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Introducing a NEW PRODUCT QuWave Products are Made In USA

Patron Appreciation SALE

SAVE $100 on any Personal Model*

This week is our Patron Appreciation Week! Thanks for being a part of our family! It’s a time when we recognize the most important people who visit us: our Patrons!
We are so lucky to have such amazing Patrons and want to thank you for being a part of our family! As part of our Gratitude, we are having this special sale, just for you!

From your family at QuWave 

QuWave 2015 Patron Appreciation SALE

HURRY - One Week Only

$100 OFF on any Personal Model*

From now until Midnight March 12th

It's easy to get your $100 discount. Just order any Personal Model from our Online Store (Click). Then, at check-out, just enter this Discount Code into your Shopping Cart for instant savings.

Use Discount Code: thanks100

and get $100 off on any Personal Model in our Online Store

Thanks for your Patronage !

The Fine Print:

Instructions: Make your purchase online and enter the discount code into the shopping cart before you check-out. This will automatically give you the proper discount in the cart (you might need to click on the button "Update Cart" to see the discounted price). If making a purchase by phone or mail, just mention the promotion code, and we will take care of the discount.

1. This promotion is available to everyone. Limit one purchase per person.

2. This promotion applies only to a purchase of ONE Personal Model .

3. This promotion cannot be used with any not-personal models.

4. This promotion cannot be used with the already discounted bundled packages.

5. If you use the discount with a package, then your order will be cancelled.

6. Limit 1 discount and one purchase per customer per address.

7. This discount cannot be combined with another sale, discount, or special offer.

8. Expires Thursday March 12th at 12AM PST (click to see count-down clock)

9. If you have already made a purchase during the past week, and you still want to take advantage of this offer, just send us an email or call us, and we will give you the proper discount as a refund from your purchase.

10. If you have any questions or problems, please call us at 818-478-9283 (during normal business hours 9-5, M-F, EST), or send the email to: