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QuWave LLC

Bost Immunity • Fight EMF/5G • Improve Life

Introducing a NEW PRODUCT QuWave Products are Made In USA

QuWave Products Overview

QuWave offers 5 different Product Lines:

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QuWave Products use innovative proprietary technology to generate active Scalar Waves unlike anything else on the market. The products actually generate the Quantum Scalar Waves which are coded with the Schumann Resonance (or with some models, the Scalar Waves are coded with Solfeggio Frequencies). This signal feeds directly into your entire body and brain, resulting in an incredible effect of a positive healing energy radiating into your entire body.

 The Scalar-Waves generated by our products act in two ways:  

1) They strengthen the human Biofield to facilitate better health, well-being, and improve immunity, and to protect the body from EMF pollution.

2) They act as a medium which injects the Schumann Resonance Signal, Chi Energy, and Solfeggio Frequencies directly into your body/brain to restore natural balance and improve brain waves.

What sets us apart from competition is that we actually use a powered electronic circuit with a special Mobius antenna to generate powerful active Scalar Waves. While most competitive products are "passive" and simply do not generate the actual Scalar Waves.

Harmonizers offer Improved life
Scalar Field & Schumann Resonance to fight EMF & 5G, Improve Well-Being, and Boost Immunity

This product will be available soon!!!
QuWave Defender products line
Defenders Generate Frequencies to protect from Electronic, Psychotronic, & Psychic Attacks

QuWave Chakra Products Line
Chakra Products to Renew, Energize, Balance, & Align your Chakras

We have many Solfeggio Products
Solfegggio Products Tuned to Produce Specific Results

QuWave Energizers infuse orgone to objects
Energizer Products to Infuse Positive Scalar Orgone Chi Energy into water or any object