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Pendant Harmonizers for EMF Protection

Active Electronic Scalar Energy Pendants with

Scalar Waves and Schumann Resonance


Get your personal scalar field energy generator now!

QuWave Scalar Pendants generate Schumann Resonance to ground and soothe you with the healing frequency of the Earth's vibration. Neutralize EMF and create positive energy wherever you go!

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Electronic Pendant QWP2

Normally priced at $149 Introductory Sale $99

Comes in 5 different colors

QuWave Electronic Pendant Harmonizer in 5 Colors 

Create a protective cocoon of scalar energy around you with the new Pendant Harmonizer! By continually generating Scalar Energy and Schumann Resonance, the QuWave Pendant provides active protection from EMF.

Most scalar pendants are passive, which means they were infused with scalar energy once during production. By contrast, the QuWave Pendant constantly produces scalar waves combined with the Earth's vibration. 

Simply wear it around your neck or put it in your pocket and let the Pendant take care of you all the time. Neutralize the symptoms of EMF pollution, feel more energy, boost your immune system, sleep better, and more!

Discover for yourself the power of scalar energy and enjoy the healing benefits of active EMF protection today!

Deluxe Electronic Pendant QWP3

Normally priced at $249 Introductory Sale $199

Waterproof and practically indestructible

QuWave Electronic Pendant  QuWave Electronic Pendant 


Product Highlights

1. Active protection constantly generating two types of electrical frequencies :
     a) High frequency Scalar Wave
     b) Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz frequency - Earth's vibration

2. Ultra portable and light - weighs only about one ounce.

3. Designed to be worn around your neck (lanyard included) or put in your pocket.

4. Signal strength less than three feet - keep with you at all times for maximum effectivenes.

5. One year battery life (extra battery included).

6. Always ON (no On/OFF switch)

7. Blinking LED shows it's working

8. Battery change snap to open - toolkit included to pop pendant open


Standard Model  QWP2

Elegant and delicate
Comes in five colors
Not waterproof
Includes neck strap lanyard
Includes belt clip

Deluxe Model  QWP3

Ruggedized and heavy-duty
Gray with rubberized black trim
Practically Indestructible
Waterproof Rated IP68
Includes neckstrap and chain
Includes belt clip


We also make many other styles of the Harmonizer:

All of the QuWave Harmonizers generate a similar Scalar Wave / Schumann Resonance Field. They all produce a field to promote Happiness, Wellness, Healing, and to repel the negative effects of EMF pollution. However, each product has a different signal strength and is designed for a different use:

Harmonizer Menu 2 Here

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The Harmonizer is THE Answer to an Improved Life
--- Simply be within its field every day.

Click here to read more about the Benefits of the Harmonizer 

How Does the QuWave Harmonizer Work ?

The QuWave products generate an Energy Field which envelops and protects all objects within its reach. This is the high frequency Scalar Energy field. This Energy Field pulsates at the Earth's Natural Frequency which gets your body back in sync and operating optimally. This is the low frequency Schumann Resonance wave.

The Harmonizer allows our body to function at a high level of wellness because our body can function free from the influence of physical stress, EMFs, and pressure of today's lifestyle. It allows our body to a perfect balance increasing the body's healing ability.

What makes the QuWave Products so unique:

Backed by over 10 years of research & customer satisfaction 
Contains an active powered electronic field wave generator 
Has two separate wave frequency sources - Scalar & Schumann 
Low cost & affordable (about the cost of a single doctor visit) 
5 different versions available - Personal, Computer, Car, Home, Tabletop
Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee & by a one year product warranty 

Click to find out more about how the Harmonizers function:

1. How the Harmonizer Works

2. How the Harmonizer fights EMF Pollution 

3. How the Harmonizer produces Resonances 

4. How the Harmonizer produces Scalar Waves 

5. How the Harmonizer stimulates your Biofield 

6. How the Harmonizer stimulates Brain Waves

  "I would never leave the house without my 
QuWave Harmonizer Scalar Pendant
E.G. from NJ

Full refund if you are not 100% satisfied


Pendant Harmonizer
QuWave Electronic Pendant
Powerful Electronic Protection

QWP2  $149    $99



Deluxe Pendant
QuWave Deluxe Electronic Pendant
Practically Indestructable

QWP3  $249    $199


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