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Aids Falling Asleep and achieve Deeper Sleep

Get the "Dreamer"

Open Doors to Spirituality & Other Dimensions

Get the "Divine"

Relax and Heal your Brain, Body, and Spirit

Get the "Relaxer"

Make the "The Law of Attraction" work for you

Get the "Money Magnet"

Help fight addictive behavior

Get the "Quitter"

Help fight food cravings

Get the "Slenderizer"

Bring Romantic Harmony & Love into your life

Get the "Amore"

Products with Solfeggio Frequencies
Tuned to Produce Specific Results

 QuWave Relaxer  




Multiple Solfeggio Frequencies delivered directly to your brain
via a Scalar Wave Bio-Field.

new special function products

These products are specially tuned versions of QuWave products. These products add special solfeggio frequencies to the basic scalar wave to achieve a dedicated function and specific results. This is based on a more powerful hardware platform to generate stronger Scalar Wave Fields which are modulated with two solfaggio frequencies. Different frequencies are used in each model.

The principle behind these products is to deliver low frequency Solfeggio Frequency Waves directly to your body by introducing them with Scalar Waves so they act faster and more powerfully within your system.

The Scalar Waves open your brain paths so that the Solfeggio Waves can enter directly into your brain receptors to perform their influences.

 What are The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies? 

These original sound frequencies were used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, which were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses.

These powerful frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as described in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

There are Six Basic Solfeggio Frequencies. But a total of 18 frequencies were discovered which produce amazing results on the human consciousness.


The Six Basic primary Solfeggio frequencies are (there are also many other frequencies):

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
528 Hz – Love, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

These Frequency Waves were found to generate specific Brain wave States. Using these Frequencies, therapeutic sound therapy can be used to realign the "out of sync frequencies" that people experience within their body and mind. By being exposed to these optimum frequencies, the desired changes can be made to the person being exposed.

Improved Delivery of Solfeggio Frequencies

The beneficial transforming properties of the Solfeggio Frequencies have been used for hundreds of years. Up to now, the only way to experience their benefits was through sound – you would need to listen to these musical tones. This was very limiting because the exposure time was low and required your devoted concentration.

Through extensive research and by applying our proprietary engineering technology, we have discovered how to deliver stimulating frequency waves directly into the brain receptors continuously. We have combined our Scalar Wave Technology with Solfeggio Frequencies and developed a small hand-held device which constantly beams the Solfeggio Frequencies (as well as other stimulating frequencies) directly into your brain via a Scalar Bio-Field.

We generate a high frequency Quantum Scalar Wave and modulate it with multiple stimulating frequency signals. This Scalar Wave is at a very high frequency and is able to directly penetrate into the human nervous system. This maximizes delivery of the frequency directly into the brain and allows continuous subliminal stimulation day and night, anywhere. Thus the benefits of these frequencies are multiplied by hundreds of times over just listening to musical tones.

Through research we discovered how to deliver these Solfeggio Frequencies directly into your consciousness.By directly modulating a Scalar Wave with Solfeggio Frequencies, we are able to beam them directlyto your sub-consciousness.

You are now able to be exposed to these beneficial frequencies continuously 24/7 even as you work and sleep.This method is 100 times as effective as if you were to just listen to musical sounds with earphones.

QuWave Products with Solfeggio Frequencies
Tuned to Produce Specific Effects


More Information on QuWave Harmonizer Products
Tabletop Defender
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"An Electronic Sleep-Aid, helps to fall asleep and achieve a Healthier, Deeper, more Restful Sleep"

The QuWave Dreamer is a Sleep-Aid. It acts like a tuning fork to get your brain into Delta & Theta states to make you feel drowsy, fall-asleep, and get into deeper REM sleep. Can also be used for meditation. Better sleep gives you improved health and happiness !

Frequencies: 3.4Hz Delta, 7.8Hz Theta (this is also the Schumann Resonance)


“Improves Spiritual connections and
Opens Doors to other Dimensions”

Scalar Solfeggio Frequency tuned to stimulate your brain's Spiritual Center,
opens Channels to other Dimensions, awakens the Pineal Gland,
and opens the Third Eye to allow sight beyond the physical.

Frequencies: 936Hz Pineal Gland Activation and 852/963Hz Spiritual Sight.


“Relaxes and Heals the Brain, Body, and Spirit”

Scalar Solfeggio Frequency tuned to Calm the brain and release more alpha waves. Alpha Waves quiet your mind and put you in a relaxed state.

Frequencies: 11.11Hz Alpha Relaxation and 136.1Hz Center the mind.



Helps you to visualize and attract into your life whatever you are seeking.
akes the 'like-attracts-like' principle work more efficiently.

Stimulate the brain's Motivation, Creativity, and Awareness centers. Makes you more receptive to external stimulus and focuses attention on what’s in front of you.

Frequencies: 741Hz Awake Intuition and 531Hz Prosperity



Helps to bring into your life romantic harmony and love

Scalar Solfeggio Frequency tuned to stimulate your brain's Intimacy Receptors,
Disable Fears, and expand your Aura of Love

Frequency: 528Hz Love&Harmony and 639Hz Connecting.


"Helps fight addictive behavior”

Scalar Solfeggio Frequency tuned to Calm Addiction and
Craving Centers of the Brain.

Frequencies: 417Hz Facilitate Change and 10KHz Addictions.


“Helps fight food cravings”

Scalar Solfeggio Frequency tuned to Calm Craving and
Stimulate the Metabolism Centers of the Brain

Frequencies: 417Hz Facilitate Change and 537Hz Metabolism.

Specifications common to all Personal Models:

Scalar Wave: All models use a High Frequency Scalar Wave which is modulated with multiple low frequency Solfeggio Activation Frequencies (shown in table). The Scalar Wave used is a very high frequency brain activation frequency.

Use: For desired results, you need to be within the field of the unit. Carry it in your pocket, purse, briefcase, wear it as a pendant, or place it near you when you work/sleep/relax.

Field Strength: Produces a powerful 8-10ft diameter spherical field around the unit.

Size & Weight: About the size of a small cell phone. Size 3.1”x2.25”x0.85", weight 2.7 oz.

Colors: Available in Black and White Colors.

Power: Internal Rechargeable Battery. Battery charge lasts over a week.
Recharges from International AC Charger, Car Cigarette Plug, or Computer USB cable (all included).

Warranty: 1 year exchange warranty on entire unit.
(After warranty battery replacement $39, or repair $49)

Solfeggio Special Function Personal Models

Choose: Divine, Relaxer, Law of Attraction Magnet, Amore, Quitter, Slenderizer.

Includes the unit, Charger Cable, Home Charger, Car Charger, and a manual on CD. Choose White or Black Color.

Bonus FREE gifts:
• Car Charger
• Protective sleeve covers (you get three assorted colors).
• Neck-Strap Lanyard (you get three assorted colors).

Personal Models

$297 each

Choose Function: 

Choose Color: 

All Purchases Include Bonus FREE Gifts:

FREE Gift #1: Car Charger.

FREE Gift #2: Protective sleeve fabric covers, you get three assorted colors. (for personal model only)

FREE Gift #3: Neck-Strap Lanyard you get three assorted colors. (for personal model only)


Personal Divine

Stimulates Pineal Gland and Opens Spiritual Doors

QWD1 Black $297 

Personal Divine

Stimulates Pineal Gland and Opens Spiritual Doors

QWD1 White $297 

Tabletop Divine

For Maximum Pineal Gland
& Spiritual Stimulation

QWD2 $499

Divine Combo Package
QuWave Defender Black Color+Tabletop Defender


Bundled Personal and Tabletop Models. Get maximum stimulation in your home & anywhere you go

QWDPak1 $659
(no other discounts allowed)



Personal Relaxer

Carry it with you and be in Alpha State everywhere

QWR1 Black $297 

Personal Relaxer

Carry it with you and be
more calm and relaxed

QWR1 White $297 

Tabletop Relaxer

Get into Alpha state and be more relaxed in your home

QWR2 $499

Relaxer Package
QuWave Defender Black Color+Tabletop Defender


Bundled Personal and Tabletop Models. Get maximum protection in your home and everywhere you go.

QWRPak1 $659
(no other discounts allowed)


Law of Attraction Magnet

Law of Attraction

Improve Focus, Creativity,
Motivation & Awareness

QWM1 Black $297 

Personal Magnet

Improve Focus, Creativity,
Motivation & Awareness

QWM1 White $297 

Tabletop Magnet
Improve Focus, Creativity,
Motivation & Awareness

QWM2 $499
Magnet Combo Package
QuWave Defender Black Color+Tabletop Defender


Bundled Personal and Tabletop Models. Get maximum protection in your home and everywhere you go.

QWMPak1 $659
(no other discounts allowed)


Amore, Quitter, and Slenderizer

the Love Magnet

Stimulates Intimacy, Disable Fears & Expands Love Aura

QWA1 $297 

"Quitter" helps with
addictive behavior

Calms Addiction and
Craving Centers of the Brain

QWQ1 $297 

"Slenderizer" helps with
metabolism problems

Calms Craving and
Stimulates Metabolism

QWS1 $297

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Many users have reported results like these: (your results may vary)

  • Higher Energy
  • Reduced Tension
  • Less Back Pain
  • Improved Sleep
  • Pain Relief
  • Boosted Immunity
  • Faster Healing
  • General Happiness
  • Allergy Relief
  • Less Mood Swings
  • More Rested,Calm
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Less Headaches
  • Lower Anxiety
  • Reduced Jet Lag
  • Improved "Loving"
  • Less Depression
  • Higher Performance
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Better Wellbeing
  • Lowered Stress 

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