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QuWave LLC

Bost Immunity • Fight EMF/5G • Improve Life

Introducing a NEW PRODUCT QuWave Products are Made In USA

QuWave Harmonizers fight EMF & 5G
QuWave Defenders Help with Attacks for Targeted Individuals
QuWave Chakra Products for Chakra Healing Therapy
QuWave Solfeggio Products improve your Mind
QuWave Energizers infuse Scalar Orgone Energy into Products

Free yourself from EMF & 5G Pollution,
Fix your Chakras, Boost your Immunity,
find relief from Electronic Harassment,
make your own Scalar Pendants, and more!

QuWave offers 5 different Product Lines

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Our Products generate Scalar Waves, Chakra Energy, Schumann Resonance, Orgone Energy, and Solfeggio Frequencies to make you feel more vibrant, live without EMF worries and to improve your overall well-being.

Products for Quntum Energy Healing Therapy.
Up to 100 Times More Powerful than other Scalar Products.

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Personal Harmonizer

Buy Personal Harmonizer in Black or White Scalar Schumann Generator. Powerful, small, and portable. Augments the body's ability to maintain a more coherent biofield in the face of EMF pollution, negativity, and external stress.

QWP1 $297



Chakra Wand
Chakra Wand to fix your Chakras 
Light & Frequency Energized Quartz Crystal Wand. Cold Laser Chakra Therapy Healing Device. Generates Healing Energy to Unblock, Heal, and Rejuvenate your Chakras.

QWCW1    $449


Watch some testimonials to see what others say about our products:

"The next big frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine ...
In the future it will not be bout the chemistry - it will be
about the energy!"
 - Dr. Mehmet Oz,
The Oprah Show

QuWave Products = Energy Medicine

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QuWave Products are perfect for people troubled by these conditions:

   Wakeup Daily with Low Energy
   Exposed to EMF pollution
   Hypersensitive and easily irritated
   Feel Run Down and Fatigued
   Have low immunity to everything
   Depression and stress is burning you out
   Feel like just want to run away and hide
   Have Problems sleeping & waking-up

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Up to 100 Times More Powerful than "Passive Products"

All Products are Guaranteed to work as described
or you get unconditional full money back

Stress Blocker Tesla Wave Schumann Resonance Generator protective cocoon 

Harness the Power of the Universe

QuWave Products - A new concept for the new millennium:

• Generate a Protective Cocoon around your whole body.
• Block harmful EMFs and feel more alive NOW!
• Wear as a pendant, in your pocket/purse, or install in home.
• Get up each day to peace, happiness, harmony, and joy.
• Stress and EMF radiation will not detract you any longer.
• Depression and that burned-out feeling will fade into the past.
• Being dragged out with lack of energy can be eliminated.