring the Aura can be credited to Nikola Tesla, the genius scientist and inventor. In the 1890s, Nikola Tesla took the first Aura photograph.

During the 20th century, efforts were made to record and measure this aural human energy field. The Soviet Union did a lot of research in the 60-ies, and the aura was measured and photographed in universities worldwide with great precision.

The next wave of innovation came when inventors and visionaries used computer technology mixed with tested and true methods of Aura imaging to manufacture Aural cameras which became available to the general public.

Aura Photography Experiments with QuWave Harmonizer

QuWave Harmonizer for Reiki
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There are many different Aura Photography systems available on the market. For our experiments we have used three different Aural Camera Products to produce a series of aura photographs.

In all experiments, first we made photos of the subject without the QuWave, and then repeated the photos while wearing the QuWave Harmonizer.

In all cases, the photos made while wearing
the Harmonizer were dramatically
improved over the photos without QuWave.


Aura Photography Experiment #1 - This involves using the AuraCam 6000 system. This is a high-end Aura camera system which uses hand sensors, a computer, and a polaroid camera imaging system to generate instant Aura photographs.

The picture starts to form when the hand is placed on fine sensors that measure the electro-magnetic field of the body. The hand sensor has various contact points. These are connected with certain organs of the body, as well as measure the electromagnetic field of the user and can thus deliver information about the energetic and auric qualities of that person. These data parameters are then projected as a radiant, colored aura field around the body and transferred into the camera and then become the colors in the polaroid photo.



The first photo session (on the left) is taken without wearing the QuWave, while the second set of photos is taken when the subject was wearing the QuWave Harmonizer (on the right). Note how much improved the Aura field becomes when wearing the QuWave.

Without Harmonizer ............ With QuWave Harmonizer




The Aura Photos clearly show a significant improvement in the subject's Aura
 after he put on the QuWave Harmonizer (photos on right)


Aura Photography Experiment #2 - This involves using the WinAura system. This system uses a video camera, computer, hand bio-sensor, and specialized software to process the bio-energy information and generate the Aura printouts.

WinAura shows the colors of an Aura around a person while they are in motion. The Biosensor hand-plate measures the electrodermal temperature and heart energy. The data is then processed and displayed as emotional responses as well as the state of being. The image that appears on the screen is a representation of the Aura. It changes in relation to emotional, mental or physical fluctuations occurring within the person.


Without Harmonizer ............ With QuWave Harmonizer







The Aura Photos clearly show an amazing difference and improvement of the subject's Aura after she put on the QuWave Harmonizer (photos on right)

Aura Photography Experiment #3 - This experiment is made utilizing a new instrument which just recently has become available - the Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) camera for bio-electrography. This GDV scientific device consists of hardware and software for the direct computer registration and analysis of energy fields of different objects and the human energy field. This solid state computerized system was developed by a physicist, Prof Konstantin Korotkov from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Prof Korotkov has found that in order to be able to extract reliable and repeatable information from the recorded electro-photonic glow it was necessary to optimise the apparatus. In particular it was necessary to minimise the influence of the ambient temperature and humidity, use a semiconductor camera rather than a photographic process for recording images and optimise parameters of the process of stimulation of electro-photonic emissions.

One of the most significant applications of the GDV technique today is assisting health professionals in quick and accurate assessment of human state and in comparing effectiveness of various therapies.


Without Harmonizer ............ With QuWave Harmonizer





Note how the Chakras are more in balance when wearing
the QuWave in picture on the right



Note how the Aura area increased from 19K to 22K, and also the Symmetry increased from 90% to 93% in pic on the right when wearing the QuWave

More Information on the QuWave Harmonizer 


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