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Boost Immunity • Fight EMF • Improve life

             QuWave Scalar Chi Orgone Energizer™

QuWave Energizer family of products

Make Energized Water, Food, Jewelry, and all Objects
enhanced with Scalar Waves and Orgone Chi energy.

Now Available in Tabletop and Fixed Mount Models

Photos of the Energizer™:
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What is the QuWave Energizer?

Enhance your Water & Food
with Quantum Scalar Energy &
Orgone/Chi Bio-Energy.

This is a revolutionary new technology that utilizes our exclusive Scalar Wave Quantum Zero Point Energy Generator which generates Chi/Orgone Scalar Waves and transfers this energy into objects placed on the unit. Now you can quantum energize your Water, Food, Vitamins, even jewelry into Scalar Chi Energized products.

The energy created specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids and foods. This causes any liquid/food to become more hydrated, healthier, taste better, with extend shelf life.

This 21st century technology develops a long lasting natural scalar resonance which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid/solid thus renewing their natural molecular chains.

The Scalar Energy spins into the liquid, where the liquid "picks up" the Chi resonance. The resonance generated is similar to that which is found in the earth surrounding many healing spring waters of the world and in the rain forest.

The unit sends out a special energy signal to whatever items are place on top of it, essentially delivering Scalar energy with a Schumann Resonance. This is the Chi or Orgone energy which gets embedded into objects energized with the unit.

This QuWave Chi Generator creates Energized Water out of ordinary water. It is capable of restructuring water molecules into smaller clusters. Water energized by the QuWave carries subtle energy vibrations that enhance the body's Biofield, increase energy, reduce inflammation, and enhance immune functions. Not only can you use it with water, it also works with foods, vitamins, supplements, and even jewelry.

Most people notice amazing results in less then one week, 2-5 days on the average, and some in only hours! This is a revolutionary new technology! The more you use it, the more positive effects you will notice.

How does the QuWave Energizer work?

Simply place your food, water, medicine, etc. on top of the QuWave Energizer.The change happens within a few minutes, however, the longer you keep it on, the more intense and deeper the change is. We recommend 5-10 minutes for optimum results.

When you consume Energized Water (or foods/vitamins), the water molecules in your body will automatically take on the resonance and be in tune with the Chi Energy levels produced by the QuWave Energizer.

The average filtered water contains life force of about 500 units of "general vitality life force value". When you place that same water on the QuWave Energizer for about 5 minutes, the life force vitality value goes up to about 10 Million units! Use the water to drink, cook, for your pet, and even for plants. Customers have reported wonders using energized water.

When normal water is energized with scalar energy, the process of water memory transfer allows the beneficial Chi energy to be transferred. The result is a highly potentialized Living Water.

You might notice small things begin to change, you get a higher clarity in your life as your body begins to detoxify. This is all due to you consuming water with a higher life force energy.

The QuWave Energizer promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance in the cells of exposed products. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. Restoring the energy balance in the body helps one to maintain health and well-being.

When any liquid is energized with the QuWave, the molecular structure of that liquid is reformed to a peak condition. Place a glass of water on top of the QuWave Energizer for several minutes, take a drink, and feel the difference in your energy.

We have made some studies of the effects Energized Products have on living objects. These results are presented as Kirlian photographs which can be viewed by clicking here: "Kirlian Photographs Page". 

The QuWave Energizer can be used Energize Water, Juices, Herb Teas, Natural Homeopathic Remedies, Oils, and Creams, and other food items. It also works on jewelry like pendants and bracelets to turn them into Quantum Scalar Energized jewelry that will radiate Chi Energy.

Click here to learn more about "Scalar Waves"
Click here to learn more about Orgone "Chi Life Energy"


Check what others say about the Energizer™:

QuWave Energizer now available in two models:

The standard "Tabletop Model" QWE1 is designed to be placed on your counter or table where you place the objects to be energized on top of the unit (this is described above).

The new "Fixed Model" is designed to be mounted permanently on either a water pipe, or on a water filter anywhere in your house (as shown in photos on left)

The fixed Model is designed for permanent installations. This is mounted with either double sided tape, or tie-wraps (both supplied). Mechanically, this model is same size as the QuWave Home Harmonizer, except that the operating frequency of the unit has been altered to provide maximum results with water molecules.

This works ideal for Water filters. It is perfect to use with reverse-osmosis water filters, or whole house water filters. Customers also use this model for their Water Ionizer and Alkaline Machines.

Many customers also use this model to attach to a water pipe which supplies water to your house to improve the water quality for laundry, shower and bath.

This can also be used for attaching to a water pipe which is used for irrigation in greenhouses or for watering plants and vegetable gardens to improve the quality of the water. Many people report improved taste, color, and quality of their vegetables, and improved overall quality of flower gardens.

 Make Scalar Chi Energized Water infused with Orgone Energy Make Scalar Chi Energized Water infused with Orgone Life Energy 
Make Scalar Chi Energized Water infused with Orgone Energy 

The new Fixed Model can be mounted in a kitchen pantry or cabinet, or on a water pipe or water filter.

Difference Between the QuWave and competitive products 

While other products may also claim to energize water, the QuWave Energizer is far superior, there is really no comparison. The reason is: the QuWave is an active Bio-Field Generator, while other products are passive and don't really generate any waves. Click here for FAQ on difference between passive and active products. This is why our products are between 10X to 100X as effective as passive products in embedding the Chi energy into other objects.

The competitive products are not true Scalar Chi generators, usually they are made from simple lava rock, plastic, or some other inert material. THESE DON'T GENERATE THE ACTUAL SCALAR WAVES! - only our product is an actual miniaturized Scalar Chi Generator (this is why you need to plug it into the wall, you need to give it energy in order to produce the bio-field, it cannot come from an inactive unpowered object).

Make your own Energized Alive
Miracle Life Water in 20 minutes !!

Importance of Water

Water is the most essential element next to air for our survival. The human body is a water machine being 72% water. Every healing and life giving process happens in our body through water. Water is the best defense against toxicity in the body because it flushes out waste. But, it has to be healthy water, otherwise it only adds to the problem. Only recently have researchers discovered that natural, healthy living water has several vital properties which are on the molecular level and are in addition to any chemical properties. These include a certain molecular shape which is necessary to properly hydrate our cells.

Consumption of water laced with contaminants or lacking energy will cause the properties of our cells to change and negatively affect every aspect of our health. So, enrich the drinking water you consume with energy from the QuWave Energizer and live healthier!

We are not merely talking about regular water. We are talking about Chi Energized Water. Energized Water is not a medicine. However, with over 30 years of clinical studies by many researchers, particularly in Japan, have proven that many people with illnesses such as stomach cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, hepatitis B, urinary bladder cancer, obesity, chronic bronchitis, chronic fatigue, dermatitis, and others, have shown significant improvements in their health by drinking energy water.

QuWave Scalar Chi Orgone Energized Food, Water, objects.

What is Damaged or Dead Water?

Until recently it was not understood that pollution and EMF had an additional damaging effect on water by causing the molecular clusters in water to disassociate and to rob water of it's life-energy.

In the case of damaged or "dead" water, the all-important energetic functions required for the proper functioning of all life forms are rendered defective and even nonexistent. Dead water has had the health giving and beneficial molecular vibrations removed from it through piping, electro-smog and chemical poisoning. The potent energies that the natural, healthy water had acquired through absorption of nature's energy and its exposure to beneficial underground magnetic fields are lost.

What can we do to restore this dead water? The answers have been coming to us just recently from visionary naturalists and quantum-scientists, who have discovered the nature of the processes that energized the water in its natural flows and how to reinstate these energized, positive energies - it is through Scalar Energy Chi Waves.

In some locations water is full of energy, sometimes it is sluggish and exhausted and in some conditions it dies. Most of our water is dead. Almost everything we have done to water has polluted and destroyed it.

Scalar Energy has the ability to Energize the Water you drink.

Water treatment plants make water safe to drink, but they destroy water's life giving properties. Chlorine is not good for water because it distorts water's healthful crystalline structure. Keeping water in stagnant storage tanks and forcing it to travel through miles of pipes strip water of its natural energy and oxygen, disrupting the hexagonal clusters. By the time water reaches home, it is devoid of healthful properties.

More and more people are hearing the expression, “our tap water is dead water”. We already know much about the health risks in chlorinated drinking water. Yet, little is commonly known about the actual energized forces at work in clean, naturally-flowing, vibrant water; which enable it to so effectively perform its functions.

Benefits of Energized Water/Food:

  • Energizes cells at molecular level. 
  • Detoxify, Rejuvenate and Hydrate cells at atomic level. 
  • Energizes our body to lower fatigue 
  • Helps balance the 'Ying' & 'Yang' 
  • Creates and regenerates the "Chi" Life Force. 
  • The calming effects of resonance increases mental cognition. 
  • It reduces stress levels. 
  • Assists in pain relief. 
  • Help reduce the effects of aging down to the cellular level. 
  • Makes the skin look healthier and younger looking. 
  • Can Influence the body fluid, blood, lymph, cellular systems 
  • Increases Blood Oxygen level and nutrient absorption 
  • Blood is cleansed thus improving your immune system 
  • Help reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. 
  • Harmonize and lowers the frequency in your body. 
  • Nullifies the effects of electromagnetic waves. 
  • Removes jet lag and helps improve natural sleep patterns. 
  • Increases energy 
  • Improves focus and concentration. 
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Promotes unclumping of cells 
  • Enhances circulation 
  • Enhances immune and endocrine systems 
  • Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria 
  • Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification 
  • Enhances cellular permeability 
  • Helps to protect DNA from damage 
  • Helps to fight cancer cells 
  • Strengthens the body's Biofield 
  • Releases negative ions and micro-currents. 

Energized/Living Water

Energized Water has Increased Oxygen potential. Increasing oxygen in the blood cells increases energy levels. This in turn allows our body’s DNA to absorb oxygen at much higher levels than can be found in other liquids.  It also becomes alkaline ionized water.

Energized Water detoxifies body organs. As the body can absorb more liquid, it can also detoxify quicker.

Energized Water directly benefits jet lag. Increasing hydration and removing Electro-Smog effects enhances the body’s functions. Increasing oxygen levels within the blood stream while in flight improves the body’s ability to withstand fatigue.

Energized water is "alive" water, a living, functioning organism in itself. Mankind has largely failed to understand this essential quality of health-giving, totally functioning water. Energized water is water that has been given a highly orderly structure by natural magnetic forces found within the earth and from planetary magnetic forces, and allowed to come to the Earth’s surface via its preferred, natural pathways – in mountain springs, clean, natural rivers, etc. When we drink or wash in this fresh, clear water from these undisturbed sources, we feel refreshed and very energised.

QuWave Energized Water is potentialized, cohesive water. The dynamic forces programmed for action within energized water can be transferred to living beings. These dynamics are to be found not in the chemical structure of this water, but in its physical structure, on the level of its molecule groups.

In plain terms, Energizing Water simply restores its natural energies. Energized Water is ‘spin’ restructured water, whereby the polarity of the water molecules and the contaminants are reversed. This will bring back the beneficial vibratory qualities of the water.

Properties of Energized Water 

R & D studies show that the energy from the QuWave Energizer is capable of restructuring water molecules into smaller clusters. The smaller clusters of water enhance the bio-availability of water in the body thus promoting the various physiological functions within the body.

Water Energized with QuWave carries subtle Chi Energies that enhance the body’s Biofield. This is essential for one’s health and wellness. This type of water has smaller water clusters and this makes water more bio-available. Hence the absorption of nutrients and detoxification at the most basic level is improved.

Energized water is more alive and "wetter". It has smaller water molecule clusters that slip through cell membranes easily, carrying oxygen and nutrients in and removing waste and toxins.

Bio-Energizing does more than just break down the water molecules and energizes your drinking water. It keeps the water in your body grouped into small cell-penetrating clusters. These tiny clusters of water easily pass through cell membranes, carrying nutrients & oxygen into cells, and waste & toxins out. This easy passage of water into and out of our cells is what keeps the cells clean, young and healthy.

Some of the properties of Energized Water are:

  • Lowering of surface tension and changed density 
  • More efficiently delivers nutrients to the systems of all living things.  
  • More efficiently flushes way wastes from the systems of all living things. 
  • It is a better cleanser and does not irritate the skin as dead water often does.
  • The flavor is becomes a much more pleasant, fresh taste. 
  • The water appears clearer. 
  • It becomes bio-active 
  • water molecules become un-clustered energizing all nutrients it contacts 
  • increase cellular hydration 
  • balances ph and alkalizes the body 
  • Penetrates our body's cells hydrating and detoxifying 

Energized Alkaline Water is an amazing experience of life force (Chi). The bio electric properties or Chi of water can be the basis of good body health. The Energizing process can reduce the surface tension of water making it electrically available, structured, clustered, and absorbed into our body fluids helping with natural cellular oxygenation and detoxification processes. Water with a low surface tension has molecular order and high absorption ability. Energized Water aids in unblocking the Chi pathways and ensures maximum flow of this healing source through all body organs.

Energized Vitamins/Supplements/Medicines 

QuWave Scalar Chi Energized Food
Chi Energized Medications work faster and better with your body

Scalar Energy is a unique form of energy that will embed itself into objects in its field. Energized vitamins, supplements, and food thus become carriers of this energy. You get the healing potential of Scalar Chi Energy when you consume Scalar Energy charged foods and water. You get the healing potential of scalar energy when you consume scalar embedded vitamins and supplements. When these products are ingested, the healthy energy is transferred to cells where the component nutrients end up.

One of the key benefits this provides is that it helps keep the electrical charge across cell membranes at an optimal level. This means that nutrients move in and wastes move out of cells at peak efficiency, with obvious benefits to the functioning of the cells. Over time, with regular consumption of scalar enhanced supplements, the energy levels of tissues, organs, and the body as a whole are raised, promoting overall health and vitality.

There are many benefits from the energy carried into cells by Scalar Enhanced Supplements. The surface tension of enhanced products is reduced, making them easier for the body to assimilate. And remember, scalar energy is readily transferred from product to cell. The electrical charge generated across cell membranes is brought up to optimal levels. This allows nutrients to move into the cell and wastes to move out with maximum efficiency. Overall body energy increases as each of the trillions of cells are energized.

Instructions for use 

Simply place an item to be Energized on top of the QuWave Energizer. After a few minutes it will be energized and is ready for consumption. Five to ten minutes is the optimum. The longer you leave it on, the more energy the item will absorb.

Energize your water, fruits and vegetables, vitamins, anything. They will taste better and are better for you when energized. Energize your vitamin and herbal supplements. Take Back Your Health!

Energized Water can also be used to wash open wounds and infected parts of the skin. Water used in this manner helps to relieve pain and hastens the healing process.

Note that the QuWave energizer is powered by an AC adapter which must be plugged into a wall outlet in order for it to function. The AC adapter is included with your purchase, and it operates world-wide from 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. The LED will blink blue whenever the unit is powered. The unit should be powered on all the time, as it continually releases Scalar Energy into the environment and thus improves your harmony.

Unconditional 30 day guarantee.
Full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

Tabletop EnergizerQuWave Scalar Chi Energized Food
Energize all Objecs with Chi

QWE1 $297 

Extended Warranty $49

Fixed Water Energizer

Mount on any Water Pipe
or on House Water Filter

QWE2 $297
Extended Warranty $49

QuWave Scalar Chi Energized Food + 
Energizer Discount Package
Tabletop & Fixed Models
for maximum benefits of
Orgone Chi & Scalar Energy

QWEPak1 $399 

Extended Warranty $59

Need a different package? Call us and we will make you a Custom Bundle!

Home Energizer Bundle
QuWave Scalar Chi Energized Food + 
Energizer Discount Package
Tabletop & Fixed Models
for maximum benefits of
Orgone Chi & Scalar Energy

QWEPak1 $399 

 Extended Warranty $59

Water Energizer Bundle + 
Water Energizer Discount Package. Two Fixed Energizer Models for large water filters or multiple pipes and hoses

QWEPak2 $399

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Garden Energizer BundlePlant Harmonizer rejuvinates your plants and flowers + 
Discount Package with Plant
Harmonizer & Fixed Energizer to maximize plant and flower growth

QWEPak3 $399

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