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Dangers of 5G Technology

What exactly is 5G ?

Help with 5G with QuWave Harmonizers5G is the fifth generation of wireless communication technology. It offers faster and smarter wireless communication.  It is approximately 100 times faster than the current generation 4G. In order to produce these improvements, they had to greatly increase the signal power. Wireless communications has always posed health problems, but with this new higher power technology all the possible health problems are multiplied. More and more people contend that the new system generates radiation that can damage DNA and lead to diseases.


Why should we be concerned?

5G is here and contrary to what the industry is telling us, we have reasons to be concerned. Scientists the world, over who have researched the damaging effects of 5G, have been ridiculed and accused of fear mongering, despite there being clear evidence. Their studies show that the effect of 5G radiation goes beyond people, it also affects animals and plant life. Unfortunately their call has fallen on deaf ears. It is time to learn how to protect yourself against 5G.


Help with 5G with QuWave Harmonizers5g has rolled out worldwide

Newer research suggests that the safety limits set for 5G radiation are not enough and that 5G can result in DNA cell damage. 5G interferes with your body’s cell connections resulting in disease. Wifi and 5G produce frequencies that are scrambling our body's communication systems resulting in a state of disharmony. If we are not alarmed by this, we should be. 5G is a pandemic that will not go away. There is no flattening the curve.


Schumann and Scalar protection against 5G

There is no stopping 5G but there are ways to protect yourself and your family. Do the research, spread the word. Be vigilant and put safeguards in place. QuWave Schumann and Scalar products can protect you against these new technologies. Scalar waves are what actually penetrate your body’s bio-field so it is not effected by negative energies coming from EMF’s & 5G.  Schumann Resonance is the Earth’s vibration frequency which neutralizes bad energy, such as EMF’s & 5g, boosts your energy and makes you feel better.  Both restoring the energy balance in your body which helps maintain health and well-being.


Portable Harmonizer
Harmonizer Portable QuFlexx Model
Powerful 5G Protection everywhere in or out of your home

QWH6 $449


There is a solution!

Our Harmonizer Products can protect you against 5G. All QuWave products generate a Scalar Wave cocoon that protects your body's biofield against 5G and EMF. We have refined and modified our products through many generations for improved performance to ensure they are capable of standing up to 5G. Many customers find that these products protect against these harmful technologies.

All QuWave products are sold with an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee.

Full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.


5G Dangers health improved with Quwave Harmonizers
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