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QuWave Harmonizer™ Products Overview
New, More Powerful, in 6 Different Models


Live every day Stress-Free Without EMF Worries
With our
Schumann-Resonance, Scalar-Field Generators.

Improve your Health, Increase your Quality of Life, get Protection from EMF, and get Grounded.




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Introducing our new Scalar-Field Schumann-Generator.

A powerful way to restore the Schumann Resonance in your home or office and protect yourself from dangerous EMFs. This product will flood your environment with two healing frequency energies: the Scalar Field and the Schumann Resonance.

We started with the concepts of Tesla, Rife, and other pioneers in Energy Medicine, and then went a step further to engineer a revolutionary new product that taps into your soul's very own Biofield. Electric energy is found naturally in all of us and controls the function of every cell of our bodies.

Stress Blocker Tesla Wave Schumann Resonance Generator protective cocoonA variety of electrical impulses in our bodies control and regulate all bodily functions including health maintenance, healing, and regeneration. The QuWave products generate a Vibrational Scalar Electrical Energy field with health-boosting properties which envelops your entire environment.

Research is increasingly cautioning people to protect themselves - your brains, your health (possible Cancer risks), your DNA (breaking the links), and your children (who are more susceptible). The QuWave Harmonizer is the premier product for strengthening you against direct and ambient sources of EMF, including EMF from computers and cell phones.

As the complexity and pressures of our fast-paced, electronic world increases, we find that today's world requires strengthened mental, emotional and physical resilience. You need to protect your DNA and health from the potential dangers of EMF radiation which permeates our homes, school, work, autos, and environment.

Our customers find that the QuWave Harmonizer very quickly amplifies healthy energy states, and decreases energy drains caused by a wide variety of harmful influences. Others are enthusiastic about their new found emotional balance and stamina. The QuWave Harmonizer is the product of choice for those people who value optimal performance and well-being.

"Experience the difference a QuWave Harmonizer can make in your life"

Select the Harmonizer Model you need from the 6 Styles available:  

All of the QuWave Harmonizers generate a similar Scalar Wave - Schumann Resonance field. They all produce a field to promote Happiness, Wellness, and Healing. However, each product has a different signal strength and is designed for different use.

Harmonizer Models with Scalar Waves and Schumann Resonance for Happiness, Wellness, Healing & to fight EMF



Recommended Use



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QuWave Personal Harmonizer

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The Personal Model is very small and portable. This is our version of a Scalar Pendant. It is worn either in a pocket, purse, or as a pendant to protect you wherever you go. It is Battery powered with a built-in rechargeable battery that you charge once a week. You need to get one for each member of your family and carry it with you everywhere.

Strength: X1
Field: 8-10ft
Weight: 3oz
Black & White

Always have it on you or near you wherever you go so you are always within the harmonizing field.

Carry in pocket, purse, briefcase
or wear as a pendant.

Internal Rechargeable Battery. Charge once a week from AC/Car Charger.

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Tbaletop Harmonizer

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The Tabletop Model produces the strongest Schumann Resonance and Scalar Energy Field of any product. It generates a field which is about 50 times stronger then the personal unit. This model is designed to be placed on a table, desk, or night-table. It can also be placed flat for applications like under your bed for nighttime use. This model is not portable, and needs to be plugged in at all times to operate.

Strength: X50
Field: >100ft
11.5 x 9.5"

Place near where you are most of the time for maximum protection. Designed for "spot protection". Excellent for night-time use.

Sit on top of table, desk, nightstand.
Remove legs and lay under bed, table, or sofa.

AC Power Adapter
50-60Hz International Universal Power.



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House Home Room Harmonizer

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The Home Model is meant to be placed in a room which has high EMF sources, or many people, or for maximum protection in a room where you spend a lot of time such as the bedroom or office. You should place one unit in each room for maximum protection. This can also be placed near the fuse box where power lines enter your house.

Strength: X10
Field: 30-50ft
Color: Black

Place in each room with high EMF or many people (kitchen, living room, office, dining room, bedroom). Place near fusebox for power problem: noisy line, smart-meters, etc.

Place centrally in your house or room. Mounted with double-sided tape or screws.

AC Power Adapter
100-240VAC 50-60Hz International Universal Power.

(for Animals)
# QWZ2

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QuWave Pet Harmonizer, Pet EMF Defender to make your pet Healthy and Happy

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The Pet Harmonizer is designed to protect your pets or small animals from EMFs and to infuse them with Scalar Chi Energy for improved health. Place where your pet sleeps, or place near where your pet eats and drinks. This will Energize your pet and his food and water with Scalar Chi Energy for many beneficial effects. Works great under bed/pillow where your dog/cat sleeps. For other pets, place near where they spent most of their time like: aquarium, basket, dog-house, cat's box, fish-tank, bird-cage.

Field: 10ft
(for animals)
Light Gray

Generates a Scalar Field which transfers into your pet's body and food. Repels EMFs, and produces many Health benefits.

Mounts with double-sided tape, or just place where your pet spends most of its time.

AC Power Adapter
100-240VAC 50-60Hz International Universal Power.

USB Harmonizer
and TV


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USB Computer/Laptop Harmonizer

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The Computer/TV Model: is designed to protect you from powerful EMFs generated by computers and TVs. This is a miniature version of the QuWave which plugs directly into a USB port of any product. This can also be plugged into a Router or a Hub. For televisions, it plugs into the TV's USB port (all new HDTVs have one). For older generation TVs, this product can be plugged into the USB port of Cable/Satellite box. This model only takes miniscule power and does not interfere with USB operation.

Strength: X2
Field: 10-20ft
Black & White

Generates a field around your laptop computer or TV to protect you from the EMF pollution generated by these products.

Plugs directly into any USB port or through extension cable (provided).

Powered from any USB port (Laptop, Computer, Router, Hub, TV, Cable Box or Satellite Box).

Car / Truck
More Information on QuWave Harmonizer Products

QuWave Car/Truck Harmonizer

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The Car Model is designed to protect you from powerful EMF pollution generated in your car or truck. This is powered from the car's cigarette lighter and is mounted with double-sided tape. It provides a field which protects all occupants of the car.

Strength: X3
Field: 20-25ft
Color: Black

Place one in each car or truck to be protected from their EMF and magnetic fields. This model can also be used as a room model.

Place in car/truck glove or storage compartment with double sided tape.

Powered from Car Cigarette lighter adapter (or from the included AC adapter).

Note: Signal Strength is relative to the Personal model designated as X1

Product Warranty: 1 year warranty against defects and workmanship, full parts and labor. (after warranty battery replacement $39, or repair $49, plus shipping)

Satisfaction Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try it Risk-Free for 30 days. No-hassle returns. 30 days full money back for any reason.


The QuWave Harmonizer™ is the only portable Active field generator that you can buy which simultaneously generates: Quantum Fields, Scalar Waves, and Schumann Resonances.

The QuWave Harmonizer does four important things:The Stress Blocker generates a Biofield Scalar Energy Field Schumann Resonance around your body 
1. It strengthens your resilience and resistance to the effects of mental and physical stress.
2. It increases your energy and enhances your mental performance,
especially under pressure.
3. It strengthens your capacity to function in EMF saturated environments.
4. It grounds you with the Schumann Resonance to improve your overall performance.

The QuWave Harmonizer uses Quantum-Scalar-Field Technology to project a protective healing Schumann-Resonant active Bio-Field around your entire body.

The Harmonizer perfect for people troubled by these conditions:

•  Wakeup Daily with Low Energy
•  Exposed to EMF pollution
•  Hypersensitive and easily irritated
•  Feel Run Down and Fatigued 

•  Have low immunity to everything
  Depression and stress is burning you out
  Feel like just want to run away and hide
•  Have Problems sleeping & waking-up 

The Harmonizer is THE Answer to an Improved Life
--- Simply be within its field every day.

Click here to read more about the Benefits of the Harmonizer 

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How Does the QuWave Harmonizer Work ?

The QuWave products generate an Energy Field which envelops and protects all objects within its reach. This is the high frequency Scalar Energy field. This Energy Field pulsates at the Earth's Natural Frequency which gets your body back in sync and operating optimally. This is the low frequency Schumann Resonance wave.

The Harmonizer allows our body to function at a high level of wellness because our body can function free from the influence of physical stress, EMFs, and pressure of today's lifestyle. It allows our body to a perfect balance increasing the body's healing ability.

What makes the QuWave Products so unique:

Backed by over 10 years of research & customer satisfaction 
Contains an active powered electronic field wave generator 
Has two separate wave frequency sources - Scalar & Schumann 
Low cost & affordable (about the cost of a single doctor visit) 
5 different versions: Personal, Computer, Car, Home, Tabletop
Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee & one year warranty 

Click to find out more about how the Harmonizers function:

1. How the Harmonizer Works

2. How the Harmonizer fights EMF Pollution 

3. How the Harmonizer produces Resonances 

4. How the Harmonizer produces Scalar Waves 

5. How the Harmonizer stimulates your Biofield 

6. How the Harmonizer stimulates Brain Waves


Full refund if you are not 100% satisfied

Personal Harmonizer
Buy Personal Harmonizer in Black or White
Carry it with you and be Protected everywhere

QWP1 $297 

Pet Harmonizer

QuWave Pet Harmonizer, Pet EMF Defender to make your pet Healthy and Happy

Give your pets protection from EMF, Stress, Illness. Makes pet Healthy, Happy, Energetic

QWT2 $297

Home Harmonizer

Protects house, room,
apartment from high EMF

QWH2 $389

Tabletop Harmonizer

Place near you for most powerful house protection

QWH3 $499

Car/Truck Harmonizer

Place in your car or truck to fight mobile EMFs

QWC1 $297

USB Computer Harmonizer

Plug into USB Port on
Computer, Laptop, or TV

QWU1 $159 


We now allow substitution of products within a package. Just make your purchase, and then send us an email telling us what you want to substitute.

Product substitution is valid only for equally priced products.

Please note that discount codes can't be used with Bundled Packages.


30% SAVINGS !!!

Protects two people.
You get 2 Personal Harmonizers, one for you and one for your spouse.

"Couples" Protection Discount Package
2 Personal Harmonizers

QWHPak1 $397
(no other discounts allowed)



rotect your whole family. One for you, one for your partner, and keep one in house near high EMFs.

Protection Package

2 Personal Harmonizer and
1 Home Harmonizer

QWHPak2 $597
(no other discounts allowed)



The Home Model to p
rotect yourself inside your home, and Personal Model for when you go out of your home.

"In and Out"
Protection Package

1 Home Harmonizer and
1 Personal Harmonizer

QWHPak7 $487
(no other discounts allowed)



Tabletop Harmonizer Model for maximum protection in your home, and Personal Harmonizer for when you go outside.

Personal & Tabletop Harmonizer Models

QWHPak3 $638
(no other discounts allowed)



For those who do not want to carry the personal unit with them all the time. Two for your home, and one for your car/truck.

"Whole House"
Protection Package

2 Home Harmonizers and
1 Car Harmonizer

QWHPak5 $669
(no other discounts allowed
with any bundled packages)


6 UNITS - 2 Personal, 2 Home, and 2 USB Models.
Put one in the bedroom, and one in the kitchen, or near the fusebox or large EMF sources

"Ultimate Family "
Protection Package


QWHPak6 $997

  USB Color

 3 Home Models
& 1 USB Model

Get Maximum protection for your entire house and computer/laptop.

"Smart Family" Harmonizer Package

QWHPak4 $749
(no other discounts allowed)

 USB Color:

30% SAVINGS !!!

Protects two Laptops, Computers or HDTV's.
Or one Computer and
one Router or TV.

Computer Protection
USB Combo Package

2 Computer USB Harmonizers

QWUPak1 $219
(no other discounts allowed)


WE NOW ACCEPT PHONE ORDERS 24/7  CALL:  818-4-QUWAVE (818-478-9283)

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Many users have reported results like these: (your results may vary)

  • Higher Energy
  • Reduced Tension
  • Less Back Pain
  • Improved Sleep
  • Pain Relief
  • Boosted Immunity
  • Faster Healing
  • General Happiness
  • Allergy Relief
  • Less Mood Swings
  • More Rested,Calm
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Less Headaches
  • Lower Anxiety
  • Reduced Jet Lag
  • Improved "Loving"
  • Less Depression
  • Higher Performance
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Better Wellbeing
  • Lowered Stress 

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